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What is this piece of paper in front of me? Understanding your transcripts.

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1 What is this piece of paper in front of me? Understanding your transcripts

2 Your transcript is an official record of ALL courses you have taken thus far in high school. It is an important document that will go to colleges and employers. It is EXTREMELY important that your transcript is correct. For the next few minutes, we will review your transcript. What is a transcript?

3 Look first at the top of the transcript and be sure that your address and student number are correct. If you need to make corrections, please email them to your counselor.

4 To the far right at the top of the transcript, you will see your weighted and unweighted GPA listed. These will be updated every January and every May. The weighted GPA includes points for honors and AP classes and the unweighted GPA is based on the exact grades that you made in your courses.

5 Your courses are listed in order of subjects. In the first category, you will see all of the English classes you have taken thus far. For first time freshmen, there should only be one course. For most 12 th graders, there will be 4 courses listed under English. The first column beside the course is the semester that you took the course.

6 The second column is the grade that you made in the class, the third column indicates whether or not there was weight added and the final column is the amount of credit you earned for the class. For each passed class, you should have earned.5 credit. If you passed the class, but did not earn credit, you may have missed 7 or more days during the semester. You should apply for an attendance contract if you are missing credits.

7 How many total credits can you earn each semester? How many credits do you need to graduate?

8 You should earn at least 3 credits each semester and 6 each year. If you take courses through credit connect, online or at Night School, you can earn more than 3. You must have at least 23 credits to graduate.

9 How is my GPA calculated??? There are 2 types of GPA, a numerical GPA and a point system GPA. Cherokee County uses a numerical GPA and the weighted numerical GPA is used to calculate your rank in your graduating class.

10 The numerical GPA Your numerical GPA is easy to determine. Simply add all of your grades and divide by the total number of grades to see how it was calculated.

11 HOPE GPA Electives are not included in the HOPE GPA unless they are academic electives, such a current issues, sociology, public speaking, and a few others. Most colleges use the same method as HOPE when calculating your GPA. If you have an 88 in a class, you should try hard to push for 2 additional points so you will have an A!! Then you will earn 4 points instead of only 3!

12 How do I calculate my HOPE GPA?? The HOPE program uses a point system GPA. Every grade is converted to a 4,3,2,1 or zero Lets assume that you made the following grades: English95A4 points Math83B3 points Science70D 1 point S. Studies78C2 points For Lang64F0 points o The State of Georgia calculates every students final Hope GPA.

13 HOPE GPA To calculate the GPA for these grades, add the total points and divide by 5 (the number of academic courses you are including. 95A4 83B3 70D1 78C2 64F0 The total number of points is 10 divided by 5 = 2. This students HOPE GPA is a 2.0

14 Each year, all of the grades for all of your academic courses are included in determining your HOPE GPA. Take a minute now using your transcript and calculate your own HOPE GPA to see where you stand.

15 Remember ALL of your grades are included on your transcript!!! If you fail a class and make it up, earning an A the second time, the F will still be on your transcript. Try to do your best at all times. This record is a reflection of your effort and self- discipline! Make it one you are PROUD OF!!!!!!

16 What can I do if I need credits?

17 Credit Connect The Cherokee High School Credit Connect Program utilizes Apex Online Learning for credit recovery. This can be used for credit recovery if a student has failed a semester or entire year of a course.

18 Sample Courses 9 th Grade Lit.Math 1, 2, 3World Geography 10 th Grade Lit.Math Money Management World History American Lit.Math of FinancePsychology British Lit.Physical ScienceAmerican History Creative WritingBiologyGovernment Writers WorkshopChemistryEconomics Reading EnrichmentEarth SystemsPersonal Fitness GPS AlgebraArt HistoryHealth GPS GeometrySpanish 1 & 2Ethnic Studies GPS Pre-calculusFrench 1 & 2Personal Fitness Music Appreciation

19 What do I do if… My transcript is incorrect? I want to register for credit connect?

20 Meet or E-mail your counselor!! CounselorStudentsE-Mail Tracy Tuck Students Sonia Murillo Students Es- Led Gayle Cuomo Students Lee- Rod Karen Holton Students Rog-Z

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