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Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Established in 1975 by the K. K. Birla Group. Now fully owned Poddar Group of Companies under.

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2 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

3 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Established in 1975 by the K. K. Birla Group. Now fully owned Poddar Group of Companies under the brand name of ADVENTZ. Lionel is a well established travel service company, with prior affiliation to Rosenbluth International Alliance (RIA). Through this alliance we established a robust platform for onsite servicing. Presence in 6 cities across India to cover Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. All locations IATA approved. Operations managed by experienced travel industry professionals. Well established Corporate Travel Management business. Comprehensive range of travel services focused on business travel. Own car fleet in Delhi and Kolkata. Single Stop for all travel requirements. Get the edge

4 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 AGRI BUSINESS Zuari Industries Paradeep Phosphates Zuari Rotem Spl. Fertilisers Zuari Seeds Zuari Maroc Phophates Zuari Fertilisers & Chemicals Gobind Sugar Mills Zuari Holdings ENGINEERING & INFRA Texmaco Texmaco Rail & Engineering Texmaco UGL Rail Simon India Zuari Indian Oiltanking EMERGING LIFESTYLES Adventz Infraworld India Indian Furniture Products Hettich India Style Spa Furniture SERVICES Zuari Investments Zuari Management Services Adventz Invesments & Holdings Adventz Securities Enterprises Adventz Industires India Lionel India Get the edge

5 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

6 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 East: Kolkata West: Mumbai South: Chennai & Bengaluru North: New Delhi & Gurgaon Get the edge

7 Smartly managing the travel budgets of National & Multinational corporate since 3 decades. Skilled travel professionals with expertise in corporate travel services & Implant management. Consultative relationship Management approach by introducing Pre Trip / In Trip & Post Trip services. Assisting in Better Buying. Strongly monitoring the Service level agreement and committed levels of service delivery. Monitoring the flight after office hours to further bring down the fares. We are always on hand beyond office hours & on Emergency (24x7x365days). At times of undue circumstances we can locate and inform your travelers. Visa processing handled in house and online Visa updates. RBI Licensed to sell Foreign Exchange. Holiday & Incentive travel. Own Fleet of cars at Kolkata & Delhi. Monthly industry updates through News Letter. Tailor made smart MIS report. One stop shop which offers an End to End travel solutions. Partners to progress. Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

8 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Outstanding and Dedicated People Make It All Happen. Lionel India follows this principal conscientiously and is committed to recruiting qualified, dedicated and professional staff. Employees are trained at both basic and advanced levels on Amadeus Global Distribution Systems to ensure a high level of proficiency in fare construction. Team members are coached on customer handling skills, travel process familiarization and handling emergency situations. The onsite will comprise of trained and tenured travel counselors to ensure desired service standards. This team will be fully backed by our back office. Quality assurance will be the responsibility of the Travel Counselor assigned to you. Get the edge

9 Consultative Relationship Management approach PRE TRIP SERVICE Policy & Process Mngmt. Business Trvl. Process Trvl. Policy Compliance Better Buying Service Level Agreement IN TRIP SERVICE Comprehensive Travel Services, Service Metrics & Service Quality Benchmarks Ticketing/ Forex/Cars Documentation/Htl/ Holiday & Incentive Trvl. POST TRIP SERVICE Data & Payment Management Payment Process/ Customer Feedback/ Review Meetings Emphasis on : OPTIMISING OPTIMISING your Travel Budget REDUCING REDUCING your travel spends Providing VALUE ADDED ADDED Products and Services RATIONALISING associated Costs Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

10 PRE TRIP SERVICE Policy & Process Management Business Travel Processes –Assess current travel processes & Identify process gaps –Align processes to build efficiencies –Agree business model mix: branch servicing/implant/online etc. Travel Policy Compliance –Agree Travel Policy & Implementation Timelines. Monitor Travel Policy Compliance –Periodic Travel Policy Review Tuesday, June 03, 2014. Better Buying – Identify Preferred Suppliers based on Corporate objectives – Cost Savings through Better Buying. Service Level Agreement – Agree Service Levels to ensure consistent service quality – Agree monitoring process & escalation process Get the edge

