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CODO Information Online Change of Degree Objective For Students Starting Fall 2013 or Later Academic Advising Office BRNG Room 1114 College of Liberal.

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1 CODO Information Online Change of Degree Objective For Students Starting Fall 2013 or Later Academic Advising Office BRNG Room 1114 College of Liberal Arts

2 Purpose of This Presentation Introduction to College of Liberal Arts Develop Understanding of Liberal Arts Graduation Requirements Be aware of key Liberal Arts policies and procedures Become familiar with Liberal Arts resources Following this presentation you will be required to complete a quiz on this information.

3 Steps to Being a Successful Liberal Arts Student

4 Step 1: Be Proactive Explore Liberal Arts Check your Purdue email daily Monitor myPurdue accounts Be aware of Purdue policies and procedures Consult with your Advisor with any questions or concerns you have about your academic career

5 Step 2: Plan Ahead Visualize your professional future Complete 4 year planner on Participate actively in internship and career- building opportunities

6 Step 3: Know Your Plan of Study Review plan(s) of study that you are interested in with your advisor (list of Liberal Arts plans of study)list of Liberal Arts plans of study Some majors may require more than two years to complete coursework due to pre-requisites or sequences of courses, examples are: Pre- Com, Pre- Econ, Teaching and Language majors Art and Design majors need four years from the start of the program for completion See an advisor prior to CODO process if you have questions about the time required for completion

7 Types of Majors Major (33 – 45 credit hours) Professional Program (75 credit hours) Teaching Majors (Check plan of study)

8 Minors Optional with most majors Wide Variety – Can be a Liberal Arts minor or minor outside of Liberal Arts – See Liberal Arts website Liberal Arts website Minors range from 12 to 19 credit hours

9 Important Information About Major and Minor Requirements 75% of Major requirements must be completed at Purdue West Lafayette 50% of Minor requirements must be completed at Purdue West Lafayette Individual programs may be more restrictive

10 Step 4: Learn About Liberal Arts Graduation Requirements Learn how Core, Major, Minor and elective courses fit your degree program Understand your graduation requirements

11 CLA Graduation Requirements Complete all Major requirements Complete all Liberal Arts Core requirements Complete all University Core Requirements Complete minimum of 120 Credit Hours Complete 32 Credit Hours at 30000 level or higher at Purdue Achieve minimum of 2.0 Cumulative GPA

12 How Does It All Add Up? University Core Requirements University Core Requirements Liberal Arts Core Requirements Liberal Arts Core Requirements Major Major + Electives/Minor requirements _____________________________ 120 credit hours

13 CLA Core Each category of the Liberal Arts core must be completed in addition to your major requirementsLiberal Arts core Choose from any of the courses listed for each category Courses Listed in Bold print will also complete areas of the University Core Look for courses that complete both CLA and University Core requirements

14 CLA Core Requirements Written and Oral Communication ENGL 10600 - First Year Composition* or ENGL 10800 -Accelerated First Year Composition and COM 11400 -Fundamentals of Speech* Communication * Passing both ENGL 106 and COM 114 will complete Information Literacy. Oral Communication and Written Communication for Univ. Core

15 Core Requirements Other Languages American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Ancient Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish 10100, 10200, 20100, 20200 Students must demonstrate proficiency through 20200 (fourth semester level) of a language subject

16 Core Requirements Mathematics One of the following courses: MA 15300* MA 15400* Or any higher level math than those listed above * Also completes Quantitative Reasoning for Univ. Core

17 Core Requirements Statistics One of the following courses: STAT 11300* STAT 30100 ECON 36000, POL 30000, PSY 20100, or SOC 38200 * Also completes Science Technology and Society for Univ. Core

18 Additional CLA Core Areas Classes are available in these areas to complete Science, Behavioral Social Science, and Humanities areas for Univ. Core Western Heritage (3cr) United States Tradition (3cr) Aesthetic Awareness (3cr) Gender Issues (3cr) Social Ethics (3cr) Individual and Society (3cr) Global Perspective (3cr) Natural Sciences (6cr)* *At least 3cr must have a lab component

19 Key Liberal Arts Policies The following slides will provide information on some key points students CODOing into a Liberal Arts major will want to be aware of

20 Replacing Grades You may repeat courses to replace the previous grade and credit in your GPA (course must be repeated at a Purdue campus) The most recent grade in a course is used in the calculation of the GPA This holds true even if grade is lower the second time you take the course You may take a course a maximum of 3 times before grade can no longer be replaced

21 Band/GS/ and Military Science Credits Maximum of 8 credits of BAND may be used toward graduation Maximum of 4 credits of GS courses may be used towards graduation Maximum of 20 credits of Military Science (any branch of service ROTC) may be used towards graduation

22 Step 4: Know Your Resources Develop a working relationship with your Academic Advisor Take advantage of tutoring and supplemental instruction Learn about the various General Studies courses at PurdueGeneral Studies

23 Honors ProgramHonors Program Continuing Students: Need 3.0 gpa 8 Honors courses – B or better ( 24 hours) Graduate with 3.3/4.0 gpa Liberal Arts Honors Web Site Liberal Arts Honors Web Site Excellent Experience Faculty- Student Contact Those with 3.0 gpa can take Honors Courses Honors Only courses and Honors Contract Courses

24 Career Development GS 415 – Senior Job Search Seminar GS 315 – Internship Development Strategies Electronic Newsletter Career Development Web Site Advance Yourself – graduate/professional schools and seminars Free Resume Reviews – Peer Partners BRNG 1114 Liberal Arts Career Week

25 Study Abroad Departmental Study Abroad Programs Exchange Programs Co-sponsored Programs Study Abroad Web Site Summer Internship Programs Financial Aid Available Gain Personal Enrichment Sharpen Language Skills

26 Diversity Resources D.R.I.V.E.N. Special Events Online Digest Diversity Initiatives Web Site

27 Registration Contact will be made via Purdue Email Account Must meet each semester with your Advisor: Schedule an appointment at BRNG 1114 Your Registration PIN changes each semester Know your Time Ticket in MyPurdue: Academic Tab Registration Tools Registration Status

28 CODO Documents You should have two copies of your Change of Degree Objective form. One for CLA and one is returned to the Registrar CODO papers must be signed by yourself and an Advisor from your previous school prior to arrival You should have your intended major(s) plan of study with completed courses marked with a grade You should have your CLA Core sheet with completed courses marked and grade After completing the following quiz, bring above documents to the CLA Advising Office in BNRG 1114 to be signed into the College of Liberal Arts

29 Ready to CODO to Liberal Arts? Please review any areas of the presentation that are unclear After you have completed the following quiz, there will be a certificate of completion that you will deliver to BRNG 1114 where you can then be signed into the College of Liberal Arts Click HERE to begin the quizHERE

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