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Wednesday January 15th, 2014. 1.Credit Union Participation 2.IIA Stats 3.Partner Updates – TurboTax – GM – Credit Union Auto Club – Sprint – ADT 4.Program.

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1 Wednesday January 15th, 2014

2 1.Credit Union Participation 2.IIA Stats 3.Partner Updates – TurboTax – GM – Credit Union Auto Club – Sprint – ADT 4.Program Updates – Client Services – Partner Center 5.Wrap-Up and Questions 2

3 Check on the status of your credit unions with the League Reports at: Credit Unions Program Support Continues to Grow! IIA Participation20112012Through 12/31/13 IIA Overall3,3143,4003,634 Auto2,6172,7722,848 Sprint1,5601,8061,787 ShopAmerica/Member Rewards2,5472,6022,617 TurboTax (2011 TY)9551,1421,343 Credit Union Auto ClubN/A 260 Over 3,500 credit unions support one or more IIA programs! 3

4 Check on the status of your credit unions with the League Reports at: Credit Unions Sales (thru 12-31) Member Savings (thru 12-31) Total Sales3,431,723Total Savings> $807 million Sprint Activations1,179,790Sprint Savings> $344 million Auto Sales605,963Auto Savings> $454 million Turbo Tax Returns1,645,970TurboTax Savings> $8.6 million Credit Union Auto Loans (thru 12-13) Auto Loans Funded310,608Auto Loan Value> $6.8 billion 4

5 5

6 6

7 TY13 Program Tax season is in full swing CUSG client managers and client support staff are assisting credit unions with fulfilling marketing requirements Promoter level marketing requirements – Post TurboTax banner on the CU website home page by 1/12 – Post TurboTax banner on Online Banking pages by 1/12 – Send dedicated email to members in early January and early April It is imperative that enrolled credit unions post the TurboTax banners and market the program to their members in early January 7

8 Early Marketing Is Key To Success 8 70% of TurboTax online returns are started by February 10 th Early, persistent, and consistent marketing is key with greater emphasis in peak periods

9 2013 Marketing Strategy The focus for TY13 is growing member awareness of the TurboTax credit union member discount – 1,344 credit unions are enrolled in the TurboTax program 165 new credit unions enrolled for TY13 Credit union members used 197,394 units in TY12 The goal for TY13 is to increase the number of units used by members to 246,743, an increase of 25% The enrolled credit unions represent 41,941,895 members 246,743 is.59% of the members at the enrolled credit unions 9

10 Call To Action Need League assistance to connect to all enrolled credit unions to encourage and support more marketing and communication of the program to members TY13 the incentive to Leagues has been enhanced to 20% of sales from all enrolled credit unions in your state – Previously Leagues earned 20% of sales from only new CUs enrolled in the program 10

11 11

12 IIA Impact – November 2013 PROGRAM 2012 CYTD SALES % OF GM RETAIL 2013 CYTD SALES % OF GM RETAIL Credit Union Launched 1/09 53,9153.1%63,5933.3% Credit Union 83.6% Conquest Top Sellers 12

13 Program Highlights December 2013 best GM IIA sales month since August 2011 – up 78% 2014 U.S. industry forecast 16 million + Enhanced Bigger, Better, Simpler program launched in October More loans written by credit unions! 13

14 Enhanced Program 14

15 Real Time Contacts Credit unions need to provide accurate contact information to fully leverage instant loan leads. 15

16 Loan Link Credit unions can now easily provide their loan link to IIA! –Provides easy access to your loan app or loan page –Drive more auto loans to your credit union –Use your scorecard to provide your loan link 16

17 2014 Focus – GM Premium 2013 Premium Highlights 80 New Premium credit union enrollments since launch! 41% increase in year over year GM sales since loan lead launch! Premium CUs sales as a percent of members was 15% better than Standard CUs Focus will be signing up or upgrading credit unions to the GM Premium Level Standard level will no longer be offered Premium Benefits Credit unions receive instant email notification of their in-market member Other benefits include custom marketing materials and GM Employee Pricing for credit union employees that own a non-GM make League support needed Enroll or upgrade credit unions to premium Ensure credit unions are marketing the program per their agreement 17

18 18

19 Promotional Opportunity IIA has made auto loan promotions easier for credit unions with Credit Union Auto Club, to help: – Drive Auto Loans – Welcome New Members – Reward Employees Through a specially built portal, credit unions can purchase up to 100 Credit Union Auto Club memberships, in one transaction, at a savings of $10 off the member price Plus, the credit union and your league will still earn marketing reimbursements with each membership purchase Four credit unions enrolled over 150 members using Auto Club as a loan incentive League support needed Enroll credit unions to participate Ensure credit unions are marketing the program per their agreement 19

20 Credit Union Auto Club Promo Pricing Buying your promotional memberships is an easy five step process: Log into the Invest in America Partner CenterPartner Center Click on Credit Union Marketing MaterialsCredit Union Marketing Materials Click on Credit Union Auto Club Marketing Materials Go to the Credit Union Auto Club Promotional Membership Enrollment portal Enter each member's information, up to 100 at a time, and pay by credit or debit card As credit unions plan their next promotion or 2014 marketing plan, make sure they include Credit Union Auto Club discounted memberships to help drive interest. Member Price – Individual Member Price - Individual + 1 Member Price – Family Up to 4 Member Price – Family Up to 5 Member Price – Family Up to 6 Member Price$47$58$69$80$91 Credit Union Promotional Price$37$48$59$70$81 Credit Union Marketing Reimbursement$5$6$7$8$9 20

