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Options and Opportunities in Dual Enrollment Technical College System of Georgia University System of Georgia Georgia Department of Education.

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1 Options and Opportunities in Dual Enrollment Technical College System of Georgia University System of Georgia Georgia Department of Education

2 Gary Mealer Transition Career Partnership and JROTC Coordinator GA Department of Education 404-463-8197 2

3 What is College Credit Now? Opportunities for High School Students SPECIAL PROGAMS Residential Academies Early Colleges Dual Enrollment Articulated Credit Move On When Ready

4 Increased high school completion Expanded course offerings Jump start on college completion College preparedness Less remediation Job skill acquisition Increased wages

5 1. Only regain HOPE one time 2. 7 year limit for HOPE 3. Payment amount for public colleges and universities can be located on on the HOPE Program Changes page 4. The HOPE per hour rate is approximately 90% of the standard undergraduate tuition rate charged in 2010-2011 and will cover approximately 87% percent of his tuition charges in 2011-2012 5

6 1. No significant program changes a) Award amounts (tuition, fees, books) and program eligibility are unchanged 2. Beginning with the FY2012 year, the program is funded by State Appropriations. 3. Beginning in FY2012 or later, courses no longer count against the HOPE paid hours. Courses taken prior to FY2012, will still be counted against the HOPE paid hours. 4. The Accel course directory for 2011-2012 is currently posted on on the Accel program page.

7 High School students take courses from a postsecondary institution while still enrolled as a high school student and receive credit at both the high school and postsecondary institution.

8 Dual Hope Grant Accel Articulated Credit Residential Programs Move On When Ready Early Colleges College Credit Now

9 An articulation agreement is established by institutions to aid in a seamless transition without repetition of coursework already mastered in high school. Student will successfully pass a designed assessment to receive credit at the postsecondary level.

10 Early College is an intervention strategy for students who may not be well served by traditional high schools. Albany Early College Carver Early College DeKalb Early College Academy (DECA) Early College Academy of Columbus (ECAC) Engineering Early College at Maynard Jackson High School Georgia College Early College (GCEC) Regional Early Admission for College Hopefuls (REACH) Early College Risley Early College Academy (RECA) Savannah Early College Sumter County Schools- Georgia Southwestern Early College (SCS-GSW) Valdosta Early College Academy Washington Early College

11 Middle Georgia College es/ University of West Georgia

12 High School Juniors and Seniors satisfy high school graduation requirements while enrolled full-time at a postsecondary institution. Funding Options State FTE will determined set amount used for payment

13 Georgia Northwestern Augusta Technical Chattahoochee Tech DeKalb Middle Georgia West Georgia Wiregrass Technical Clayton State University Georgia Perimeter College Georgia Institute of Technology Gordon College Dalton State College Columbus State University Atlanta Metropolitan College Armstrong Atlantic State University Gainesville State College Georgia College and State University Georgia State University Macon State College South Georgia College College Southern Polytechnic State University Valdosta State University Waycross College Georgia Gwinnett College Athens Technical North Georgia South Georgia Southern Crescent Bainbridge College Kennesaw State University East Georgia College

14 High school juniors or seniors seeking a high school diploma from an eligible, public Georgia high school Student reported as enrolled in a public school for funding purposes during the preceding October and March full-time equivalent (FTE) program counts Student wishing to enroll full time in an eligible college, university or public technical college as a dual credit student taking approved college level courses.

15 Students who are homeschooled Students who transferred from out of state within last year* Students who attend private school Students who ARE NOT on track for graduation * Dependents of military members stationed in Georgia are eligible for MOWR

16 TCSG Test Scores - Degree Level Must test program ready GPA – No minimum required On-track for high school graduation Interview with HS Coordinator Complete admissions paperwork USG Test Scores* - Minimum combined SAT CR/Math of 970 or ACT composite of 20 GPA* - Minimum 3.0 high school GPA On-track for high school graduation and completion of the USG RHSC requirements. Exemption of all Learning Support Requirements. Complete admissions paperwork *The Board of Regents sets minimum admission requirements and institutions may have higher requirements.

17 ACCELMOWR Can be part-time or full- time at the college Academic Courses only NEW--Hours do not count toward HOPE paid hour cap NEW-Funding is from state instead of lottery ACCEL vs. MOWR Must be full-time at the college Academic, Electives and CTAE Courses Hours do not count towards any HOPE caps Funding comes from FTE money

18 High school informs all rising juniors and seniors of College Credit Now opportunities no later than April 1. Interested students consults with HS Counselor to determine eligibility. Eligible student and parent meet with HS Counselor to complete MOWR paperwork. MOWR Participation Permission form is sent to the postsecondary institution. Student completes admission process at postsecondary institution. Student is notified by the postsecondary institution of acceptance.

19 Student information gathered electronically from the colleges. Colleges paid electronically from GaDOE Payments twice a year, once per semester. Vendor Information needed. After the FTE counts in October and March, the students are verified for payment by cross referencing with the college student information. 19

20 1. Any University System of Georgia college/university 2. Any Technical College System of Georgia college 3. Some private nonprofit and private for- profit colleges that meet specific requirements 4. Agreement and college information to be completed by eligible private colleges 08/30/11 20

21 AccelFive core areas only Dual Enrollment Course DirectoryFor technical colleges MOWR Supplemental Course ListAdditional course list

22 SAT 530 Critical Reading and 530 Mathematics no longer a System requirement for students wishing to take English or Math courses at USG institutions or for a student to receive transfer credit for an English or math course taken through dual enrollment at another institution. All dual enrollment credits earned at a COC institution will be transferable

23 Became effective July 1, 2010… Rule 160-4-2-.34 for credit conversion for coursework taken at a post-secondary institution Semester Hours 1 – 2 semester hours =.5 Carnegie unit 3 to 5 semester hours = 1 Carnegie unit

24 1. Credit conversion must be followed. 2. Cant deny credit at high school. 3. MOWR student must maintain full-time status and take all and only college classes. 4. Effects on their GHSA eligibility. 5. MOWR tuition, mandatory fees are covered as paid. Books and materials if funds are available. 6. MOWR pays for 12 semester hours only. Students can only get HS credit for up to 12 hours per semester (4 units). 7. Must have an advisement session and signed form confirming with student and parent for all CCN participation. 24




28 ml

29 Albert Pat Blenke Pam Smith Program Manager Academic Director of Academic Standards Standards Instruction and Instruction Office: (404) 463-1765 Office: (404) 463-4141 Sandi Woodall Tonya Lam Mathematics Program Coordinator Associate Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Office: (404) 463-1736 University System of Georgia Office: (404)656-2272 Sheila Caldwell High School Initiatives State Coordinator Technical College System of Georgia Office: (678)755-2788 29


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