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Teaching a 4 Day Week The Bridge Alternative High School Nadine Clark Tara Richardson Colleen Deaven.

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1 Teaching a 4 Day Week The Bridge Alternative High School Nadine Clark Tara Richardson Colleen Deaven

2 What are your personal perceptions or experiences with a 4 day school week? Personal Perceptions

3 Cons "Special-Needs" and "At-Risk" students may have retention difficulties Athletic teams and extracurricular teams have one less day available to schedule games against schools on a 5-day a week schedule Parents are unable to supervise their kids activities/choices on the "off-day" The "Real World" is not run on 4 days a week, and students may develop patterns that impair "future success"/motivation Sources:;;; Many students have disclosed they are not productive during their weekends and that they will not be productive on that Friday either Students will have to learn at a much faster pace Lowered test scores, due to less time spent=less funding for that school One student stated, " It would be awesome, to have an extra day to play videogames and watch television."

4 Pros Dropout rate declines Student disciplinary referrals decrease Student and teacher attendance improves Significant savings in utility and fuel bills, substitute teacher pay, transportation costs, custodial pay, and building repairs School Days Missed, due to weather, can be made up on Fridays Students have more time available to volunteer at non-profit organizations and can earn elective credit Sources:;;;

5 Pros... Students have more time and flexibility available to work (they can earn work experience elective credit, while earning an income!) Students will have the opportunity to complete more online classes which will assist in credit recovery Fridays can be used for students/schools to build relationships with the community and allow more service learning opportunities Parents are able to schedule appointments for their kids that won't conflict with their school schedule Students can assist/mentor middle school/elementary students in programs such as robotics, art, and sporting events Sources:;;;

6 Why a 4 day week? Generate revenue for the district Increase credit recovery opportunities Increase time for planning and professional development for teachers

7 Strategic Planning 1.Implement a 4 day, Monday thru Thursday trimester calendar, while still maintaining the efficacy of the curriculum. 2.Grant time for staff to plan and participate in Professional Development. 3.Offer credit recovery, vocation, tutoring, and enrichment opportunities to students. 4.Continue behavior intervention techniques.

8 Waiver Michigan Department of Education Approval Process Includes a Cover Letter sent to MDE Alternative Education Consultant (Mike Barber) along with the following: o Waiver Application Review Form o Alternative Education and Innovative Program Assurances Form

9 New Program Monday - Thursday (7:30am-2:30pm) o Trimester calendar continued from 2012-2013 New Attendance Policy o 5 unexcused and 3 excused absences (2012/2013 school year 8 unexcused and 5 excused absences) *Enrichment Fridays* (10:30am-2:30pm) o Students must attend at least 1 Friday per month. o Students sign-up for an AM and PM session o Staff meeting every Friday 7:30am-9:30am o IEP/504 meetings every Friday 9:30am - 10:30am

10 Enrichment Friday Structure Academic Support available to students o Math Lab (10:30am - 2:30pm) o PLATO Online Learning (10:30am - 2:30pm) o Science Club (10:30am-11:30am) o Science Lab (12:30pm - 2:30pm) o Art Club (10:30am-11:30am) o Art Drop In Clinic (12:30pm - 2:30pm) o Music Appreciation (1:00pm - 2:00pm) o English Tutoring (10:30am-11:30am) o Writing Center (12:30pm - 2:30pm) o Off campus lunch (12:00pm-12:30pm)

11 Bob Ross Day Art Club

12 Enrichment Friday Structure Additional activities and resources o Field Trips Gleaners Renaissance Festival Holocaust Museum Detroit Institute of Art Dearborn Truck River Rouge Plant Movie related to subject matter o Service Learning and Work Experience Credit o Career and Post-Secondary Education Planning o ACT/MME Test Preparation

