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Welcome and Introductions Jim Gilbert Southwest Region Tech Prep Liaison.

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1 Welcome and Introductions Jim Gilbert Southwest Region Tech Prep Liaison

2 Tech Prep Update Enrollment –Jammie Schneider, Sinclair and Tech Prep Registration Coordinator; Transmittal Form Data and Training Coordinator; College Credit & Scholarship Coordinator; and, Tech Prep Data Manager. –Email: Phone:

3 MVTPC Fall Enrollment Snapshot Combined Secondary/Sinclair 1993-2013 03-03-14 5% Increase in Tech Prep Junior and Senior Enrollment 9% Increase in Tech Prep 9 th -12 th Enrollment 9% Increase in Tech Prep 9 th -12 th Enrollment

4 Transmittal Forms Due: March 14, 2014 Instructions and a sample transmittal form is located on Tech Prep Website. coordinators/ coordinators/ PLEASE DO NOT RENAME THE FILES Prior to printing transmittal forms for signatures contact Jammie Schneider at 937-512-2425 8 th semester GPA

5 Website Jess Moore, Program Assistant, Accuplacer Testing Facilitator; Southwest Region Data Coordinator; Web Site, Publications, Tech Prep Minute and Newsletter Coordinator. Email: jess.moore@sinclair.eduPhone:

6 Building Opportunities for Students Bob Sheehan, Pathway Manager Email: robert.sheehan@sinclair.eduPhone: 1.Importance of Attending Summits 2.Link with TP liaison or Pathway Manager 3.Review syllabus, tracking resources 4.Textbook policy

7 Capturing Credit Wendell Meyers, Pathway Manager Email: wendell.meyers@sinclair.eduPhone: 1.Credit Capture Process –Challenges and Successes –Increasing credit capture in core classes

8 Tech Prep – The Success Story Continues SCC credits awarded in 2012 Credit TypeTotal Quarter Credit Hours Tuition Savings Total Credits and Tuition Savings 9346 $596,450.10 SCC credits awarded in 2013 Credit Type Total Semester Credit Hours Tuition Savings Total Credits and Tuition Savings 12,763 (17,013)*$ 1, 501,422.60 * Quarter hour equivalent

9 Credit Capture Electronic Credit Capture Forms Processes as received but no later than June 1 st Jammie Schneider and Timothy Bryant, Accuplacer Testing Facilitator; Angel Shell, Proficiency Testing & Technical Support; Student Transitions; and, Scholarship Ombudsman. Email: Phone:

10 Credit Capture Starting Spring of 2014 a new credit capturing processes has been approved by Sinclairs Registration dept. –Electronic submissions instead of paper forms –One master form of each class with signatures to keep on file –All grades are to be submitted to the Tech Prep office by June 1 st

11 Credit Capture

12 New Practice Nancy Brown, Pathway Manager Email: nancy.brown@sinclair.eduPhone: 1.Understanding University Parallel and OTM University Transfer – OTM - Transfer Module Transfer Module Online classes - 2.Effects to Tech Prep Scholarship 3.Updated Crosswalk



15 C4C – Connect for Completion Nancy Jones, Associate Project Director for Connect 4 Completion

16 C4C Model 16

17 Career Communities Develop interdisciplinary groupings to deliver instruction and student experiences in small, career-based communities Define a small number of career communities (5-8). Communities will be composed of students grouped according to general career paths. Assign each program of study to one of the communities Assign students to a community at enrollment Develop cross-functional staff/faculty teams for each community Teams will work together throughout a students educational experience Career communities will: Make it more manageable to contextualize developmental education Be the basis for contextualizing Student success course (SCC 1101) Student orientation


19 Holistic Advising System Academic advising Career advising Financial advising/mentoring Wrap-around services and referrals to community-based organizations Faculty advising Student ownership advising

20 Information Systems To support career communities and holistic advising, we will develop: Virtual communication processes (connecting students, faculty and advisors) Web-based information Enabling tools Existing technology will be leveraged and enhanced to provide increased resources for advising: Proven success tools – Student Success Plan & MAP Platform software Data and analytics

21 Break and Networking

22 CTE 26 FY16 Program Renewal – Professional Development? Closing, Moving or Changing Titles of Programs Staffing Changing Articulation Agreements Updates by July 1st


24 CTAG Rob Speckert, CTAG Regional Manager – Phone: 513-785-1810 Process to get your school CTAG certified Professional Development?

25 CTAG MV Tech Prep CTAG Process No Bilateral Agreements for CTAG courses


27 Tech Prep Express Registration Janet Schmitt, Manager New Student Enrollment Center May 7 – 3:00-6:00PM all campuses July 16– 3:00-6:00PM all campuses

28 Lunch

29 Regional Centers Scott Markland VP Regional Centers Tech Prep Coordinator Meeting & Luncheon 03/05/14

30 Regional Centers Courseview Campus Center Mason Englewood Learning Center Clayton Huber Heights Learning Center Huber Heights Preble County Learning Center Eaton

31 Learning Centers

32 History of Learning Centers 2006 Englewood Learning Center opens in Englewood 7,944 students (HC) have taken classes since fall 2006 2006 Huber Heights Learning Center opens in Huber Heights 7,798 students (HC) have taken classes since fall 2006 2009 Preble County Learning Center opens in Eaton 1,542 students (HC) have taken classes since fall 2009

33 Learning Centers Goals Community Alignment Learning Center Culture Student Pathways - Completion

34 Whats New at the Learning Centers High Definition Video Conferencing Pilot begins this Spring, allows students to take more classes at the learning centers and expands availability of class offerings to ECO, LAW, and MAN Wright State University Preble County Learning Center is collaborating with WSU to offer Organization Leadership class Degrees We Offer Englewood Learning Center – Associate of Arts A.A., Business Administration Degree and Certificate, and Business Management Certificate Huber Heights Learning Center – Associate of Arts A.A., Medical Office Receptionist Certificate, Nurse Aide Training Certificate and Pharmacy Technician Certificate Preble County Learning Center – Associate of Arts A.A.

35 Courseview

36 History of Courseview Campus Center 2007 Courseview Campus Center (Building A) opens in Mason 8,784 students (HC) have taken classes since fall 2007 2011College begins Master Plan process for Courseview Expansion 2012 Courseview Vision 2035 adopted by Sinclair Trustees Sinclair Foundation acquires additional 37 acres (70 total) Board approves $5m investment in Building B, doubling classrooms, labs and degree and certificate programs 2013 Fall semester opening of Building B with 1400 (HC)

37 History of Sinclair in Warren County


39 Whats New at Courseview New Degrees Biotechnology Cyber Investigation User Support Medical Assistant Technology Mental Health Technology Software Development New Certificates Cyber Investigation Fast Track Programming Homeland Security Hospitality Management Medical Office Aid Reimbursement Specialist Wright State University Collaborating with WSU to offer Organization Leadership degree

40 Courseviews Goals Access & Completion Outreach to University Partners and Businesses Community Alignment


42 Stakeholders Input Agricultural Business Precision Agriculture Agricultural Engineering Diesel Power Technology Agricultural Economics

43 Closing Tech Prep Showcase – Friday, April 11 th, Building 8 Gym Whats in the Packets Getting Ready for College Night Status of New Director

44 Good of the Order

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