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SAP - Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

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1 SAP - Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

2 Process-Based Enterprise Logic

3 Data Flow Logic 4/1/2017

4 Procurement Process Example
In the procurement process, there may be different business partners for different roles in the transaction. These partner roles are defined in vendor master data Ordering Address Invoice Presented By Vendor Goods Supplier Payment Received By 4/1/2017

5 Procurement Process Customer Vendor Purchase Requisition Purchase
Order Internal Demand Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt Pay Invoice 4/1/2017

6 Material Master Data An advantage of the SAP system is that it maintains one set of data in real time. Material data is used by many functional areas. With non-integrated systems, each system may contain material data, and this data is not always consistent. In the SAP system, the data is consistently correct or incorrect. Material Master data is organized by Views. Depending on the type of material, only certain views need to be used. As the system is configured, additional views can be added as necessary. 4/1/2017

7 Material Master Views General Plant Data/Storage 1
Warehouse Management 1 Warehouse Management 2 Quality Management Accounting 1 Accounting 2 Costing 1 Costing 2 Basic Data 1 Basic Data 2 Classification Sales: Sales Org Data 1 Sales: Sales Org Data 2 Sales: General/Plant Data Foreign Trade: Export Data Sales Text Purchasing MRP 1 MRP 2 MRP 3 MRP 4 Forecasting Work Scheduling Basic Data, Classification are not plant-specific Other views are plant-specific 4/1/2017

8 Material Master Views NRG-A Bars Basic Data View Plant 1000 Plant 2000
Base unit: CS Gross wt: 72 lb. Basic Data View Non-plant specific Plant specific Plant 1000 Plant 2000 NRG-A Bars Lead Time: 2 days Std. Price: NRG-A Bars Lead Time: 3 days Std. Price: MRP Views 4/1/2017

9 Purchasing Process Create Purchase Requisition
Where analysis/vendor selection occurs Create Purchase Order from Requisition Requisition items can be used to generate multiple purchase orders Create Goods Receipt Create Invoice Receipt Post Outgoing Payment Unfortunately, there is no purchasing “document flow” (BT: why not?  ) 4/1/2017

10 Sales & Credit Management Example
Credit Management is a cross-functional activity between SD and FI SD FI C R E D I T Sales People want to sell FI People want to reduce risk Credit is an independent function in the SAP R/3 system

11 Credit/Risk Process Credit Management SD, FI Cust: Health Express Risk: Medium Credit Limit: $10,000 Ttl. Commit: $6,000 Order: 5923 Order Amount: $5,000 Credit Limit Exceeded Block order to credit rep. (opt.) Blocked document list or (opt.) Review situation Release order Pick, pack & ship order Bill Customer Credit control (blocks) can be applied at order entry, delivery creation or goods issue

12 Static vs. Dynamic Checks
Credit Limit Open order Open order Open order Open order Open order Open order Dynamic Check Open delivery value Open delivery value Receivables Receivables Static Check Credit Horizon

13 Decentralized Credit Management
Credit Control Area 1 Company Code 1 Sales Org.1 Health Express Limit: $50,000 Credit Control Area 2 Company Code 2 Sales Org.2 Health Express Limit: $100,000 Each company code sets and monitors a credit limit independently

14 Centralized Credit Management
Credit Control Area 1 Sales Org.1 Sales Org.2 Company Code 1 Company Code 2 Health Express Health Express Limit: $150,000 Transactions with each company code apply to the single credit limit set for the single credit control area

15 Exchange Rates Credit Control Area 1 Currency: USD Company Code 1
Currency: EU Sales Org.1 Sales Org.2 Health Express Health Express Limit: $150,000 Receivables for Company Code 2 are converted from Euros to US Dollars when credit is checked

16 Automatic Credit Control
Determine points at which credit check is carried out (order creation, delivery creation or goods issue) Determine type of check Based on: Credit control area Risk category Document (credit group)

17 Automatic Credit Control
Sales organization Company Code Credit Control Area Customer Risk Category Transaction Type Credit group When Credit is Checked Why Credit is Checked What the system does (warning, error) As of release 4.0, Credit control area can also be Determined via: user exits payer sales area

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