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One of the Most Important Aspects to be Successful in Your Research, Your Job and Your Career (in America) is Excellent Oral and Written Communication.

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3 One of the Most Important Aspects to be Successful in Your Research, Your Job and Your Career (in America) is Excellent Oral and Written Communication Citation comes from Prof. Sherman Frankel and it is full confirmed by Klara Nahrstedt

4 Here is what you have to do: 1. Communicate your arguments and ideas 2. Persuade your audience that your ideas are valid 3. Oh, and by the way, be interesting and entertaining (riveting?)

5 Lets look at some presentations Emulate excellent speakers.

6 Presentations – Opening and Closings Each presentation can have an –Introduction (tell them what you are going to tell them) –Body (tell them) –Conclusion (tell them what you just told them) (You can break this rule if you are a very good speaker)

7 Openings YouTube note spelling error on last visual YouTube Purpose –Grab the audiences attention so that they will want to hear what you have to say –Should be a grabber or attention seeker

8 Good Openings Startling question Challenging statement An appropriate short quotation or illustration A surprising generalization An exhibit – object, article, picture Personal story

9 Poor Openings A long or slow-moving quotation A self introduction An apologetic statement Story, joke or anecdote which does not connect to the theme

10 More Useful Tips and Tools YouTube video –Do memorize your first and last few sentences –Dont speak too rapidly

11 Its no good stuck in your brain Why? –What if you come up with some great idea that someone else expresses more clearly? –Promotion and advancement can depend on your ability to communicate.

12 Keep It Simple –Simplifying and repeating the main idea will result in increased attentiveness and retention

13 Unravel high-tech mysteries Use every day language, avoid jargon (and the dreaded 3-letter acronym) If you use jargon, make sure to introduce/define it.

14 How do you connect with your audience? Lets make a list!

15 Body Language Eye Contact –In United States, eye contact is primary and vital –By gazing directly into anothers eyes we establish link/closeness –In fact, studies show perception of distrust are created when eye contact is NOT maintained.

16 Body Language Facial Expression –Words and face should convey the same message. Gestures –Most expressive part of body language –Speaker uses his hands and arms to illustrate his words

17 Tone of Voice Convey life, color and melody –Voice should not sound flat or wooden, beginners tend to speak on too high a pitch. –A thin high-pitched tone lacks authority and appeal; it is harsh and unpleasant. –Cultivate deeper tones. –one-note pitch is also a problem – boring.

18 Breathe Correctly Breathe properly as a speaker (rather than saying um or like, just take a breath) Always breathe deeply from your diaphragm

19 Show, Dont Tell! Example: Data Mining is dangerous and can swoop up innocent people it its net ---OR--- Or

20 Show, Dont Tell! Privacy settings are important in online social networks Or

21 Show, Dont Tell, Cont. Examples of drone warfarecollateral damage S_UF4 S_UF4 Make heavy use of examples, analogies, metaphors, and comparisons to clarify and support your main points

22 More Useful Tips and Tools –Dont pace/walk – but a bit of movement is fine –Dont fumble with a pencil, watch, or ring while you speak

23 Ums, Ahs, Like, Basically Compiled by TA Rob Blake, Fall 2007

24 Closings of Presentation –Repeat your speech objectives –Leave the audience with something to remember –Closing is the clincher –Thank your audience, and start the 3 questions

25 Three questions!!!!

26 SAMPLE--Three questions to start discussionnote ESL problems Is it ethical that Xbox leaves the DRM as it is now? Is it ethical to sell both DRM protected track and DRM free track on iTunes Store? Is it ethical to just not develop DRM tech for online stores and leave those unauthorized copying alone?

27 Questions Whos responsibility is it to prevent identity theft? The potential victims? The banks / credit card companies? The governments? Is the internet to blame for the growth in identity-theft related crime? Should it be the responsibility of the victim to repair the damage done by identity theft?

28 Fun with PowerPoint See our links

29 Tell us where you got the graphs, illustrations !!!!! ml?ref=todayspaper

30 Creating Your Visuals Readable from the rear –This font is Arial 32 No more than 3-5 major points –Each point must be easily identifiable –Use highlights, colors, bullets, different text size

31 References at the end E-Commerce and Internet Auction Fraud: The E-Bay Community Model, Accessed: November 27 th, 2009 Wang, Shouhong (2005) A Model for Monitoring and Enforcing Online Auction Ethics. International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies, 1(3), 56-72, July-Sept 2005 eBay policy, bidding.html Accessed: November 26 th, 2009 bidding.html Steiglitz, Ken (2007) Snipers, Shills, & Sharks: eBay and Human Behavior. Princeton University Press, NJ auction sniping, Accessed: November 26 th, 2009 eBay Find of the Day: 1963 LeMans Tempest sells for $226,521, lemans-tempest-sells-for-226-521/#comments Accessed: November 26 th, 2009 lemans-tempest-sells-for-226-521/#comments Penny web auctions under scrutiny, Accessed: November 27 th, 2009

32 Creating Your Visuals Use colors appropriately Dont overwhelm Highlight important words Otherwise, all is lost

33 Email Pay very much attention to good communication in every technical communication Voice mail, email, you name it!

34 Writing an email to a TA or Prof Go to Web Preferences Include earlier email in yours Add a Signature!

35 And don't forget to check your spelling (-:

36 A Good Email Message Signature! Good Subject Line! Include previous email

37 If you send a poorly written email… The people who bring you CS210 will help you develop your email skills this semester. Expect to have your email message returned to you until you have used the spellchecker and a added helpful ID so we know who wrote us.

38 Summary Asking and answering good questions is memorable communication Practice, Practice, Practice Ultimate Goal: Be an effective communicator in every situation

39 Have three (3) questions at the end for CS210 and make sure you dont leave the ethical content until you get to the questions

40 AND Finish your talk within the time limit

41 THE END Make it Memorable

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