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League/LSC IIA Update Wednesday, January 19, 2011.

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1 League/LSC IIA Update Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 2 Contents Top LSCs Credit Union Agreement Status Whats New –CMG/Liberty Mutual –IIA Value Proposition –New Credit Union Agreements –Sprint Exclusivity –Military Program Updates –Sprint/Best Buy Campaign –New Simplified DIRECTV Offer –CompleteTax/CUTS 2011 LSC Communication Schedule

3 3 Top LSCs January – December 2010 Auto SalesSprint Supporting Credit Unions Texas21,111Tennessee 61 Florida/Alabama8,584Pennsylvania 59 Pennsylvania5,963Illinois 56 California/Nevada5,741California/Nevada 54 New York4,985Missouri 35

4 4 Support Status Program Support Grows! 12/0912/10Increase12/0912/10Increase Big Ticket2,1252,40728246 - Sprint5421,205663283810 Member Rewards NA2,324 NA27 Check on the status of your credit unions with the League Reports at: 3rd Quarter Endorsing Credit Union and League checks will be mailed at the end of January Credit UnionsStates / Leagues

5 5 Whats New CMG/Liberty Mutual IIA partnered with CMG to provide Members Auto and Home insurance Insurance underwritten by Liberty Mutual, valid in 49 states (Excludes Alaska) Credit unions already partnered with CMG –Nothing changes, members simply have additional access point –Commissions on policies written thorough IIA will still earn the same commissions for Credit unions and Leagues Credit unions not partnered with CMG –Sign up to make insurance available to your members via IIA –Commissions will not be paid to credit unions that do not have a contract with CMG Provides a channel members prefer: 63% of insurance buyers look for internet access to quotes* Members receive a discount of up to 10% Generates additional not interest income for the credit union with no additional expense * To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify ***ComScore Auto Insurance Report, March, 2009 *** Discounts are not available in all states and discounts may vary by state. The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured or guaranteed by your credit union

6 6 IIA Value Proposition In 2011 IIA will focus its efforts to bring value to credit unions by supporting their core services –Grow and retain members & drive member loyalty with IIA an exclusive credit union member rewards program –Generate more auto loans with GM Preferred pricing –Grow credit/debit card transaction volume with ShopAmerica and more than 1,200 merchants –Generate non-interest income with Sprints wireless services When visiting with your credit unions and discussing IIA, please reinforce these values and benefits of supporting IIA

7 7 Whats New Credit Union IIA Agreements Agreements will be simplified to one level of support –Letters will be sent this month to participating credit unions who have agreement anniversaries in 1st quarter 2011. –Credit unions will be paid through the quarter of their anniversary date. Incentive dollars will be put back into national marketing efforts for more efficient use of funds

8 8 Whats New GM Loan Pre-Approval Developing loan pre-approval solutions for credit union members on GM credit union micro site Easily directs members via web link back to credit union for loan pre-approval –Increase loan volume –Demonstrates commitment from GM IIA to inform credit unions of opportunity –Communication to be sent in January –Solicit participation –Obtain and manage link information Find a Credit Union tab added below Find a Dealer GM Credit Union Micro Site

9 9 Whats New GM Military Focus Developing loan pre-approval solutions for active and reserve military personnel (excludes retirees) on GM Military site Credit unions with large military-based membership segments can have link from the GM Military Discount micro site to their loan approval system (Not exclusive to credit unions) IIA is seeking your help to identify potential CUs. Please e-mail list of CUs in your state to: –Please include: Credit union name and contact e-mail address Approximate percentage of membership in active or reserve service IIA to follow-up with CUs for link information Find a Credit Union tab added below Find a Dealer

10 10 Whats New New Sprint CU Agreement Necessary due to marketplace competition trying to duplicate the Sprint program –T-Mobil –Verizon To keep the Sprint program viable and share incentives fairly among credit unions, it is necessary to adjust the agreement to include two tiers of incentives: –Exclusive -100% –Non-exclusive - 50% All other marketing requirements remain intact CUs with agreements dated January 1, 2011 or later will receive a new agreement this month –Their original start date will not change Existing CUs as of December 31, 2010 will receive an addendum, in April, to take effect for the new contract year in October 2011

11 11 Updates Sprint/Best Buy Partnering with Best Buy in the Northeast region to provide 10% off on accessories to credit union members – in store only –CT, DE, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA & RI ValPac insert will reach over 7.3 million households –February - 6.9 million households –March – 440 thousand households If successful, a national program will be considered

12 12 Updates New DIRECTV Offer New simplified program offers greater savings to members $100 discount for new activations as follows: –$60 discount by way of $5 off each month for the first twelve months (same as today) –$40 rebate that CU Growth Solutions will administer Provides more cash in members hand Eliminates need for credit unions to identify member accounts to make deposit

13 13 Updates Tax Filing IIA preferred partner, CompleteTax –Credit union members receive a 30% discount –Basic package is free, others start at $13.95 –Plus 3 offers to file your Federal forms free: Unemployment, Balance Due, and Switching from a competitor Shop America also offers two additional preparation programs with cash back –FreeTaxUSA – 25% cash back –TaxCut (by H&R Block) – 11% cash back Credit union newsletter article available at:

14 14 Future League Communications League Conference Calls will be held the 1 st month of each quarter on Wednesdays at 3pm EST* –January 19, 2011 –April 13, 2011 –July 20, 2011 –October 19, 2011 Access Information –Toll free: +1 (866) 816-1627 –Conference ID: 1177265367 *Attendance required for Leagues Endorsing or Partnering with Big Ticket and Endorsing Member Rewards

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