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CME 101 The Application Process Sponsored by the Office of Continuing Medical Education.

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1 CME 101 The Application Process Sponsored by the Office of Continuing Medical Education

2 Definition of Continuing Medical Education (CME) Continuing medical education consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession. Activities must relate directly to a physicians professional responsibilities.

3 Designation of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit A CME activity: Must address a physician audience Must conform to AMAs definition of CME Must address a demonstrable educational need Must include stated educational objectives Must present content that helps learners meet objectives

4 Designation of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit (contd) A CME activity: Must use appropriate learning methodologies Must have evaluation mechanisms Must include a means of recording actual credits (attendance). Must conform to AMA Ethical Opinions Must be sponsored by an accredited provider

5 CME Activity Directors Letter of Agreement A Letter of Agreement is part of your application packet. It explains what is required to maintain Category 1 credit for a CME activity and: Must be signed by the CME Activity Director Must be submitted with the CME Certification Request form. Signature ensures compliance to the ACCME guidelines.

6 Needs Assessment Needs Assessment helps you identify gaps in physician knowledge, competence, performance or patient outcomes. Determine what the needs are by looking at: Target Audience – Who will best benefit from this program. Ways to identify your Needs – surveys, previous evaluations, Q/A reports, literature etc… Remember that the needs provide the basis for developing your objectives.

7 Planning Planning a CME activity includes the following: Target Audience Expressed need for activity Educational Objectives Type of activity (format) Topics to be discussed, Faculty (speakers) Scheduled dates, Time/Location A summary of meetings and discussions regarding the above is regarded as your planning process. The summary should be included with your request.

8 Educational Objectives Identify what the participant will learn as a result of the activity. Must relate to needs assessment. Writing your educational objectives should begin with this statement At the conclusion of the activity, the participant should be able to………………

9 Educational Methods Your educational objectives should determine your educational methods. Choose the appropriate teaching method for your participants to attain the desired outcome. Lecture, Case Presentations Workshop, Discussion Panel Discussions

10 Outcome Measurement (Evaluation) Why do we need to evaluate? To assess the quality of the activity. To assess the relevance to stated needs and objectives. To use in planning future CME activities. All CME programs must be evaluated to be certified for category 1 credit.

11 Disclosure Speakers and all who involved with content (planners) of the activity must sign a disclosure form. Disclosure information must be available for participants before the meeting. Disclosure information must be given whether the speaker/presenter has or does not have a relationship with a commercial company. Off-label disclosures must be made, including the name of the drug or device and its usage.

12 Commercial Support Letter of Agreement must be completed each time commercial support is received. Letter of Agreement must be signed by the Director of CME, Activity Director and the Pharmaceutical Representative. Commercial Support must be acknowledged on your promotional materials. Commercial Support must be made payable to the clinical department or the OCME. Commercial Support must never be paid directly to the speaker, caterer, etc.

13 Promotional Materials Must include: Topic Date, Time Speaker Location Target Audience Needs/Objectives Disclosure Information Commercial Support acknowledgement Accreditation Statement

14 Preliminary Budget Must be submitted with your CME Certification Request form. Must include your estimated income, including commercial support, and expenses. Must be signed by the Activity Director.

15 Attendance Attendance must be submitted for each meeting held, in order to receive credit. Names of attendees must be in a typed format, with signature next to name. Signatures that are illegible will not receive credit. In order to receive CME credit, the attendance sheet must be signed by participant.

16 Final Budget Form Must include all final, total expenses spent on your activity. Any speakers, vendors, caterers, etc. paid by commercial support must be indicated on the reverse side of form, along with the name of the commercial supporter, the amount of support given, and the reason for the support. To be submitted at the conclusion of our activity.

17 Executive Summary The summary should include the total analysis of your evaluations. It can be use a needs Assessment tool and is to be submitted at the conclusion of the activity.

18 CME Reminders Use the Monthly check-off list to ensure compliance Use the Accreditation Statement on all promotional materials. Use current CME Forms only, they can be downloaded from our website. Final documentation due one month after the conclusion of the activity. Certificate/Transcript Fee - $20

19 Monthly Check-off list Attendance sheets Flyer or brochure Commercial support forms, if any Evaluation Speaker disclosures Handouts or information on topic presented

20 Thank You Thank you for viewing the CME Application workshop online ((rev08 ). For help in planning a CME activity, please view or request for our CME Activity Guide. Feel free to contact the OCME with any questions or concerns that you might have. Call us at (718) 270-2422 or send us an e- mail at

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