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MGM Master Global Management Philosophy, Guidelines & Framework Adil Abdalla May 2009 1.

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1 MGM Master Global Management Philosophy, Guidelines & Framework Adil Abdalla May 2009 1

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3 Ambiguous Scope MoneyGamingMoneyGaming Interests Diffusion Scattered Capacities The twisted customer focus, the unfocused board members, and the complicated legal modeling, the had created confusion rather than clarity The excessive commercialization and profitability, despite the promoted CSR policies, had created the wide spread of immoral and criminal implementations Equilibrium among all activities and targets is the natural and historical organizational platform; which if disturbed by political lobbying; anarchy rules Indemnifibility, Profitability, and Politicability were root causes to non-alliance among schemes and programs, which would save time, cost and momentum Business Deficiency & Challenges 2009 3

4 Roles & Deliverables of Stakeholders Roles & Deliverables of Stakeholders Smart Process Mapping Smart Intelligent Quality & Accountability Intelligent Applications of Neo-Management Neo-Management Practically; Comprehensive Structure, Clear Roles & Responsibilities, and Deliverables Road Mapping of Processes and Procedures that enables Successful Decision Making Align Targets to Common Interests of Sustainable Business Framework State of the Art in Processing, Associating and Partnership with Experts & Professionals Creating a Corporate Distinction 4

5 Neo-ManagementNeo-Management Not Directing, but Facilitating Staff to Perform Inevitable Team–work as Mind-set and Solutions Performance & Deliverables Drive The Process Mapping Skills, Competitiveness and Loyalty are Upgradable 5

6 Public Interest CivicAuthorityCivicAuthority PublicAuthorityPublicAuthority State Of Compliance Compliance Control Tools Methodology Policies Legitimization Laws & Regulations Enforcement Prosperity Violation Correctivity Code of Practice Standardization Theory of Authorization 6

7 Complexity of Assets Development Impacts of Risk Management Operations of Assets Management Development Consensus 7

8 The Corporate Revenues & Profitability Micro Economics, Shareholders, Entrepreneurship Revenues & Profitability Micro Economics, Shareholders, Entrepreneurship Social & Economic Cycle Macro Economics, CSR Initiatives, Governance Social & Economic Cycle Macro Economics, CSR Initiatives, Governance CORPORATE VISUALIZE CHANGE ASSESS MANAGE Skills Resources Dynamics Standards Inflows Outflows Delivery Project Business Opportunities Doing Business 8

9 The Development Project Start-up PST Project Start-up PST Project Compliance PCM Project Compliance PCM Project Marketing PMS Project Marketing PMS Project Management PRM Project Management PRM Project Close-out PCL Project Close-out PCL MGM Business Framework 9

10 Corporate Structure Business Structure Project Structure The Project Project Director Accounts Structure 10

11 Quality Processing of Approvals Adequacy of Scope and Components Convenience of Cost Assumptions Lawful of Procurement Efficiency of CSR Proposals Quality Scope Cost Procurement CSR Management of Risk 11


13 Baseline Mode Business Mode Legal Mode Planning Mode Change Mode ConstructabilityConstructability GovernanceGovernance ConvenienceConvenience ReliabilityReliability DeliveryDelivery SkillsRequiredSkillsRequired Project Start-up Project Start-up ExitStrategyExitStrategy Project Compliance Project Compliance Basis of Engagements Engagements Project Marketing & Sales Project Marketing & Sales ExecutionPlanExecutionPlan Project Management Project Management DefiningDeliverablesDefiningDeliverables Project Close-out Project Close-out Main Processes 13

14 Operations PLANPLANREVISEREVISE MEASUREMEASUREACTACT AreaAreaCostCost BusinessBusinessDurationDuration RatesRatesSpecsSpecs PerformPerformDeliveryDelivery KPIs Value Engineering Earned Value Optimization A B C D Arch/Master Planning Business Management Cost/Quantity Surveying Project Management 14

15 MGM BOARD AACC Tech Office Executive Director AdminAdmin Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Ops Office Organization 2009 15

16 MGM BOARD A1 B1 C1 D1 Managing Director DC A Project Director of Research Director Director of Projects Director D1 A Project D1 Admin A2 B2 C2 PA QA/QC Organization 2010 16

17 Processes Alignment Q2Q1Q3Q4 Management Framework Quality Policy & Manual Quality Policy & Manual Risk Framework Risk Framework Management Manual Quality Audit & Reform Quality Audit & Reform Risk Policy & Manual Risk Policy & Manual Implementations Project (P1) Launch & Staffing Implementations Timeline & Assignments 2009 17

