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Darren M. Jones Vice Chancellor for Student Services Welcome to UACCM SPRING 2011 new STUDENT ORIENTATION.

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1 Darren M. Jones Vice Chancellor for Student Services Welcome to UACCM SPRING 2011 new STUDENT ORIENTATION

2 WHAT SHALL WE TALK ABOUT? AlertXpress – Emergency Notification System Tobacco-Free Campus Student Code of Conduct Parking/Traffic Regulations

3 AlertXpress Emergency Notification System WHAT IS IT? Allows campus administrators to quickly communicate by phone and e-mail with students, faculty, and staff in the event of an urgent situation.

4 HOW DOES IT WORK? In the event of an emergency you will receive a phone call and/or an E-mail message notifying you of the emergency and what action to take, IF you have signed up for AlertXpress with a valid phone number and E-mail address.

5 HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click on Social Media > Emergency Alert System and follow the directions.

6 TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Smoking and use of tobacco products will not be permitted anywhere on the UACCM campus.

7 TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS WHAT EXACTLY IS ON CAMPUS? Includes college vehicles, vehicles parked on college property, and all UACCM owned, leased, or maintained property, such as buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor seating, etc.

8 TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS The success of this policy is dependent upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of students and college personnel.

9 TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET CAUGHT? Any student that continues to violate this policy is subject to a $30.00 fine and disciplinary action as described in the Student Code of Conduct. Arkansas Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 Any person who violates this law is subject to, upon conviction, of a fine between $100 - $500.

10 TOBACCO-FREE CAMPUS IM A SMOKER, HOW CAN I GET HELP TO STOP? Visit Counseling Services in BTC 200 Call the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline 1-800-QUIT-NOW

11 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT WHAT IS THIS? Students attending UACCM are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of other members of the UACCM community and conforms to the rules and regulations of the College and the laws of the state of Arkansas and the United States of America.

12 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT Student conduct outside the accepted standards will subject the student to disciplinary action under UACCM policies and the filing of formal charges within the criminal court system, when applicable


14 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT THESE ARE PROHIBITED… 1.Alcohol & Illicit Drugs-To possess, use, manufacture, distribute, or to be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs 2.Cheating-To possess, receive, use, solicit, or furnish, unauthorized aid in an academic endeavor

15 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 3.Climbing on College Structures – To climb, rappel, or any similar action is prohibited on College structures. 4.Damage to Property - To misuse or harm the property of others.

16 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 5. Deception, Fraud, or Misuse of Documents – To forge, alter, or acquire College documents, records, or identification cards without authorization.

17 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 6.Disruptive Behavior and Disorderly Conduct – To engage in behavior that disrupts the normal functions of the College, disturbs the peace, or violates the rights of others.

18 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 7.Failed Financial Obligations – To fail to fulfill any financial obligations to the College (tuition, fees, books, materials, etc.) 8.False Alarms and Threats – To communicate by any means to the College or anyone affiliated with the College a false alarm or threat, inclusive of fire or other perils.

19 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 9.Furnishing False Information – To provide information, which is false or misleading to the College for its official use. 10.Gambling – To wager on the outcome of any activity or event.

20 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 11.Harassment – To perform any action, verbal or non-verbal, that persistently annoys another. 12.Lewd, Indecent, or Obscene Behavior – To behave in a manner that is offensive to established community standards of decency and modesty.

21 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 13.Misuse of Internet Privileges – To violate the terms of the Computer Use Agreement with the College. 14.Non-compliance with Directions of a College Official – To fail to comply with reasonable directions given by an employee of the College.

22 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 15.Physical Abuse or Threat of Physical Abuse – To physically endanger or threaten to endanger the health or safety of another. 16.Plagiarism – To appropriate ideas, which are not common knowledge, or writings of another and represent them as ones own.

23 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 17.Theft – To appropriate or possess the property of another without right or permission. 18.Tobacco Products – Tobacco products are not permitted anywhere on the UACCM campus.

24 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 19.Verbal Abuse – To use obscene, profane, or derogatory language, which insults, abuses, or defames another. 20.Violation of College Policies or Regulations – To fail to comply with published or announced College policies or regulations.

25 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT 21.Violation of Local, State, or Federal Law – To violate local, state, or federal law. 22.Weapons, Firearms, Explosives – To possess or use unauthorized fireworks, firearms, dangerous chemicals, explosive materials and devices, or lethal weapons of any type.

26 POSSIBLE SANCTIONS RESULTING FROM DISCIPLINE PROCEEDINGS Counseling Educational Task Academic Sanctions Reprimand Restitution Disciplinary Probation Suspension Expulsion

27 Refer to pages 153 – 156 of the UACCM Catalog for a complete description of the UACCM Student Conduct Policies and Procedures, including Judicial Procedures, Jurisdiction, Judicial Structure, Judicial Rights, Sanctions, Appeal Procedures, and Interim Suspension.

28 Parking & Traffic Regulations The Department of Public Safety is the campus law enforcement agency. All individuals on the UACCM campus are required to follow applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as the regulations established by the College.

29 Parking & Traffic Regulations Vehicle Registration All students and employees of the College who operate vehicles and park on the UACCM campus are required to register their vehicle with the UACCM Department of Public Safety.


31 Parking & Traffic Regulations Driving Regulations The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour on the streets and 10 miles per hour in the parking lots, except when conditions indicate a slower speed is necessary. YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS AT ALL TIMES!

32 Parking & Traffic Regulations Penalties for Violation of Parking and Traffic Regulations Individuals charged with violations of the UACCM Parking & Traffic Regulations shall be issued fines ranging from $30.00 to $50.00.


34 FREE SERVICES AVAILABLE ON CAMPUS: Student Success Lab (Tutoring) Testing Services Counseling Services Career Pathways

35 GET INVOLVED ON CAMPUS!! Student Activities Intramural Sports Student Government Association (SGA) Student Organizations/Clubs


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