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(Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math)

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2 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math)
STEAM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math)

3 The Mission The mission of STEAM Academy is to prepare students to be globally competitive in science, engineering, agriculture, and math through a technology driven, culturally diverse, collaborative endeavor.

4 STEAM opened August 26th of the 2013- 2014 school year.
STEAM is a collaborative venture between BCPS, NCSD, NCSSM, and WPCC. STEAM is located in Jeter Hall on the campus of the North Carolina School for the Deaf.



7 BCPS will provide Project Lead the Way courses as well as CTE courses.
North Carolina School of Science and Math will provide advanced science and math courses. WPCC will provide college courses (both college transfer and technical courses) allowing students to earn both high school and college credit.



10 Students may take up to four courses at STEAM Academy.
Students must provide their own transportation to STEAM. Core courses will still be taken at the student’s home high school. STEAM will offer flexible scheduling to accommodate student travel.


12 Advanced Placement credit courses
College credit courses (recorded on both the college and the high school transcript) Honors credit courses Regular credit courses

13 Project Lead the Way (PLTW) will have traditional seated classrooms with hands- on, project-driven, and collaborative learning supported by state-of-the art technology. Please check out the website for Project Lead the Way!

14 Scheduling—CTE, PLTW (First Semester)
Period Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Courses First Period Digital Media ** (BCPS CTE course) (Honors credit) Second Period PLTW Principles of Engineering (AP credit) Fourth Period PLTW Principles of Engineering (AP credit)



17 Please check out the college courses at WPCC!
Hybrid Classrooms including both seated and virtual instruction through Western Piedmont Community College Please check out the college courses at WPCC! Special Note: Students must pay a semester student fee (less than $20) and pay for their textbooks for college courses.

18 Scheduling--WPCC (First Semester)
Western Piedmont Community College Transfer Honors Courses Western Piedmont Community College Career Pathway Courses WPCC ENG 111/HIS 111 (Honors Credit) WPCC ASL 111/ASL 181 (Honors Credit) WPCC BIO 111 (Honors Credit) WPCC BPR 111/BPR 121 (Regular Credit) WPCC AGR 111/AGR 121 (Regular Credit)

19 Please check out the IVC courses at NCSSM!
Interactive Video Conferencing Courses provided by the North Carolina School of Science and Math Please check out the IVC courses at NCSSM!

20 Scheduling--NCSSM (IVC) (First Semester)
Period IVC (Interactive Video Conference) Courses—provided by North Carolina School of Science and Math First Period NCSSM Honors Aerospace and Engineering (Honors Credit) Second Period NCSSM Honors Forensic Science: Anthropology (Honors Credit) Third Period NCSSM Honors Forensic Science (Honors Credit) Fourth Period NCSSM Honors Genetics & Biotechnology (Honors Credit)



23 What is IVC? Two-way video and audio communication between the STEAM Academy IVC classroom and NCSSM Video displays along with high definition cameras, audio devices, and presentation equipment provide a successful learning environment in which students can interact with the instructor


25 What is IVC? Students participating in IVC have a unique opportunity because they develop stronger speaking, listening, and presentation skills. Students also have unique opportunities to connect with global resources as well as participate in international projects by communicating over a high-tech medium.


27 Special Features STEAM’s commons area is being designed by BCPS Interior Design students. The school name and school logo will be selected by students. Course offerings will evolve with student demand. Students will maintain their home school status for sports, band, clubs, and other activities.

28 Want to Apply? Application process
Talk with your parents, counselors, and teachers. If this is a good choice for you, please go to the STEAM Academy link on the BCPS homepage, and download the application. Complete the entire application (3 parts): Demographic page Contract Three Teacher Recommendations Submit the application to your guidance counselor.

29 Contact Information Your Counselor, Your Principal at your home school Web site: Academy.aspx Mrs. Rexanna Lowman, Secondary Education Director; Phone: Mr. Jonathan Clontz, Principal STEAM Academy; Phone: Dr. Debbie Kincaid, Assistant Director of Student Information and Data Management; Phone:

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