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MUBADRA Collection Solutions. Forceful commercial collection demands are sometime necessary. In these situations, using verbal demands from highly skilled.

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1 MUBADRA Collection Solutions

2 Forceful commercial collection demands are sometime necessary. In these situations, using verbal demands from highly skilled commercial collection agencies, can motivate difficult business debtors to pay you what you are owed. The best time to hire a collection agency is yesterday! So if you adopt the start early, recover more mentality - you will always recover more of your accounts receivable. There are reputable collection agencies that specialize in early intervention to assure that you are maximizing your collections and not leaving money on the table. Another benefit of using a collection agency earlier is that you save a lot of your time and resources on chasing after people or businesses who have no intention of paying you. Don't let Accounts Receivable Depreciation eat up the money you have earned! Need of Credit collection agency ?

3 Welcome To MCC When your business suffers an obstacle or is flourishing, it is always of the essence to better manage cash flow. MCC helps you manage your credit so that your financing capacity can compensate your needs.

4 Location MUBADRA Credit Collections (MCC) 506, Index tower Buhaira Corniche, Sharjah – PB no 82616 Tel : +971 6 554 66 55 Web :

5 Increased cash flow Cost effective Time saving Competitive collection charges Nationwide service Fast payment Counselling – Movement of money into the business – Economically, the goods or services received for the money spent – Serving to save time through an efficient method or a shorter route – Best price in the market for the services rendered – Rendering services locally and throughout the nation – Once Debtors are aware that a third party is involved in collections, the chances for repayment is more – We offer free counselling for debtors and creditors for more support Start Early, Recover More

6 Collection Process Collection Officers 1. Contactable Successful 2. Non-Contactable Skip tracing Field visit Successful Collection Full settlement Release letter Un-Successful Field manager Return to client

7 Collection process Tele Callers Field Representative Processing Team Field Manager System Administrator

8 Import leads Maintains database Meet the need of the users Troubleshoot, train / supervise Technical support Upgrade computer components and software A system administrator, or sysadmin, is a person who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers. The system administrator seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources and security of the computers he or she manages meet the needs of the users.

9 A telecaller keeps in close touch with customers by making frequent telephone calls to customers, reminding them of products, good and services. They are capable of negotiating and collecting the pending dues using various telephonic skills Tele Callers Call scripting Payment tracker Settlement tracker Activity management Automated lead assignment rules

10 An individual employee working away from the head or home office in the territory served by his company An agent working on behalf of a company who visits debtors to trace, set up in collecting payments and perform other tasks. Field Representative Receive daily jobs Capture payment Update against lead

11 Processing Team provides a defined operational process framework that is designed to help teams of managers and engineers organize projects. They will be engaged in dealing with the credits and debits to be adjusted in the respective accounts. Processing Team Process the information

12 A field manager, also referred to as a field services manager, is a professional who oversees and evaluates employees who travel to customer sites. These professionals typically oversee a group of employees in a specific territory to ensure they are accomplishing their daily responsibilities. Field Manager Track the sales rep real time Location & assign leads to collected Keep track on travel expenses

13 Client Information Delinquent Accounts Data from Client 1. Mail 2. Facsimile 3. E-mail 4. Website

14 Upon receipt, an acknowledgment is sent to clients office on the date received verifying our acceptance and the balance owed. A demand letter is dispatched immediately to the debtor business advising that MCC is involved in collection and demanding full and immediate payment. This places the debtor business on notice that our client will no longer accept excuses and delays for payment and that you have authorized MCC to take appropriate collection action. A professional collector is assigned to the account and telephone contact is initiated.

15 Our collectors are experienced professionals trained to handle all types of commercial accounts with the expertise in locating, making contact with responsible parties, applying pressure to prompt payment, while keeping our clients good name. MCC has local and national skip tracing resources for locating and investigating companies. You can now take the time and energy spent on collection of accounts and focus on areas of your business that are more productive.

16 Our Information Management Executive monitors/reviews a departmental data and information management strategy, including data protection, information audit, data consistency and a record management policy He / She will be able to provide the monthly / weekly reports for the clients as routine or upon request Credit Risk Unit in-charge will be able to solve the queries of the debtor and will be helping our clients to get back their debts soon Staying informed about the legal, compliance and market-risk- related issues involved in the approval of credit Business Strategy Executive plans the works and will be able to co-op up with the clients and debtors for clarifications if there is any Departmental Functions in MCC

17 Litigation Litigation means To engage in legal proceedings The conduct of a lawsuit is called litigation. Litigation involves a series of steps that may lead to a court trial and ultimately a resolution of the matter MCC has developed national affiliations with several Law firms specializing in debt recovery litigation, we take advantage of these relationships to ensure the most appropriate lawyer will handle the specific matter by professional manner. If your debtor fails to respond to MCC's demand for payment and it is economical to do so, we will recommend and advise the most appropriate course of legal action. We improve our clients' bottom line through customization, working closely with them to identify and implement solutions that yield quality results. We always require an authorization from you to have a legal action on particular account.

18 MCC will keep you informed of our progress with monthly inventory reports and interim narrative updates. You can contact our office anytime during business hours for a verbal or written update on any accounts placed with our office. All payments received at our office from your accounts will be reported to you daily. If the payment is partial then MCC will adjust the account balance and continue efforts to collect the remaining balance owed. We require the debtors details including the supporting documents which favors the collection process Forwarding an account to MCC raises the priority for payment from your delinquent customer.

19 Thank you for your Business

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