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Dual Credit – Spanish IV

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1 Dual Credit – Spanish IV
MCC Spanish 251 / 252 A unique partnership with McHenry County College that will benefit District 155 Spanish students!

2 Spanish IV Dual Credit * Spanish IV students can take Spanish IV and earn 8 college credits if they earn a C or better in the class. Students must pass a placement test to take this course. The placement test covers what you should learn in Spanish I, II, and III.

3 Can I take this course? You can take this class if you take Spanish I – III and do well in these classes (learn the vocabulary and grammar). You must demonstrate what you have learned the in Spanish I – III by passing the placement test.

4 8 credits!!!! You will earn 8 college credits that you can transfer to any state of IL school and most other colleges and universities. There may be some schools that don’t accept this credit (ex. Northwestern). These credits will probably be applied to your general education requirements in college.

5 Details… This is a sophomore level college Spanish class. District 155 teachers will teach this course. They will teach the McHenry County College curriculum for Intermediate Spanish – SPA 251 / SPA 252 (MCC course numbers). Students will earn MCC college credit as well as D155 graduation credit. Students will be able to request an official MCC transcript be sent to the college or university of their choice to transfer these credits.

6 Why should I take this class?
8 college credits will save you approximately $2000 This will save you time in college and give you flexibility if you drop a class.

7 PLACEMENT TEST The placement test will be given at 7AM on Monday April 28, 2014 in EE09. You will have 60 minutes to complete the test, as needed. You must pass the placement test to register for this class…there are no re-takes. Please bring your ID and pencils. Please keep all electronic devices off and put away for the entire duration of the test. ¡Buena suerte!

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