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Department of Chemistry Spring 2014 Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop.

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1 Department of Chemistry Spring 2014 Academic Advising (AA) Hold Workshop

2 Goals of the AA Hold Group Advising 1. Review your DegreeWorks Audit and answer any questions you have about your major or DegreeWorks. 2. Review current Fall 2013 schedule and allow time for self- reflection on current course load and what you feel that you could handle for next semester. 3. Plan a schedule for the Spring 2014 semester. 4. Have your AA Hold removed.

3 Before we begin! You will need an AA Hold Worksheet to fill out while you watch this presentation. Do you meet the requirements for AA Hold group advising? Midterm grades of Cs or higher; if not, you will need to meet with an advisor one on one after the presentation Ready? Great! Lets get started!

4 Log on to DegreeWorks! You can sign in through OASIS for sign on at: Sign on to DegreeWorks with your NetID and password.

5 DegreeWorks You will use DegreeWorks to fill out the information on your AA Hold worksheet. This is the page DegreeWorks will open up to.

6 Please begin by filling in the courses that you are currently taking Y ou will find this located at the bottom of your DegreeWorks under In Progress

7 Decoding DegreeWorks Green means you have completed this requirement. Blue means you are currently enrolled in a course that will fulfill this requirement. Red means that you still have to complete this requirement.

8 Test Scores and AP/IB Credit Near the top of the DegreeWorks audit you can see the AP/IB and all of the Test Scores USF has on file for you

9 Scroll down further and you will see your FKL Requirements R equire a C- or better to complete Will be met by your major requirements Need a total of 2 courses – PSY is already counting, need 1 more course Need 1 course in FKL Fine Arts and 1 course in FKL Human & Cultural FKL Humanities will be met

10 Now, take time to fill in the FKL Portion of your AA Worksheet Heres an example of what it may look like: PSY 2012

11 Gordon Rule Communications Requirement You will automatically complete 9 of the 12 hours through your FKL requirements (ENC 1101, ENC 1102 and Writing Intensive). You only need to choose 1 additional course to complete this requirement.

12 Gordon Rule Communications Requirement You can overlap your last Gordon Rule course with 1 of 3 other requirements 1 2 3

13 FKL Capstone & Writing Intensive Exit Requirements These classes cannot be taken until you have earned 60 credit hours. They are intended for you to take during your Junior or Senior Year.

14 FLENT/FLEX Students completing a B.S. only need to complete the FLENT requirement. Students who apply to and are accepted to the Honors College or choose to complete a B.A. degree will need to complete the FLEX requirement. FLEX (Foreign Language Exit Requirement)– 2 semesters of a Foreign Language at the university level. If you need to complete the FLEX requirement and wish to continue a language that you have studied before you will take a Placement Test. If you place into the 2 nd level, than you only need to take 1 semester. If you place into the 3 rd level than your requirement is considered met and you do not need to take any more Foreign Language courses. Honors College and B.A. Degrees FLENT (Foreign Language Entrance Requirement)– typically met by taking 2 years of a Foreign Language in H.S. B.S. Degrees

15 On your Worksheet: Fill in the Gordon Rule, and FLENT/FLEX requirements PSY 2012

16 Major Requirements This will vary depending on your major. At this time, there are a lot of open requirements and the easiest way to reference your major requirements is to use the Degree Sheet- we will hand this out now.

17 All majors offered by the Department of Chemistry require 7-21 hours -outside of your major courses and exit requirements -of U/L Electives to complete the 48 hour rule – check with an advisor if youre pursuing a major other than BMS 48 hour rule St udents are required to complete 48 hours of upper-level (3000+) credit 21 major 6 exit 21 electives Biomedical Sciences major

18 USF Course Inventory URL: If you are unsure about which class to take, this is a great resource to help you decide. Heres a list of some of the things you can find: Prerequisites for a class Class name and description Requirements the class meets (e.g. FKL, Gordon Rule)

19 Lets make it happen! Fill in your Spring 2014 Schedule: Here is an example of a possible Spring schedule based on Rockys current grades and fall schedule: Pre-Health Profile Semester: 8-10 credits of math/science coursework 14-16 credits total

20 Great Job! Once you have your potential Spring 2014 schedule completed, please bring it to an advisor in the back of the room. If you meet the requirements, we will remove your AA hold.

21 Still have questions? E-mail Please make sure to include your full name, major, and U # so that we may assist you properly. We also have walk-in advising. You can view our walk-in hours on the ChemAdvising website.

22 Example of Potential Spring 2014 Schedule: Pre-Health Profile Semester: 8-10 credits of math/science coursework 14-16 credits total

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