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2012/13 Exchange Opportunities. Exchange Opportunities 16 different universities around the world Spend a half- or full semester abroad (depending on.

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1 2012/13 Exchange Opportunities

2 Exchange Opportunities 16 different universities around the world Spend a half- or full semester abroad (depending on the program) Take part in a summer study abroad program

3 General Guidelines Much easier to work out study abroad in spring than in fall (due to AIW #3) You may study abroad with one of our PIM partners ( We cannot arrange for study abroad with non-PIM partner schools at this time May be able to arrange study abroad with one of the partners not listed in this deckbut cant guarantee it Need to check partner schools schedule carefully for alignment with our schedule

4 Semester Opportunities Africa Asia Australia Europe South America

5 Exchange in Africa Wits Business School, Johannesburg, South Africa

6 Exchange in Asia China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, China Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing, China Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Nanyang University, Singapore National University of Singapore, Singapore Thammasat University, Bangkok

7 Exchange in Australia Melbourne Business School, Melbourne

8 Exchange in Europe HEC School of Business, Jouy-en-Josas, France Manchester Business School, Manchester, England Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany University of St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland

9 Exchange in South America Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), São Paolo, Brazil Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru

10 Exchange Slots Available Bocconi3 CEIBS4 Cologne2 ESAN (Peru)1 FGV (Brazil)2 HEC (Paris)2 Hong Kong UST2 Manchester3 Melbourne2 Nanyang1 NUS (Singapore)2 Peking University2 PUC (Chile) 2 St. Gallen3 Thamassat (Bangkok)1 Wits (S. Africa)3 Total 34 Note: We are presently in discussions with PIM partners in Argentina, Costa Rica, and India, and may have exchange opportunities available at those universities next year.

11 Academic Points of Note Business courses will count toward your MBA (X530: Overseas Business Study) Grades earned while on exchange will be averaged for your final X530 grade Plan ahead regarding credits It is best to complete all of your major/minor requirements prior to leaving (spring exchange participants) Check schools for specific credit requirements

12 Language Concerns? Affordable opportunities for language development available through CIBER Some partner schools offer language training (note: you cannot receive Kelley credit for such courses)

13 Housing, Registering for Classes, Visas, etc… Partner schools exchange coordinator will assist you in planning Partner school will be able to assist you with housing Coordinators will be able to help you navigate through the process of registering for classes Coordinators should be able to provide basic guidance to students with questions about visas, etc, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure youve got everything you need to go on exchange –Many countries require that students obtain a student visa –For some countries, U.S. citizens are not required to apply for a student visa if their stay in the country will be less than 90 days –If you need a visa, please allow adequate time for processing

14 Health Insurance Many schools require you to show proof of medical coverage; make sure you are covered Some schools require you to purchase local medical coverage, regardless of your coverage at home Make sure that your health plan has medical evacuation and repatriation coverage –If it doesnt, you can obtain inexpensive supplemental coverage through the IU Office of Overseas Study or elsewhere

15 Financial Aid Additional financial aid to cover study abroad may be available; see Tim Smith for more details If you are a GA, talk with your supervisor and Tim Smith to determine if you can arrange to study abroad and still receive your fee remission

16 Choosing a School Look at the program dates Consider any potential language issues Program strengths, reputation, etc. (see their website) Talk to students who have been there or who are there now Talk to current exchange students from those schools, if possible

17 Kelley Students Studying Abroad this Semester Bocconi: Rochelle Samuels, Rebecca Shank, Carol White CEIBS: Bryan Allen, Tom Hewitt, Samyukta Markley, Jason Rescansky Cologne: Emory Zink ESAN: Justin Peil FGV: Adam Daniels, Shilpa Jandhyala, Fern Stalling HEC: Zia Khan, JP Vega HKUST: Ryan Watson Melbourne: Will Melendez, Steve Sigfusson NUS: Niraj Agarwal, Nicole Francis PUC: Justin Marx, Kristin Norman St. Gallen: Kim Fay, Phil Torrisi Wits: Jeff Mowris

18 Application Process Applications can be obtained at this session or at the MBA Office front desk All applications for fall programs must be submitted to the MBA Office no later than Friday, March 2 nd All application materials for spring programs must be submitted to the MBA Office no later than Friday, March 30 th Applications not received by the deadline: –Will not be included in the initial selection process –Will be considered only for the slots that remain after initial applicants have been placed

19 Criteria for Selection Quality of your application materials Validity of reasons for wanting to study abroad Perception of your ability to represent Kelley well at our partner school 1 st semester grades

20 Selection Timeline You will receive notification about your selection and placement approximately one week after the application deadline We will then hold individual meetings to discuss further details NOTE: Fall nomination offers will be revoked if students are on academic probation after receiving Spring 2012 grades

21 Committing/Backing Out Let us know ASAP if you discover that you may not be able to attend your study abroad –Dont inconvenience our partner school –Enable another Kelley student to take your place

22 Summer Programs We have some seats available in these summer program offerings: –Cologne Intensive Study Program in European Management (Cologne): June 4-29 –International Summer University Program (Copenhagen): June 23- August 3 –European MBA Summer Institute (WHU, Koblenz, Germany): May 6- 18 or May 20-June 1 –Doing Business in China (Guanghua): May 20-June 2 or June 10-23 Other opportunities may be available as well…we continue to get information from our exchange partners. If youre interested in any of these programs, please let me know ASAP!

23 Any Questions? Please contact us! Gale Nichols, Director of Graduate Student Services ( or 856-1801) Christy Deykes, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services ( or 856-3975)

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