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2 Agenda What is CPE? Why Do CPE Seminars? ADP CPE Offerings Lunch & Learn Videos ADP Live Seminars CPE Webinars Preparing and Delivering CPE Seminars ***One Source Access for all CPE Material***

3 What is CPE? Continuing Professional Education
CPAs are accountants who achieve special certified status by meeting advanced educational and professional standards CPAs must maintain this status each year by earning a set amount of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits CPE credit requirements vary from state to state. For requirements by state visit: ADP is a CPE accredited institution and offers FREE courses for your CPAs in flexible and convenient delivery formats

4 The National Board of Accountancy requires 120 Credit Hours every 3 years. Each state specifies requirements within those credits. Check out your state’s requirements at

5 CPE Seminars Are Win/Win Opportunities for Your CPAs & for You!
Why Do CPE Seminars? CPE Seminars Are Win/Win Opportunities for Your CPAs & for You! CPAs WIN: You WIN: On average CPAs must earn 40 CPE credits/yr. ADP offers CPE credits for FREE! * Significant cost savings to the firm. ADP makes this program convenient by coming on site to the firm location. ADP offers a wide variety of topics to choose from Seminars can expand your presence in a firm providing you access to the staff Increases your credibility and trust with your CPAs Provides an opportunity to facilitate conversations that can generate referrals CPE Seminars are a proven best practice among top CPA reps

6 Let’s look at how to leverage ADP’s CPE offerings to bring value to your accountants, build strong relationships, and gain referrals.

7 SmartPros Third-party expertise
ADP CPE Offerings SmartPros Third-party expertise 25 Lunch and Learn Video Courses: 2 CPE credits each These 25 courses are considered self-study credits: this means that while the video, PPT and workbook materials are presented live by you, the CPAs must print their own CPE Certificates after taking a 10-question online posttest via the accountant portal Note: Some states have credit limits for self-study, ie. NJ allows for only 1 credit for each topic. CPAs should know their state requirements, or you can direct them to for details. ADP Group Live In-house expertise 13 course topics available, awards group-live credits for your CPAs Presented by you or an ADP business partner expert Number of CPE credits determined by training duration 50 minute presentation = 1 CPE credit (courses range from 1 to 2.5 credits)

8 ADP CPE Offerings CPE Webinars
Periodically ADP offers FREE CPE webinars providing relevant and timely topics based on an ever changing tax and accounting environment. You simply invite your CPAs to attend. They register in advance of the course by accessing the website you provide.

9 Introducing NEW One Stop Shop for CPE
Access everything you need to facilitate a CPE Program at your fingertips!

10 How do I deliver CPE? SmartPros Interactive Videos

11 Download SmartPros Materials
Option 1: All regions have flash drives containing all of the videos and handout reference materials Option 2: Access materials at Note – high speed internet access would be required to run the videos from the site directly.

12 SmartPros: Self Study Video Seminars
Planning your SmartPros Seminar: Flash drives are sent to regions with instructions on loading courses to laptops.  Once loaded, a new icon appears on desktop: Lunch & Learn CPE Library *Note: old course versions must first be uninstalled and old course materials discarded Main menu screen provides access to everything you need, from planning to delivering your presentation Let’s take a look…

13 SmartPros: Self Study Video Seminars
Planning your SmartPros Seminar: Program Overview Documents (these 4 docs apply to all courses) Program Checklist A step by step list of everything you need to do to prepare & present any SmartPros course Program FAQ Sheet Master Catalog Outline of all available SmartPros courses Accountant CPE Card Instructions for CPA to register after the presentation and their receive self study

14 SmartPros: Self Study Video Seminars
Planning your SmartPros Seminar: List of Course Topics Video Actual course videos 7 courses have an option for you to present the course live with PPT Materials All course specific presentation materials including handouts, speaker notes etc.

15 SmartPros: Self Study Video Seminars
SmartPros Video You don’t have to be an expert to provide value. This format allows non-experts to present technical topics to CPAs. Series of current technical and management topics designed to help CPAs grow and manage their practice Great to present over breakfast or lunch After showing the video, you provide CPAs with Program Reference Material including directions to log on to ( to take a 10-question posttest, and print their certificates of completion

16 CPE Presentation Flow Introduction ~ Review of Agenda Show Video or Review PowerPoint Review Discussion Questions Review Reference Material & CPE Card Complete Course Take the quiz & print certificate

17 How do I deliver CPE? Group Live

18 Download ADP Live Seminar Materials

19 ADP Live Seminars Create your event and within 48 hours receive back your customized package. All materials will have a unique event code that the CPAs will need to download their certificate after the seminar.

20 ADP Live Seminar Materials
Detailed Instructions Customized Invitation

21 ADP Live Seminar Materials
Sign in Sheet After event Sign in Sheet is ed to or faxed to (866)

22 ADP Live Seminar Materials
Thank You with Instructions to Download CPE Certificate

23 ADP Live Seminar Materials
PowerPoint Slides with Presentation and Speaker Notes

24 Group Live OFFERINGS 13 Seminars: SBS and Beyond Payroll Mix
ADP Group Live Courses Group Live OFFERINGS 13 Seminars: SBS and Beyond Payroll Mix SBS facilitated by SBS Sales Associate Intro to Selling Skills credits Managing and Motivating Generation Y 2 credits Understanding Body Language 2 credits Payroll credits State Unemployment Insurance: The Only Controllable Employer Tax 1 credit Retirement Services facilitated by ADP Retirement Services expert Retirement Plans for Today’s Small Businesses credits Retirement Plans for Today’s Small Businesses; The 401(k) Roth Option 2 credits Major Accounts facilitated by ADP Major Accounts Associate From Personnel Manager to Chief Human Capital Officer: The Transition to Strategic HR 1 credit Thriving in This Economy 1 credit TotalSource facilitated by ADP TS Associate Professional Employer Organization Overview credit Candidate Screening 1 credit Employment Law Basics 1 credit Workers Comp facilitated by ADP Insurance Services Expert Workers’ Compensation Insurance 1 credit

25 What’s New and Improved?
Delivering CPE to your Firms One source to get all of your materials Customized event materials Improves ADP’s compliance with CPE certification with better tracking Makes delivering CPE streamlined and efficient so you can concentrate on hosting a successful event to generate referrals from these seminars.


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