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Jane Long, MA, MLIS Reference Services Librarian Al Harris Library.

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1 Jane Long, MA, MLIS Reference Services Librarian Al Harris Library

2 Topic Selection Finding Articles The assignment requires the use of scholarly journals. What is a scholarly journal? How do you know if you are using periodicals that are scholarly?

3 Scholarly Info Scholarly Info Audience: Audience: Researchers Researchers Professionals Who Need to Stay Up-to-Date Professionals Who Need to Stay Up-to-Date Purpose: Purpose: Goal-DrivenGoal-Driven Research Paper Research Paper Certification, Tenure Certification, Tenure Job Requirement Job Requirement More knowledge regarding a More knowledge regarding a particular subject particular subject

4 Journals are located in the Periodicals section of the library. Use the Periodicals List to see if we own a particular journal.Periodicals List Use the databases to find many scholarly publications. Communication and Mass Media Complete

5 Article organization is very important since there are certain areas of discussion that should be included Effective organization aids the reader in understanding the issue that is addressed through the research process

6 Abstract: States the problem Highlights information about findings or conclusions Provides a quick summary of the papers subject A word of caution: An abstract is a summary of what is written in an article and does not substitute for reading the article itself

7 Introduction and Statement of the Problem: Introduces subject (with an overview and definition) and explains the research topic States the problem addressed and/or presents the research objectives Emphasizes the importance of the subject The introduction is usually short and focused

8 Literature Review: Reviews what has already been published on this topic Presents major themes, theories, and ideas that have been published in the area as well as the findings of related studies. The Literature Review should provide clarification of relationships between the topic addressed in this paper and previous work in the area The Literature Review does not have to be a section of its own

9 Methods Used to Generate Information: This section provides details regarding the methodology applied to the research project This area should explain the process used to gather the data that develops the outcome of the study

10 Results: Relate discussion to the original statement of the problem and the literature review Discuss how the outcomes of the methodology applied provide significant or faulty data What has been learned through the analysis of the issue and the appropriate data? What have others said about the subject? Is every conclusion drawn through data collection defensible?

11 Results/Conclusion: Provides a summary of the results and subsequent discussion Notes any limitations of the study Makes recommendations relating to the problem investigated Makes recommendations for areas that require further study and/or change Bottom Line: there is no outcome of a well-planned and carefully conducted research project that is not of potential interest to others

12 References: As a research assignment, it is essential that full credit be given to the sources used for the writing of the paper Documentation style will probably be either APA or Chicago Notes can precede the References and are numbered to show their location within the body of the paper Look at the style used in the articles you are reading for this assignment

13 Appendices: Supporting documents are often added to a research paper These are usually shown as Appendix A, Appendix B, etc. If appropriate, supporting information can be set up as tables or charts within the body of the paper Although formats may vary, the major points will be included in the article

14 1.Experimental Manipulation of a variable under highly controlled conditions 2. Correlation Variables are not manipulated as in an experimental environment; a change in one variable is associated with a change in another 3. Naturalistic Observation Field studiesobserving or recording behaviors in real-life settings; no experiments are involved

15 4. Survey Data is collected by using interviews or questionnaires that include various types of prepared questions 5. Case Study Involves the collection and examination of various observations and records of experiences and behaviors. Case studies be used with human or animal subjects.

16 What is the final outcome of the study? Look at the articles organization Look at the various headings Does the article include appendices? Did the article come from a scholarly journal? What research method is used?

17 The address for the library homepage is From there, you will click on Language Arts. The first listing on this page is: Communication and Mass Media Complete Communication and Mass Media Complete



20 With the creation of a folder, you are ready to save documents as you begin searching for sources.

21 Articles, books and other resources listed in a Bibliography, Works Cited, or Reference list. Why are cited references important? Locating cited references is useful for finding current articles on a topic, identifying the top researchers in a field, and for tenure decisions. Consider the significance of publication in a peer-reviewed journal

22 If you click the Cited References hyperlink on a Result, the Cited References Screen presents a list of records cited in your original article.

23 The Related Records Screen presents a list of records related to the original article. These records are sorted by relevance, based on the greatest number of shared references.


25 Use scholarly (peer reviewed) journals Find full-text articles Use keywords to searchif necessary, narrow with subject terms Use the References Available link Focus on findings, research, study, results, outcome Use the abstracted information to guide you in determining the subject of the article Refer to the instructions for your assignment

26 Communication and Mass Media Complete Communication and Mass Media Complete

27 Need more information? Contact me at: 774-3030

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