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CH 32- Beginning of the Great Depression Analyze the factors that Caused the Great Depression, how American lives were negatively impacted, and Governments.

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1 CH 32- Beginning of the Great Depression Analyze the factors that Caused the Great Depression, how American lives were negatively impacted, and Governments negligence in reacting to help Americans in need 1.ID the 4 factors that caused the Great Depression 2.Use evidence and explain two ways Americans were impacted by the Great Depression 3.Analyze President Hoovers response to the Great Depression

2 ID- The Harding Scandals (747) Summary 1- What is the cartoon implying about government under President Hardings administration? –That the Gov. has been bought/controlled by business OI- The Republican Old Guard Returns, GOP Reaction at the Throttle 1) What was Warren Hardings greatest liability as a President? –Unintelligent and easily tricked by smarter associates around him 2) How did government under President Hardings administration go beyond the concept of Laissez-Faire? –Gov. would help business (by limiting regulations/rules)

3 3) What types of Progressive legislation did the Supreme Court strip away in the 1920s –Progressivism- gov. tries to solve problems in society by holding business accountable for its actions (ie Meat Inspection Act) –Ignored- child labor laws, Gov. ability to regulate, limits on the work day, anti-trust laws 4) Why would the appointment of the head of the Interstate Commerce Commission, which insures that RRs charge fair rates, be a conflict of interest? –New director was a railroad man and supported the RR over the people 5) What direction is the government going in the 1920s? How might this create problems in the future? –Gov is ignoring its responsiblity to protect the people from business taking advantage of workers, Gov. will be unprepared to help if things go bad

4 ID- Washington Officials Trying to Outpace the Teapot Dome Scandal (751) Summary 2- What natural resource was at the center of Tea Pot Dome? –Oil (reserves/in ground for the Navy in Wyoming) OI- The Stench of Scandal, Silent Cal Coolidge 6) What was in Charles Forbes background that would imply that he was a bad appointment for the Veterans (Former Soldiers) Bureau? What was he caught doing? –Deserter (ran away) in Army, stole $200 mil. From Veterans Bureau 7) What was the most devastating scandal of the Harding Administration? Briefly summarize what Albert Fall approved and what he received in return? –Tea Pot Dome (Albert Fall-Sec. of Interior- leased the rights to drill for oil, w. out Navys permission, to two Republicans backers, Fall was found guily for receiving a $400K in bribes, served 1 year in jail

5 8) Why did Harding not run for re-election? –He died in office 9) Coolidge said that the man that builds a factory builds a temple and that the man that works there worships there. What do you think that means? –People that create businesses are more important than the people that work there 10) What do you believe was President Coolidges attitude towards the role of government in regards to business and workers? –Government should help business first, if business does well, then worker will do well Do you feel that business will take of the workers if business is well?

6 ID- Pride Goes Before a Fall (760) Summary 3- How much money is this seller losing on his car? Why is he selling it for so little? Why is no one else buying it? –$100, lost his money in the stock market, so did everyone else (no one can afford to buy a car) OI- The Great Crash Ends the Golden Twenties 11) What happened on Black Tuesday? –Stock Market Crashed (Oct. 29, 1929)

7 12) How much money was lost by the end of 1929? –$40 Billion in value (more than cost of WWII) 13) How many workers were unemployed in 1932? –25% (12 million) 14) Why is a bank going out of business such a calamitous event for ordinary people? How many banks went out of business? –If a bank went out of business it took the depositors/peoples money with the bank (even though those people did nothing wrong, they were now broke!!!)

8 ID- Hooverville in Seattle (763) Summary 4- What are these homes made of? Describe the part of town this shantytown is in? –Junk (discarded wood, steel), by the railroad, industrial part of town –16) How did people mock President Hoover by using his name? Hoovervilles (name of the shanty towns, Hooverflag (pockets turned out to show you are broke)

9 1 st Cause of Depression- Farm Problems Farm Problems (1/3 of Americans) Overproduction (grew more food than could be sold) –What is the problem for farmers with growing too much food? (hint- answer is not that it will spoil) » price of food dropped Loans- borrowed money to grow more food (earn money they lost with low food prices), food prices dropped more –Impact on Farmers- could not pay back loans, lost farms –Impact on US- farmers could not buy new products (truck, tractor), US industries made less (laid off workers)

10 2 nd Cause of Depression- Middle Class (wages did not go up in 1920s) Credit- Americans borrowed money in 1920s to keep up their standard of living –Why is borrowing to buy big ticket items (cars, radios, washing machines) a bad way to fuel your lifestyle? Americans ended up putting more and more money back into what they loaned, rather than buying new products Industries suffered as Americans bought less

11 3 rd Cause of GD- Rich vs. Poor- wealthiest 5% earned 33% of the money, poorest 40% earned only 10% Why would this disparity in wealth hurt ordinary Americans? –$ is not being shared and circulated, so ordinary Americans have less access to money to buy new products

12 4 th Cause- Industry (made $ in 1920s, put profits into stock market, not workers salaries) What problem will not increasing salaries create? –Overproduction (by 1927 companies made more goods than were sold because people could not afford those products)

13 OI- Rugged Times for Rugged Individualists, Hoover Battles the Great Depression, Routing the Bonus Army in Washington 17) Why did President Hoover feel the government should not help out Americans in need? –Gov. aid would make Americans lazy (destroy Rugged Individualism 18) What was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) and who did it support? –Gov. loaned money to banks and businesses How could the RFC been more effective?

14 Bonus Army What do you feel was the attitude that the government had towards Americans in need under Pres. Hoovers administration? Why do you feel the President and Government did not do more to help?

15 19) What did Veterans from WWI want from government? Bonus Army- WWI Veterans who wanted their retirement/war bonus ealry 20) How did they protest their demands? –Camped out in Washington DC 21) What was Hoovers response and how did this response inpact Hoovers opinion among Americans? –Hoover sent in the Army with tear gas, Hoover looked like he did not care about ordinary Americans (ensured he would not be re-elected)

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