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College Credit Opportunities

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1 College Credit Opportunities
Del Mar College College Credit Opportunities

2 Coordinator, Early College Programs
DEL MAR COLLEGE Bob Montez Coordinator, Early College Programs

3 Early College Programs
Mission: To provide fully accredited occupational, academic, and pre professional courses leading to certificates, associate degrees, and/or the first two year of transferable credit toward baccalaureate degrees.

4 Who is Eligible to Apply?
For students: Who are juniors, seniors, or sophmores who have completed 10 high school credits. Who have passed the testing component or are exempt, Who are approved by their high school counselor, principal, and parent to enroll in a college class(es).

5 Benefits High school credit Transferable college credit hours
Academic challenges Long range savings on tuition/fees College close to home

6 DMC-Open Enrollment Del Mar College is an “open-admission” institution, No capped enrollment, Offers over 50 degree programs of study, Many students come to DMC to take the “basics” or what is known as the core curriculum.

7 DMC Courses Students can take college courses: At high school
At designated dual credit site Online At DMC East or West Campus

8 Courses High School students can take a variety of courses depending on their interest. Most students take courses in the core curriculum (i.e. ENGL, MATH, BIOL, HIST, GOVT, PSYC).

9 TOTAL Dual Credit enrollments
DC Enrollment – Spring 2014 TOTAL Dual Credit enrollments 1,479 students enrolled in 2731 courses 19 school districts, 25 high schools, and homeschooled students Dual Credit students make up 14.9% of DMC’s enrollment

10 Application Process DMC Admissions online through
Submit official high school transcripts Complete the Pre-Assesment Activity (PAA) Submit qualifying TSI test scores Submit proof of Meningitis vaccine Dual Credit Form

11 DMC Dual Credit Costs $99/ 3 hr. course
Regular Del Mar Student- $350/ 3hr course Approximately $900-$1000/ 3hr at some universities Lab fees, textbooks & supplies extra One price for in or out of district students

12 Admissions Deadlines Summer and Fall 2014 enrollment begins Monday, April 7, 2014 until August, 2014 Summer I Classes begin Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Summer II Classes begins Monday, July 7, 2014 Fall 2014 Classes begin Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

13 Testing Guidelines TSI-Reading 351+ ACT 19+ SAT 500+
TSI-Writing & English 363+ and Essay 4 or Essay 5 and above TSI-Math 350+ ACT 20+

14 Testing Exemptions SAT ACT
500+ Verbal and Mathematics with these two scores combined score of 1070 or > ACT 19 or better on Reading and Writing subject tests and 20 for Math with an overall Composite score of 23

15 Meningitis Vaccination
New state law requires all students under the age of 21 to submit proof of their Meningitis vaccination. Most students who are in high school are in compliance with this law. Submit a copy of your current vaccination record with your DMC application. Note: Meningitis shot record is good for five years and records must show that the student’s shot record is updated prior to entering DMC.

16 Transferability By law, Texas public universities and community colleges accept any designated core coursework with a grade of “C” or better from other Texas public universities and community colleges, consistent with Texas Education Code § and Texas Administrative Code §4.28

17 Financial Aid $$$ Fin Aid 698-1293
Recommended priority deadline for FAFSA and the Financial Aid Dual Credit Form by May 15th for Fall 2014 Ruth Perez-Contact person at DMC FA Fin Aid

18 How Can You Succeed? Show Up To Class Do your Homework
Communicate with Parents, Counselor and Teachers Make the Commitment

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