18 CodePositionRoles & ResponsibilitiesM. Salary $ 01Board Member Contribute to set, review, audit and approve strategy, policies, framework and programs 5,000 02Managing Director Setting framework, reviewing progress of proposals and programs, and daily directing and mentoring the company performance 15,000 03Director Ditto; for the Department; and facilitating adequate performance for operations 12,000 04Senior Manager Ditto; for the Specialized Section; and provide technical support for subordinates 10,000 05Manager Ditto; for the Specialized Unit; and perform professional effort for the delivery of tasks 7,000 06Executive Provide technical and professional efforts to carry on successful tasks and operations to deliver the intended assignments 5,000 07ClerkDitto, and assisting the line-manager2,000 Staffing Layout Monthly salaries are inclusive all allowances, plus agreed benefits (Medical insurance, Paid annual leave, Family air tickets and Gratuities. Bonus is subject to Board Decisions 18

19 CodeParticularMonthly $ 20092010 QtyTotal $QtyTotal $ 01Board Member5,000420,0004 02Managing Director15,0001 1 03Director12,00000224,000 04Senior Manager10,0001 440,000 05Manager7,0000000 06Executive5,0001 630,000 07Clerk2,0001 48,000 08Operations @ 20%NA 10,000NA27,000 09Contingencies @ 5%NA 3,000NA8,000 010Finance @ 5%NA 3,000NA9,000 Monthly TOTAL68,000181,000 Year TOTAL476,0002,172,000 Budget Forecast 19

20 CodeParticular$K Year 1$K Year 2$K Year 3$K Year 4$K Total 021Management Staff @ 1%800 1002,500 022Design Consultants @ 3%7,500000 023Supervision @ 3%03,500 5007,500 024Supporting Consultants @ 2%5,000000 025Commercial Consultants @ 0.5%500200 3501,250 026Legal Consoler @ 0.5%5003002002501,250 027Professional Fees @ 0.0005%40 5125 028Operations Cost @ 1%800 1002,500 029Contingencies @ 2%1,600 2005,000 030Finance @ 0.5%500300 1501,250 Average Monthly $K1,436628620137NA Yearly $K TOTAL17,2407,5407,4401,650NA Grand Total 13.6% or $K33,875 Project Budget Breakdown ($250 mln model) 20

21 Consultants Type A Building Principle Type B Building Configuration Type C Built Environment Type D Built Community Type E Urban Infrastructure ArchitectLandscapeSeismicGovernmentalRoads StructuralFaçade SystemLEED AuditMarineSewage MEPLighting SystemGreen AuditTheme ParksWater Supply Quantity SurveyorICTFacilities MgmtOffice & CommercialRoad Signage PreservationPublic AddressSecurityResidentialPublic Transportation Public InteriorsHealth & SafetyRetail & MallsStreet Lighting Convoying SystemHeritage ConservationHealth CareBridges Car ParkingSpace MakingConferencingTunnels Way FindingEnvironmental MgmtEducationalDrainage System Water FeaturesCSR AdvisoryLeisureTraffic AcousticsMarketing AdvisoryIndustrialPower Transmission BMSPR AdvisoryAviationGas Supply Thermal ProtectionLegal ConsularHospitalityDistrict Cooling Land SurveyorFinance AdvisoryTown MgmtDisposal Mgmt Urban Mgmt 21

22 Project 1 Q2Q1Q3Q4 0 0 Out-Sourced Professionals MGM Staff & Administration OPEX: $ 476,000 (AED 1,761,000) Project Expenditures: $10,052,000 (AED 37,192,000) $68K $204K 0 0 $1,436K $4,308K Expenditure 2009 Cost of Design & Management @ 13.5% Project Value @ $250,000,000 on 3 years 22

23 Meeting business or technical changes Meeting business or technical changes The Project is Constructible The Project is Constructible The Project meets Constraints The Project meets Constraints The Project meets Standards The Project meets Standards The Project is Confirmed Feasible The Project is Confirmed Feasible The Project is Identified The Project is Identified PP 2.0 PP 1.0 PP 3.0 PP 4.0 Baseline PP 0.0 Baseline PP 0.0 PP 5.0 Launch Competition Design Tender Award Progress Project Charter Project Charter Baseline Update Baseline Update PMs Assessment PMs Assessment Design Close-out Design Close-out PMs Assessment PMs Assessment Change Deliverables Road Map 23

