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An ISO 9001:2000 Certified PCB Manufacturer Welcome to Axon Circuit Welcome to Axon Circuit.

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1 an ISO 9001:2000 Certified PCB Manufacturer Welcome to Axon Circuit Welcome to Axon Circuit

2 High-Quality Prototype & Production PCBs Delivered On Time at a Low Price EVERY TIME!

3 Because Were Committed to Your Success! Chandra Patel - President/CEO

4 Personalized Service High-Quality PCB Solutions Timely Delivery Always Low Pricing Supplier Performance Guarantee

5 Our goal is aimed at consistently supplying our customers with high quality printed circuit boards that are delivered on time, every time. We will achieve this through an attitude of continuous improvement, which involves consistent processing, total employee involvement, and anticipating future customer needs, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. MISSION STATEMENT

6 Established PCB Manufacturing Leader in Southeast USA with High-Profile B2B Clientele Serving the Communications, Medical, Instrumentation & Controls, Consumer, Automotive, and Military Industries COMPANY PROFILE

7 Long-Term Dedicated Staff of Over 80 Employees Committed to Your Success Over 50,000 sq. feet of Manufacturing Space COMPANY PROFILE (cont.)

8 Produced Over 20 million PCBs with Annual Revenue Exceeding $10 Million 15-year Track Record of High-Quality PCBs and On-Time Delivery COMPANY PROFILE (cont.)

9 Financially Stable – Modern Facilities and High-Tech Equipment are Owned 2-Week Normal Lead Time on All Rigid PCBs 24-Hour Quick-Turn Capability on Prototypes UL-Rated High-Tech Laminates in Stock – FR-4, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Polyimide COMPANY PROFILE (cont.)

10 ISO 9001:2000, IPC-A-600 to Class III, MIL-55110, UL Listed Competitive Domestic or Offshore Quotes Environmentally Conscious – Internal Waste Treatment & Reverse Osmosis Facility COMPANY PROFILE (cont.)

11 PRODUCT SEGMENTATION Product Segmentation Communications 45% Consumer 25% Others 5% Automotive 5% Medical 5% Instrumentation & Controls 15%

12 HQ - Tampa, FL Offshore Factory China Orlando, FL Offshore Factory India Axon Circuit Manufacturing Locations

13 Manufacturing Equipment Vacuum Press MachineCNC Drilling MachineDrilling & Routing MachinesCu Plating Line Cu / Ni / Au Plating LineResist MachineScreen Printing MachineImmersion Gold / Silver / Tin Line

14 Manufacturing Equipment Double-Density E-TesterAuto Optical Inspection (AOI)Flying Grid Testers Lab & Measurement EquipmentEnvironmental & Wastewater Treatment Equipment CMI X-Ray Equipment

15 Personalized Service – Speak to Long Term PCB Experts Easy Pay – Order via PO or Credit Card High-Quality – Class II Inspections Standard, Up to Class III Timely Delivery – 2-Week Normal Lead Time via FedEx/UPS Quick Turns on Prototypes – 24-Hour Quick-Turn Capability Always Low Pricing – Low NRE, Low Per-Unit Pricing SERVICES

16 Quotes Returned Within 2 Hours – Can Quote from CAD, Gerbers or Sample PCB E-Test and Flying Grid Electrical Testing to 250V – Electrical Test Certificates CAD/CAM Engineering Experts to Edit Your Gerbers Certificates of Compliance, Coupons, Cross-Sections SERVICES (cont.)

17 Our Capabilities at a Glance… High-Tech Laminates in Stock: FR-4, FR406, FR408, FR-5, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic (Others Available) 4/4 mils Lines/Spacing, Up to 20 Layers 8 mils Minimum Hole/Via Drilling Final Thickness from 5 mils to 125 mils Finished Copper up to 5 oz Photoplotter (21 x 27) / Modification / AOI Inspection Mechanical Drilling, Routing, Scoring, Beveling, Boring, Countersinking, Castellations CAPABILITIES

18 Electroplated Copper & Tin, Electroless Copper & Palladium Metallization Dry Film and Screened Imaging E-Test and Flying Grid Electrical Testing to 250V CAPABILITIES (cont.)

19 RoHS Compliant – Various Laminates & Lead-Free Final Finishes (ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP) Gold Fingers, Carbon Ink, Plasma Treatments, Controlled Impedance SMOBC, Wet Thermal / LPI Soldermasks in a Variety of Colors HASL Hot Air Solder Leveling (Tin/Lead) CAPABILITIES (cont.)

20 RoHS Compliant What Is RoHS? RoHS stands for Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances. RoHS is a directive issued January 27, 2003 by the European Commission (EC). It directs European Union (EU) member nations to enact local legislation by August 13, 2004, which will implement the RoHS directive as regulatory requirements before the activation date of July 1, 2006. Your products must meet these requirements if you sell to EU member nations. ARE YOU RoHS / LEAD FREE?

21 Our Lead-Free Solutions Our boards currently do not contain mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or polybromiated diphenyl ethers We offer various lead-free final finish choices, such as Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Silver or Tin, or Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) We have added high temperature laminates to our inventory to withstand the lead-free PCB assembly process, including FR408 and IS410 ARE YOU RoHS / LEAD FREE? (cont.)

