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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke.

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2 Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

3 Science at CHS Eighth Grade Open House January 2014

4 Earth Systems Science Educational Objectives This course is designed to serve as an introduction to earth and environmental science. Students will explore the science of our Earth and the role that humans play in shaping the natural world.

5 Earth Systems Science Units of Study Science as Inquiry Water: an essential chemical resource Energy: fuel for thought Atmosphere and Climate Geosphere

6 What do you DO in ESS? Develop skills in: inquiry graphing and analysis using evidence researching applying learning habits collaboration

7 Through: activities research assignments experiments small group presentations web-based interactives projects solving real world problems HOW do you learn in ESS?

8 Four Years at CHS Students must complete 3.5 credits in science. 1 Credit is earned for each core course.5 credit is earned for Essential Topics courses. ESS and Biology are required freshman and sophomore courses. Students may take more than one science course at a time.

9 BasicProgression of Courses

10 Science Elective Courses For students interested in science, but dont want to commit to AP science. Forensic Science Anatomy and Physiology Engineering Lab Environmental Science

11 One of MANY Alternates

12 Another Alternative

13 Mathematics at CHS

14 Progression of Courses Algebra I (1 Credit) Geometry (1 Credit) Algebra II (1 Credit) Algebra II & Trigonometry (1 Credit)

15 Progression of Courses (contd) Algebra II (1 Credit) Algebra II & Trigonometry (1 Credit) Trigonometry (0.5 Credit) Algebra III (0.5 Credit) Pre-Calculus (1 Credit) Pre-Calculus (1 Credit) AP Statistics (1 Credit) AP Calculus (1 Credit)

16 Doubling Up & Honors Distinction Students who are considering continuing the study of mathematics beyond high school or who would like to take AP math or science classes may choose to double up on math courses in one or more of their years at CHS. Doubling on math courses depends on course prerequisites and teacher recommendation. Honors distinction is available in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Earning honors distinction requires completing a portfolio that demonstrates the students superb learning habits, classroom leadership, and extended and self-directed learning.

17 Algebra Geometry Algebra II & Trigonometry Algebra III AP Statistics Algebra II Trigonometry Pre Calculus Calculus Calc II OFF Campus

18 Elective Courses Electives available to Juniors and Seniors: (Semester Courses, 0.5 credit) Consumer Math Probability & Statistics Astronomy

19 Support Classes Support classes are available to students in Algebra I and Geometry. Entrance to strategic math courses are based on teacher recommendation and past math performance. Strategic Algebra Strategic Geometry


21 What do math and science classes look like at CHS? Differentiated Instruction Problem Solving Inquiry




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