21 Enhanced Portal Access 21

22 Promotional Enrollment Portal 22

23 Sales Kit Flyers General FlyerPromotional Enrollment Flyer 23

24 Peninsula Best Practice 24 Fall Newsletter

25 Money One Best Practice 25

26 26

27 2013 – 2014 Contract Year 1,909 Credit Unions 81% (1,541) are currently considered Active 19% (368) are currently considered Inactive 27 Contract Year = October 1 of each year through September 30 of the following year. ACH Sprint Marketing Incentive Payments Nearly all league/LSC payments are made via ACH. If your organization is not yet signed up to receive the Sprint marketing incentive via ACH, please contact Lisa Treat. Moving toward credit union ACH payments. Begin with credit unions with largest check amounts.

28 28 Credit Union Minimum Marketing Requirements Promote Sprint service exclusively Include a quarterly statement insert at least once per Contract Year Continuously display Sprint lobby materials Publish approved newsletter articles at least two (2) times per Contract Year Display approved Sprint banner and link on credit union website Smaller Sprint Incentive Check? Incentives are generated from overall member usage. Currently, there are more credit unions participating (more incentive checks to distribute), participating credit unions are not reaching members as often and fewer members are signing up on a monthly basis. These facts coupled with the effects of verification, make it essential to ensure that credit unions are fulfilling all the minimum marketing requirements. CUSG Audits Web Ad & Link Newsletters Articles Proof of newsletter articles can be viewed in multiple ways: Web posting (link), email, fax or mail. The reason we send monthly reports to the leagues/LSCs is to give you the opportunity to communicate the information with your credit unions and update our team as needed.

29 Current Verification Numbers From January program numbers, overall verification remains at 57% (as of October 2013). 33% of new customers validated in October 2013, while those revalidating (already on the program) are validating at 11% in October 2013. Of all customers that attempt to validate under the program, 97% are successful as of October 2013. Invest in America App Usage Launched December 7, 2012 Downloads : 56,743 Apple: 29,426 Android: 46,145 App Verification Submissions: 75,571 29

30 30 For members paying their Sprint monthly bill through Sprints AutoPay option from their credit union checking account or credit union debit/credit card, verification is as easy as it gets. 1.Members sign up for Sprints AutoPay online using their credit union account (checking, credit card or debit card). 2.Sprint pulls the R&T and credit/debit card BIN numbers monthly and verifies credit union membership for all accounts being paid through Sprints AutoPay from a credit union account via the above methods. 3.These members are validated monthly each time the report is pulled and members verified through this process have no need to go through any other verification process. CU Solutions Group and Sprint are investigating the possibilities of expanding the automatic payment verification option when automatic payment is set up through the credit union online banking or for members who make payments using a credit union credit or debit card.

31 Verification is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. There are three additional ways to verify credit union membership: 1. Visit from a mobile Members need to black out all confidential information on their documentation prior to faxing. 2. Free Invest in America app for Android and/or iPhone iPhone users can find it at the Apple App Store. Android users can find the app in the Android Market. Members just need to search for Invest in America. Members will be prompted to black out all confidential information within the app right on their phone. This app also lists all other Invest in America discounts. 3. Fill out and fax the Sprint verification form and supporting documents to Sprint Corporate Accounts: 913.523.1987 or toll free: 877.687.8211 Members need to black out all confidential information on their documentation prior to faxing. 31

32 Sprint continues to offer a number of promotions. New promotions will be announced January 24, 2014. Please visit LMCU for all of the most up-to-date information. 32

33 33

34 ADT – Credit Union Member Offer ADT – Credit Union Member Offer The newest product in the IIA program ADT is Americas #1 home security provider Credit union member offer includes –Free ADT monitored home security systems ($850 value) Exclusive bonus offer (additional $425 value) The pilot program was launched in Michigan in November 5 Michigan credit unions have enrolled in the program Digital Key Pad Key Chain Remote High-Decibel Alarm Up to 3 entryway contacts Pet Sensitive Motion Detector Backup Battery 34

35 Microsite Exclusive Credit Union Member Bonus - $425 Value! GLASS BREAK MONITOR 3 35

36 Value Value for Everyone! $425 in savings! Members $50 Per Installation Marketing reimbursement Credit Union $50 Per Installation Marketing reimbursement League 36


38 For assistance, please contact Client Service: 866.348.2887 38 Whats the best way to renew for Sprint? -The best way to renew for Sprint is online through the Partner Center at -If you prefer to fax a renewal form, please fax forms individually to 800.341.9160 Where do I find the link to my TurboTax microsite? -The link can be located in the Marketing Materials section within the Partner Center -Click on Web Banners for TurboTax and you will find the TurboTax Link URL What programs am I signed up for? -In the Partner Center, the Credit Union should click on View Your Scorecard to see in which programs they are enrolled. CREDIT UNION Frequently Asked Questions


40 Partner Center Update 40 Latest Updates: –Sprint Online Renewal –TurboTax Online Enrollment and Promoter Upgrade –Online Marketing Material ordering for GM and Credit Union Auto Club Partner Center Redesign: –Easier to Navigate –More User Friendly –Planned release in 2014 –Partner Center recommendations can be emailed to

41 MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 41 Upcoming League Update Meetings Wednesday April 16 th 2014 Wednesday July 16 th 2014 Wednesday October 15 th 2014


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