22 At Axon Circuit, Our Commitment is to: Consistently Supply Our Customers with High Quality Products Provide On-Time Delivery, Every Time Allow for Continuous Improvement Encourage Employee Participation The Successful Administration of our Quality Policy is the Responsibility of All Axon Circuit Employees, with the Full Commitment and Involvement of Management. Quality is a Way of Life at Axon Circuit, Inc. QUALITY POLICY

23 Key Quality Indicators: ISO 9001:2000 IPC-A-600 MIL-PRF-55110 UL Listed UL & IPC Approved Laminates 100% AOI & Visual Inspection E-Test or Flying Grid Test to 250V Certificates of Compliance Cross-Section Analysis High Tech Lab with 100X Scope X-Ray Fluorescent Measurement System QUALITY & PROCESS IMPROVEMENT

24 Supplier Performance Guarantee If We Fail to Meet the Required Premium Delivery Date, then We Will Issue Full or Partial Credit of the Premium Amount Contingent Upon Our Quote Guidelines. If We Deliver Defective Material not in Accordance to IPC-A-600 Class II or Specifications Provided by the Customer, then We Will Issue a Replacement Order at No Additional Charge and Credit towards the Premium Amount as it Applies. AXON CIRCUITS GUARANTEE

25 Jolt Technology (FL): Axon Circuit matches our needs 9 times out of 10; they are our top supplier of boards. Trak Microwave (FL): The on-time delivery is excellent. Eaton Electrical (OH): We are very happy with Axon Circuits service and delivery. Tektone (NC): Besides having competitive prices and dependable delivery, Axon Circuit demonstrates excellent work ethics. They are very helpful in reviewing the files before doing prototype runs. They always meet their deadlines, which is extremely important in meeting project goals. Their quality is top rate. Emerson Network Power (TX): Axon Circuit has continuously delivered high quality boards on time for our production needs, and in fact, went out of their way to help us in the design for manufacturing to lower our per unit costs. We continue to buy boards from them even though weve relocated our manufacturing offshore. TESTIMONIALS

26 MicroSystems (FL): Customer service is excellent; Steve Harrison always works with us whatever our requirements are. It is a pleasure working with such a fine group of people. I wish all of our suppliers were as efficient as Axon Circuit. General Microcircuits (NC): Enjoy working with the team there; thank you for all the efforts made to provide us with a good quality product. Dictaphone (FL): We have had minor quality issues; however, Axon Circuit has been quick in responding in correcting the problem. CH Products (CA): We are very happy with Axon Circuit and their services. Expanded Spectrum Systems (FL): Steve Harrison has always been helpful in any questions I have had; he is a true professional. Ditek (FL): Steve Harrison has been a pleasure to work with. TESTIMONIALS (cont.)

27 MicroMO (FL): We are appreciative for the technical help that David Arnaud has provided on the lead-free RoHS initiative. Nielson Media Research (FL): My interaction with Axon Circuit has not been much, but when I have contacted them they are always helpful. AEC (FL): Axon Circuit has been a very good partner in helping us meet our customers requirements. Raymarine (FL): Great company to deal with. Consumer Engineering (FL): We get good service from Axon Circuit. Transtector Systems (ID): Awesome customer service! CS (FL): Axon Circuit and Walt Musenski have always done a great job concerning any jobs I sent. TESTIMONIALS (cont.)

28 Limited Time Offers – So Hurry and Place Your Orders NOW!!! NOTE: Must Mention Code Number Below in RFQ or the Special Offer Will Not Apply. TTENTION NEW B2B CUSTOMERS Code AXT1000 Free Tooling & Setup Fees on Current Production Designs if you switch to Axon Circuit. Offer applies to current tooled jobs with a competitor board shop, up to 4-layers. Requires gerber files and a minimum purchase amount of $1000. Electrical testing NRE will apply if required. Code AXP0003 Flexible Payment Terms for New B2B Customers (to 60 days) Requires Excellent Credit History, Resale Certificate and a Blanket Order for 3 months minimum totaling over $5,000. Code AXD0050 50% Discount on New Prototype Designs Offer applies to NRE Fees Only. A minimum lot run of 4 panels is required. SPECIAL OFFERS

29 Company Headquarters: Axon Circuit, Inc. 424 Ware Blvd Tampa, FL 33619 Toll free: 800-226-2966 1-813-623-5200 Fax: 1-813-623-1019 Request for Quote (RFQ) 1-800-226-2966 Inquiries, Feedback or Technical Support 1-800-226-2966 Credit and Accounting 1-800-226-2966 CEO/President 1-800-226-2966 Orlando Facility: 155 National Place, Unit 105 Longwood, Florida 32750-6432 1-407-265-7980 (7981, 7982) Fax: 1-407-265-7983 Engineering 1-800-226-2966 Quality Assurance To request an RMA or report a problem, please email 1-800-226-2966 FTP Site "Anonymous" For Instructions, email 1-800-226-2966 Web Site Feedback To report a problem or make a suggestion, please email CONTACT US

30 © 2005. Axon Circuit, Inc. All rights reserved. Information contained herein is not to be transmitted or reproduced without the consent of Axon Circuit.

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