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Signing up for your Freshman Year Classes At JMS.

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1 Signing up for your Freshman Year Classes At JMS

2 Registration Information Classroom Registration Presentation on Tuesday December 3 rd during 6 th Period Classes. Course Selection Forms handed out at this time and due back to your Career teachers on Monday December 9 th. Parent/Student meeting Dec 5 th at 7:00 pm in the JMS Auditorium.

3 Registration Information Course Selection Handbook available on JMS website under Guidance tab. Students should enter course requests on their own between Tuesday December 3 rd and Monday December 9 th. All 6 th period classes will go to Library during the week of December 9 th to confirm accurate course request entry. Students must have their infinite campus login and passwords to register for classes. Class schedules are mailed home around August 1 st.

4 Advancing in Grade Level Recommended course load for 9 th grade is 7 courses per semester. Sophomore Status: need 6 or more successfully completed credits. Failing a 9-12 th grade course earns 0 credits for that course.

5 Credits Needed To Graduate Total Credits Needed = 24 Technology ½ Credit Needed (1 Semester) Health ½ Credit Needed (1 Semester) CPR P.E. 1 Credit Needed (8 Semesters) (.125 per semester) English 4 Credits Needed (8 Semesters) Math 3 Credits Needed (6 Semesters or 3 Blocked periods) Science 3 Credits Needed (6 Semesters) Social Studies 3.5 Credits Needed (7 Semesters)

6 English Courses 4 Credits required for graduation All 9 th graders take Freshman English If one or both semesters of Freshman English are failed, students will have to make up that credit.

7 Math Courses 3 Credits required for graduation, 4 Credits recommended for college Freshman Math Options: Bridges to Algebra – (Pre-Algebra) no prerequisite Extended Algebra – Algebra 1 but blocked period in Spring Semester for additional support Algebra 1 – Recommended C or better in previous math course Geometry – Recommended B or better in Algebra 1 and teacher recommendation Algebra 2/Trig. – Recommended B or better in Alg. 1 and Geometry

8 Science Courses 3 Credits required for graduation, 4 credits suggested for college Freshman Science Options: Physical Science – required Biology – open to students who took Accelerated Science as an 8 th grader

9 Social Studies Courses 3.5 credits required for graduation All 9 th graders take Topics of History for one semester. It is offered both first and second semester.

10 Freshman P.E. All freshman take Functional Fitness P.E. every other day all year long.

11 Music Courses Vocal Music: Freshman Choir meets every other day all year long Chamber Choir is a select, audition only choir that meets daily all year long Sound Advice is a non-credit, audition only preparatory show choir that rehearses before school. All students in show choir must be in regular Freshman Choir Instrumental Music: Freshman Band meets ever day all year Jazz Band is a non-credit offering that meets outside the school day

12 Technology.5 credits required for graduation Computer Applications – Office Suite and Photoshop Graphic Communication – Drafting and computer design Other Technology Electives Business Publishing Business Applications

13 Foreign Language Spanish 1 Spanish 2 – teacher recommendation French 1 French 2 – teacher recommendation All classes are all year and meet everyday 0 credits required for graduation, 2 years recommended for college

14 Project Lead the Way PLTW is a national partnership between public schools, higher education and the private sector to help produce a higher quantity and quality of engineers. Introduction to Engineering is the first course and a prerequisite to a series of PLTW courses offered at the HS that include: Principles of Engineering, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Digital Electronics Visit for more

15 Business Intro to Business / Money Management Two semester electives that would fulfill one elective credit towards graduation

16 5 th Hour Electives Semester Long 5 th Hour Electives Astronomy Creative Writing Business Application Business Publishing Introduction to Drawing Year Long 5 th Hour Electives Seminar – focuses on 6 key components to HS success Intro to Engineering and Design – entry level PLTW course Chamber Choir – select choir by audition only

17 Semester Electives FIRST SEMESTER Journalism FCS Graphic Communication Computer Apps Woodworking Small Engines Art Intro to Business SECOND SEMESTER Journalism FCS Graphic Communication Computer Apps Woodworking Small Engines Art Culinary Arts Money Management

18 Importance of Academic Success With increased graduation requirements, academic success becomes even more critical. Failing courses not only creates credit deficiency by also limits options for moving to higher levels of math, science, foreign language, etc. Its imperative that we stress this to our students at home and at school.

19 Dental Screening Iowa law requires that any student entering kindergarten or ninth grade must provide the school with proof of a dental check-up. The certificate of dental screening form will be sent home in the spring with the registration packets, and should be returned to the School Nurse next school year. The dental screening must have been within the previous 12 months of entering the ninth grade. If you have questions or need help getting a dental check-up for your child, please contact the school nurse Tracy Grasso.

20 3-2-1 3 things to remember from this presentation 2 classes that I really want to take in 9 th grade 1- Question about registration

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