13 Field Trip Fun

14 Enrichment Friday Snapshot Consistently 35% attendance each Friday Math and Science support had the highest attendance each week Advanced Art students attended regularly 20% of students taking the MME utilized the test prep workshops Sept 76.5% 2 Fridays Oct 65.0% 4 Fridays Nov 56.5% 4 Fridays Dec 29.4% 2 Fridays Jan 8.9% 2 Fridays Feb 70.5% 4 Fridays Mar 19.0% 1 Friday April 43.5% 2 Fridays

15 Enrichment Friday Adaptations Friday Enrichment Goal Sheet Students could stay for just the morning or afternoon session instead of the entire day. 5 Enrichment Fridays changed to regular school days to make-up snow days. Regular Fridays staff provided breakfast and lunch to students.

16 I feel that Enrichment Fridays.... Is a good thing. Some people need extra time and help. These extra days have allowed us to make-up all the snow days. Are fantastic and help students that struggle get more one-on- one assistance. Students can easily catch up on Friday if they missed a day that week. I come to do work I missed and work on my personal portfolio. I love being able to increase my number of hours at work. I come in on Fridays to make sure I dont have any missing work to keep my grades up. The Friday enrichment program is nifty. Its great to have the opportunity to make up work and go on field trips.

17 Teacher Feedback How have the students in your classes utilized Enrichment Fridays? "Motivated students looking for more help have used these Fridays." Art Teacher "Students use this extra time to complete assignments and make-up work if they were absent during the week." Chemistry teacher "A majority of the students in my classes use enrichment Fridays to complete missing work. However, a large percentage of students use Fridays to re-take test/test concepts that they may have struggled with the first time around and feel that they can demonstrate better understanding a second time around." Math teacher

18 Teacher Feedback For those students who have attended, have their grades and level of understanding in your classes improved? " The students who have attended have positively improved their grade by completing any missing work and using the time to clarify any questions they may have." Civics teacher "Comprehension and level of skill has been positively affected." Art teacher "The level of understanding has improved for... students who participate are earning better grades than they did before this program was implemented." Chemistry teacher "Student math grades have definitely improved. 2012-2013: 2013/2014: A's: 14% A's: 27% B's: 35% B's: 28% C's: 32% C's: 29% D's: 7% D's: 13% E's: 12% E's: 3%

19 Teacher Planning and PD Weekly staff meetings Guest speakers o Assessment Literacy Training o Police Liaison o Multisystemic Therapy (MSTI) o Reaching Higher founder Susie Dolman o School Improvement Technology Presentation o Whiteboard Presentation - Director of Special Education in Brighton Area Schools Reading Apprenticeship Training Thematic unit planning o Binder Days

20 Year in Review Enrichment Fridays are a Success!! Out of district enrollment increased o Fall 2012 - 2 out of district students o Fall 2013 - 18 out of district students Increase in daily attendance Increase in student work productivity Significant grade improvement Increased opportunity for staff Professional Development and team building

21 I feel the 4 day week.... "Allow students time for their jobs." "Sometimes the 5-day a week schedule can become stressful and overwhelming. Although you must learn the same material in less time, it helps in my mental health and my grades have gone up. I am now earning all A's." "Having a 4-day school week is less stressful." I think it allows impoverished students to save gas money only going to school 4 days a week.

22 Teacher Feedback about 4 Day Week "We are able to offer field trips, science labs, make-up times, art programs, clubs, etc...that students seem to be benefiting from. I think the positives outweigh the negatives." Civics teacher "The created Friday Enrichment Goal Sheet has been a good tool to keep students on task and do their work." Office manager "Students that have taken advantage of Enrichment Fridays have shown an increase in self-motivation. There has been more individual ownership of grades. I have seen some students put in greater effort over the 1st four days of the week knowing that they will have Friday off if they have no missing work." Math teacher "Staff communication has improved a lot. We have an opportunity to problem-solve and get feedback/ideas on helping students achieve, and opportunity for more PD time." Art teacher "Attendance has improved during the week. It seems students can handle 4 days better." Chemistry teacher

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