24 Agreements on 15% for each $250 mln Project Preferably; Combined Consultancy & Management Service Only Advisory on Procurement of Construction Contracts Formalize The Board; for Meetings each Two Months Final Notes 24

25 Part Two Process Mapping 25

26 ProcessInputsActivityOutput ConstructabilityFeasibility Study Constructability Analysis Experts Judgment Technical Model of the Development Master Plan Urban Planning Restrictions Urban Design Standard Details Master Planning Framework Project RRMStakeholders IDs Stakeholders Analysis Compliance Checklist Stakeholders RRM Scope MgtBusiness Model Project Area Analysis Introduction to Guidelines Scope Baseline Cost Mgt Tentative Cost Estimates Basis of Project Costing Industry Cost Trends Cost Baseline Schedule Mgt Tentative Milestones Industry/Market Trends Project Risk Analysis Program Baseline PST: Realization of Constructability 26

27 Typical Launch Technical Framework Financial Framework Legal Framework CostTime Scope Q Limits of Engagement Delivery Milestones Cost of Product Terms of Payment Contract Product 27

28 ProcessInputsActivityOutput Project RRM Project Charter Project Plan Project Planning Audit Processing Regular Compliance Report Quality Mgt Technical Audit Regular Audit Progress Processing Quality Planning Regular Check Listing Risk Mgt Risk Assessment Change Assessment Change Processing Risk Planning Regular Risk Report CSR Appraisal Local Trends Project Plan Procurement Analysis Governing Bylaws CSR Declaration Control Mgt Progress Status Board Instructions Change Statement Completion Processing Exit Declaration Close Out Mgt Quality Plan Project Documents Document ControllingProject Archive PCM: Governance 28

29 Execution Planning Initiation Stakeholding Procurement KPIs Close out PLAN (Official Launch) PLAN (Official Launch) REVISE (Contract Sign off) REVISE (Contract Sign off) MEASURE (Appraisal Review) MEASURE (Appraisal Review) ACT (Consortium Formation) ACT (Consortium Formation) Business Model Managing Model Technical Model Conceptual Model Typical Engagements 29

30 ProcessInputsActivityOutput Project Control Progress Status Project Plan Industry/Market Trends Project Planning Procurement Plan Project Control Progress Status Quality Plan Progress Processing Tender Processing Awarding Declarations Project ControlProgress Status Progress Processing Project Plan Regular Briefs & Data-Sheets Project Close-outProgress Status Progress Processing Quality Processing Progress Documentations Project Close-out Project Baseline Progress Status Scope Verification Progress Processing End-user Guidelines Project Close-out RRM Progress Status Check Listing Quality Processing Authority Attestations PMS: Publicity & Convenience 30

31 Typical Execution Plan VERIFYING PLANNING ALIGNING DELIVERING OPERATIONREGULATORYPROJECTIZATION Design Procurement PP 1.0 & Initiation Design Development PP 3.0 & Main Tender Construction Procurement PP 3.0 & Main Tender Construction Procurement SLA & Baseline PP 4.0 & Award PP 5.0 & Change Construction Final Accounts Taking Over Commissioning Handing Over Close Out PP 2.0 & Award Substantiation Lessons Learned 31

32 ProcessInputsActivityOutput Tendering & Award Procurement Plan Tender Processing Tender Analysis Tender Status Report Design Development Scope Baseline Architecture Processing Engineering Processing Design Status Report Construction Development Program Baseline Mobilization Processing Construction Processing Construction Status Report ChangeProject Baseline Change Realization Change Plan Change Status Report Hapitatability Scope Baseline Program Baseline Utilities Processing Systems Audit Testing & Commissioning Report Completion Scope Baseline Program Baseline Taking Over Processing Handing Over Processing Completion Report PRM: Optimization & Reliability 32

33 Typical Exit Strategy Exit 1 Exit 2 Exit 3 Delivery Constructability Regulatory Feasibility Architecture Engineering Construction Conceptual Model Technical Model Managing Model Business Model Opportunity 33

34 ProcessInputsActivityOutput Close outClient Approval Compliance ProcessingStart up Close out Close out Authority Approval Client Approval Compliance ProcessingDesign Close out Close out PM Approval Client Approval Compliance ProcessingTender Close out Close out PM Approval Client Approval Compliance ProcessingConstruction Close out Close out PM Approval Client Approval Compliance ProcessingChange Close out Close out Authority Approval Client Approval Compliance ProcessingProject Close out PCL: Change & Delivery 34

35 35

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