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Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program Rossford High School Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Presenter: Dan Saygers, RHS Counselor.

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1 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program Rossford High School Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Presenter: Dan Saygers, RHS Counselor

2 Agenda Eligibility Requirements Program Options Scheduling Advantages/Disadvantages Steps in the process Applications

3 What is PSO? Enables RHS students in grade 9-12 to take college classes. Can be full-time (Grades 11-12 only). Non-sectarian courses at eligible institutions. Students are still RHS students and may participate in athletics and extra- curricular activities. (Meet OHSAA guidelines.)

4 What is PSOs purpose? To promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options to outstanding high school students.

5 PSO is a Multiple-Stage Process Step 1 – Attend this meeting Step 2 – Complete and sign the HS Counseling Form Step 3 – Apply to an area college Step 4 – Once accepted, take placement tests and/or complete other requirements the college may have Step 5 – Meet with HS Counselor to discuss your plans Step 6 – Schedule your classes at the college Step 7 – Meet with HS Counselor to adjust HS schedule and to make sure you have enough courses

6 Eligibility Requirements Students & Parents must receive counseling about the program. Sign and turn in Parent/Student Acknowledgment Form. Notify RHS Guidance Office by March 30 of intent to participate. Apply to and be accepted by an area college to take PSO coursework.

7 PROGRAM OPTIONS Option A College AND high school credit Student/Parents responsible for costs. Credit and grade will be on the high school transcript. Sometimes used as an option for summer classes Option B College AND high school credit Includes tuition, fees, textbooks and most materials. Class, grade and credit will be on HS transcript. This could affect scholarship opportunities.

8 Eligibility Requirements (cont.) A student who chooses option B is limited to a maximum # of Carnegie units, based on periods in the school day (i.e.. RHS=8; Penta=8). Students must be accepted by an authorized college (Owens, BGSU, UT, Lourdes). UT requirements (based on grade level ) Minimum gpa; 3.2 gpa senior, 3.4 junior; pass all OGTs, minimum ACT scores Owens requirements Minimum gpa; 3.0 in subject area; take COMPASS or ACT for placement Lourdes Univ 3.0 Senior, 3.25 Junior, 3.8 Soph

9 SCHEDULING Work with RHS counselor before registering to determine how college courses will be evaluated for RHS graduation requirements. Students may not drop a full-year course at RHS to enroll in a second semester course at the college. English may be a potential risk for graduation since 4 credits are needed (this expands to Math for class of 2014).

10 SCHEDULING (cont.) RHS students must take the equivalent of at least six one-credit hs courses. Calculating the equivalency of credits in the post-secondary institution is conducted in the same manner as in the high school, based on the Carnegie unit.

11 SCHEDUlING (Sports requirements) Minimum of 6 classes/semester NOTE: By OHSAA guidelines, athletes who are full-time PSO must be enrolled in a minimum of 13 hours of college course work/semester. Part-time PSO students, see your counselor or our Athletic Director, Mr. Rosplohowski, if you have questions about your athletic eligibility. UT only allows students to carry 12 credit hours, so if a student intends to go full-time PSO this may need to be considered.

12 CREDITS Carnegie Units granted (HS credits) College Semester Hours College Quarter Hours.25 (PE)11 – 2.50 ( Sem. Class) 2 – 33 – 5 1.00 (Year class) 4 – 56 - 8

13 SAMPLE SCHEDULE (Is OHSAA eligible) @ RHS: all year Am. Govt1.0 Eng 121.0 Band1.0 PSO classes - Fall: Spring: Soc. 101 – 3 cr.Psych. 101 – 3 cr Acct.100 – 3 cr.Bio. 110 - 4 cr. Hist. 205 – 3 cr.

14 Advantages to PSO Take academically challenging courses not offered at RHS. Experience college-level work & college life prior to making a decision about college. Earn college credit at no cost to you (option B only).

15 Risks & Consequences of PSO Balance schedule between HS & College (budget time) Should be both academically and socially self-disciplined. This is especially true for 9 th /10 th graders. Students will be attending college classes with students aged 17-25+ years. Less time for part-time employment Reduced time for participating in HS activities. Student/parents responsible for transportation. Families that meet District guidelines may request assistance for transportation fees.

16 Risks & Consequences of PSO (cont.) Schedule conflicts with extra-curricular activities at RHS Conflicts in school-year calendar. Extra study time for college classes. Personal supplies (calc., camera, tools, etc.) are students responsibility. Help for college classes not available at RHS. Services are offered at colleges. Must have 4 RHS classes to be on honor roll.

17 Withdrawal Withdrawal from a college course after the semester has started will result in a financial obligation for the student and parents (Option B) and possibly the need to take additional HS credit.

18 Failing or Not Completing a course Failing, dropping or not attending a course intended for HS credit (option B) means all costs become responsibility of the student and parents/guardian. Failing (option B) grades will be included on your HS transcript, and will be calculated into you HS GPA. This may affect athletic eligibility. Students failing PSO courses will not be allowed to take additional PSO courses until fees are paid in full.

19 Support Services Counseling services at RHS Counseling services @ college/university Tutoring services @ college/university Use of student recreation facilities (may be limited for PSO students). Help from professors (check office hours)

20 PSO Time Line 1. Attend orientation meeting (youre here). 2. Discuss advantages/disadvantages & plans with parents. 3. Sign Parent/Student Acknowledgment Form. Return to Counselor by March 30.

21 PSO Time Line (cont.) 4. Complete post-secondary (college) application. Feb. through spring (each school has their own deadline) Applications for colleges are available in the guidance office 5. Take college placement tests to determine what college courses you may take (after acceptance to college, usually March – May; Owens will probably test at RHS in April) 4. Meet with a college advisor to choose possible courses (March – May)

22 PSO Time Line (cont.) 7. Meet with your counselor to make adjustments to HS schedule (once you have meet with college advisor – prior to end of school year if possible) 8. It may take a couple times back and forth between the college and RHS to finalize your schedule. 9. College courses may start before the RHS school year starts – you will still be responsible for being there!

23 Participation Requirements Each college sets its own requirements. General guideline - GPA > 3.0 Some colleges require testing to determine level of classes needed (ACT or COMPASS). Cannot take developmental/remedial classes.

24 Applications Applications Visit websites of area colleges for PSO information and applications. Applications are available in the guidance office. Meet with your counselor.

25 Important Dates March 30 Counseling Form Due Owens – July 23; will need ACT or Compass scores UT – priority application for Fall– June 2 BGSU – April 15 deadline for Fall March 7 College Preview Night Owens 6:30-8:30

26 Questions? Contact Dan Saygers A-K or Lisa Wehrmeister L-Z 419/666-5135

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