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Suzanne Franco, Ed.D and Nimisha Patel, Ph.D CREATE Conference: October, 2010.

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1 Suzanne Franco, Ed.D and Nimisha Patel, Ph.D CREATE Conference: October, 2010

2 Research Agenda Examined the influence of a summer online credit recovery system on future matriculation

3 Literature Review High school dropout Dropout prevention programs Credit recovery

4 Methods Participants Freshman year completers 27 students Measures Credits earned Credits recovered GPA Procedures Credit recovery opportunities Credit recovery course development

5 Results



8 Discussion Options for maintaining class status Fostering matriculation Relationship between nominations and self- confidence Autonomous structure of online credit recovery

9 Future Research Continue to track summer 09 cohort Implement qualitative research involving participants and instructors in the program. Determine the population of students who do not attend any type of credit recovery program (traditional summer school or credit recovery program)

10 References Blomeyer, R. (2002). Virtual schools and e-learning in K-12 environments: Emerging policy and practice (Policy Issues 11). Naperville, IL: NCREL. Cavanaugh, C. S. (1999). The effectiveness of interactive distance education technologies in K-12 learning: A meta- analysis. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 7(1), 73-88. Cavanaugh, C., Gillan, K., Kromrey, J., Hess, M., & Blomeyer, R. (2004). The effects of distance education on K-12 student outcomes: A meta-analysis. Naperville, IL: NCREL. Davis, N. E., & Roblyer, M. D. (2005). Preparing teachers for the school that technology built: Evaluation of a program to train teachers for virtual schooling. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 37(4), 399-409. Dessoff, A. (2009). Reaching graduation with credit recovery. District Administration, 45(9) 43-48. Ezarik, M. (2003). The road not traveled. District Administration, 39(10), 34-38. Greene, J. P., & Hall, J. C. (n.d.). High school graduation rates in Ohio. Center for Liberty in Learning, The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, Columbus, OH. Retrieved from Harlow, C. (2003). Education and correctional populations. Bureau of justice statistics special report (Report No. NCJ- 195670). U.S. Department of Justice, Washington DC. Retrieved from the ERIC database. (ED477377) Laird, J., DeBell, M., & Chapman, C. (2006). Dropout rates in the United States: 2004 (NCES 2007-024). National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC:. Retrieved from National Education Association. (2002). Guide to online high school courses. Washington, DC.

11 References

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