11 IN TRIP SERVICE Comprehensive Travel Services, Service Metrics & Service Quality Benchmarks –Ticketing/Documentation & Airport assistance Domestic and International Air Tickets – Tied up with Amadeus, a world class GDS. Passport,Visa Services and Airport Facilitation Services. –Hotel Reservations & Car Hire –Foreign Exchange: Different Currencies, Travelers Cheques & Travel Cards –Travel Insurance –Conferences & Incentives Management – Synergies with our MICE business –International & Domestic Holidays – Synergies with our Holidays & Events business –Service Metrics & Service Quality Benchmarks 3 fare options, including the cheapest fare & best route, per itinerary on preferred carriers for international bookings. Feedback for airline booking queries as per agreed timeframe. Delivery of tickets as per agreed timeframe. Confirmed alternative for each waitlisted booking: best effort to confirm waitlists as per agreed timeframe. Visa processing handled in house. Online information and assistance. Delivery of documents at office/residence/airport/email. Availability of key staff around the clock via phone to handle emergencies. Escalation Matrix Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

12 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Payment Processing –Invoicing with complete documentation to ensure low administration cost in managing payment process. –Customized MIS at agreed periodicity to optimize expense reporting process. Support multiple payment mechanisms –BTA, Credit Cards, Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheques, others. Monitor and Measure Progress –Establish, manage and control corporate travel budget. –Evaluate savings by implementing agreed processes. –Monitor issues of non compliance of Travel Policy that affects travel budget. Customer Feedback –Mechanism for ongoing feedback from corporate customers through feedback forms and discussions. –Communication of results to the corporate to enable discussion on further improvement of service levels. Dedicated Account Manager – Single point contact for discussions & account management. Periodic Review –Monthly Review with Account / Branch Manager. –Quarterly Review with Business Head. POST TRIP SERVICE Data & Payment Management Get the edge

13 LIL will suggest best suited itineraries or other viable options to minimize cost. Travel Counselors will constantly monitor all live PNRs after office hours to further reduce the price. Lionel leadership will partner the corporate in negotiating with key suppliers to optimize the savings opportun ity. Travel Counselors will ensure compliance with the corporate travel policy to maximize volumes to preferred carriers. Lionel will furnish periodic MIS to enable win-win negotiations with key suppliers. Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

14 Adherence to Travel Policy and Complaint Handling 100% alignment with the Corporate travel policy to help reduce, manage and control expenses, both from a- Traveler perspective - Airline/Hotel/miscellaneous supplier perspective Lionel will adhere to guidelines from regulators and communicate any relevant changes to Corporate Travel Administration. Lionel will accept bookings only from authorized personnel backed by an email travel authority. Deviations from policy must have approval of the designated approving authority at Corporate. Annually, Lionel will partner Corporate in a defined audit process to determine transactions accuracy. The Customer Support Process –Corporate Management/Employee logs a complaint with Travel Desk/Lionel Office –Travel Desk logs the complaint in the Service Issues Register and will resolve the issue within 12 hours –If after 12 hours no response received by Corporate Management/Employee from Lionel, then the Corporate Management/Employee to contact Lionel Account Relationship Manager/ Branch Manager Tuesday, June 03, 2014 -If no response received by next business day, Corporate Management/Employee, Issue to be raised to Lionel Business Head- India. Response time 4 hours. A monthly review of complaints & resolutions will be carried out with the Corporate team by the Lionel Relationship Manager. Get the edge

15 Expense Reports to Capture Savings Opportunities Lionel will provide the following reports to help understand travel spent –Quarterly savings realized/lost report based on travel option availed –Quarterly cancellation report providing oversight on costs incurred –Airline utilization report –Top 10 sector utilization report (domestic air travel) These reports will be reviewed by the Relationship Manager together with Corporate travel Administration to determine internal/supplier action. Lionel can provide 200 forms of MIS reports as per your requirement. Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

16 Integrity & Ethics – Strongly grounded in values. Complete transparency in dealings with all our stakeholders Expertise – Our management and operations team have over 19 to 20 years of relevant expertise in the travel related services arena Full fledged Travel Service Agency – A complete range of travel solutions under one roof. Focus on service quality, efficiency and cost savings. Business model mix: implant/ branch servicing/online. Meet and Assist facilities to first and business class travelers. Web check in/Tele check in for the CIP. Corporate financial benefits extended to staff personal bookings on cash basis. Accessibility of Lionel TCs beyond office hours & Emergency (24x7x365days) Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

17 Add value to your travel and travel spend Subtract your travel related challenges Multiply your satisfaction Build efficiencies by delivering efficient & comprehensive services Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Get the edge

18 Thank you for your time & attention. Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Some Global Travel Management Company think whats good for one client is good for another and another… We think whats good for one client is good for one Client… Period. Get the edge

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