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RN to BS in Nursing Program University of LA at Monroe School of Nursing.

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1 RN to BS in Nursing Program University of LA at Monroe School of Nursing

2 RN Baccalaureate Degree Plan Graduates of NLNAC accredited & state-approved diploma and associate degree nursing programs RN with unencumbered license Employed Part-time and full-time options 32 credit hours must be earned at ULM

3 Nursing Curriculum Two segments: pre-nursing & professional nursing courses Application for professional nursing courses is completed when student is enrolled in Nurs220 Bridge course 2.0 GPA required pre-requisite courses Complete admission form, pay fees, and submit to SON Main Nursing Office

4 ULM Catalog & Calendar Catalog can be accessed via ULM Homepage, Academics, Provost Office, and Catalog Calendar can be accessed via ULM Homepage, Academics, Provost Office, look way down at the bottom and see the Calendar selection

5 Pre-Nursing Courses Needed English 101 Grammar & Composition English 102 Grammar & Composition Biology 114/116 Anatomy & Physiology I, A & P II 115/117, 228 Pathophysiology, 214/215 Microbiology Math 111 College Algebra & 116 Elementary Statistics

6 Pre-Nursing Courses Needed Chemistry 3 credit hours theory Sociology 101 Psychology 101 Introduction & 278 Growth and Development Fine Arts Elective 3 credit hours (1 course) Humanities Elective 9 credit hours (3 courses)

7 Transfer & Substitutions ULM follows the LA Board of Regents cross-walk for courses so courses from other state institutions may be transferred into the curriculum plan Out of state courses are reviewed and may be transferred if institution is SACs accredited & course description fits with ULM course description

8 Process for accepting courses Unofficial transcripts can be submitted to the School of Nursing for review Fax (318)342-1567 Electronically Mailed SON, 700 University Avenue, Monroe, LA 71209 Provide your contact information for return of information

9 Process: Where to begin Apply to ULM via web homepage Contact institution where you graduated with Associate or Diploma degree for an official transcript to be sent to ULM Admissions Send in unofficial transcript to School of Nursing

10 Continuing Admission Process Access the Online Degree Program GOLD web site from ULM Homepage Prepare documents necessary to be an online student: resume and verification of employment Submit your resume and completed employment verification form

11 Once Admitted to ULM Dialogue with advisor in the School of Nursing for what courses are accepted and what courses are to be taken Prepare a plan for several semesters since not all courses are offered every semester Prepare to spend 3 hours a week for every credit hour you are taking: i.e., a 3 credit hour course usually requires 9 hours of course work a week.

12 Registering for Courses & Text Registration for courses is done online via Arrow You must have completed the Online Degree GOLD Program process and the SON has to change your status from Pre- Nurs to NURE ULM Bookstore can be accessed via web and courses are listed with the text and other items needed for your courses.

13 Testing Out of Courses ULM offers test out for multiple pre-requisite courses Access this from ULM Homepage, Students, Resources & Office, Testing Center Review list of possibilities, policy, cost, etc. Let your advisor know you are testing out of a course and when you are successful

14 Admission to Professional Program Enrolled in Bridge semester courses: Nursing 204, 216, and 220 Application is accessible from ULM SON page under Forms for Students Applications are due by March 1 for Fall admit and October 1 for Spring admit Application and fee receipt due to SON office by due date

15 Requirements for Admission RN employed with an unencumbered license A minimum corrected, cumulative grade GPA of 2.0 in all pre-requisite courses All courses must have a C or better No entrance exam, interview, or papers

16 Professional Program Continuance in good standing as a RN and employed Every fall Community Health Nursing is taught: Nursing 472 & 473 Every spring Management Nursing is taught: Nursing 474 & 475 Nursing 430 Research is taken first semester of professional program Nursing 437 taken second semester of professional program Nursing Elective taken during summer or with one of the two professional semesters

17 Requirements of Courses Meet the specific requirements of course as stated in course syllabus Submit assignments and other course work as assigned Incompletes will only be considered in very extenuating circumstances that can be verified and substantiated Incompletes are the prerogative of the SON administration and faculty Incompletes are to be completed in the three weeks of the next semester. After 3 weeks, they are evaluated with completed course materials.

18 Graduation Requirements Application for degree is to be completed the semester before expected completion Option to purchase ULM SON pin information will be provided Option to participate in Composite photo and purchase such will be provided last semester of program Convocation Program is the Friday 3:00 p.m. the day before Commencement. Information to be provided with option to participate

19 Retention in the SON Professional Program Complete all courses with a grade of C or better Refer to the ULM catalog Retention n the Professional Nursing Program section for further details

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