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34 34 SEFCB1A Unit 9 Lesson 34 made by Zhang Yun.

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2 34 34

3 SEFCB1A Unit 9 Lesson 34 made by Zhang Yun

4 to make a decision decide

5 a traveller who is in a boat,plane or train passenger

6 a person who travels traveller

7 a journey that you make trip

8 a machine that does counting most quickly computer

9 in or to foreign countries abroad

10 to write down so that it will be known record

11 a machine that can fly aeroplaneairplaneplane

12 the name of a book,a story or a text title

13 What can we do with computer ?

14 We can play computer games. We can play computer games.

15 We can play...

16 We can read…..

17 We can write… with it.


19 We can draw...

20 We can see a film.

21 We can listen to music.

22 What else can the computer do besides …?

23 Lets listen to a report and tell me something about it.

24 What have you heard in the report? b 200 b aeroplan tickets b traveller b passengers b CAAC b computer

25 CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China

26 an aeroplane ticket

27 What is the report about? about CAAC and computer

28 Look at the text and listen to the report again

29 True or False b b 1.The CAAC has bought a new bus in the report. bbFbbF b b 2.The new computer joins all the offices of the CAAC in and out of China. bbTbbT b b 3.The new computer is used to play games for the passengers. bbFbbF b b 4.The computer keeps a record of the date, and on that day the passenger will travel. bbTbbT b b 5.Now it is difficult to find out which planes are full or not full. bbFbbF b b 6. Now passengers at the offices of the CAAC can buy their tickets much faster. bbTbbT

30 True or False b 7.Before the new computer was used, there were long queues of people waiting outside the CAAC offices. bTbTbTbT b 8.At that time people couldn't buy their tickets until 7 days before they travelled. bFbFbFbF b 9.Thanks to the new computer, it is much easier to make plans for your trips now. bTbTbTbT b 10.The information on the new computer can only be used by the CAAC offices in Beijing. bFbFbFbF

31 True or False b 11. There are offices of the CAAC in 100 cities in China and also in 17 cities outside China. bFbFbFbF b 12.Travellers and businessmen both in China and abroad have been greatly helped by the new computer by the CAAC. bTbTbTbT b 13.Now the number of people travelling by plane in China is less than ever before. bFbFbFbF b 14. Its necessary for the CAAC to spend a lot of money on the new computer. bTbTbTbT

32 True or False b 15.The computer was so expensive that the CAAC decided not to buy it. bFbFbFbF b 16. The CAAC does make buying of tickets easier for the passengers. bTbTbTbT b 17.More and more people like to travel by air because the plane is much faster than the train and it is easy to buy the tickets now. bTbTbTbT b 18.Using the new computer can also make the CAAC get more money. bTbTbTbT

33 Look and listen once more.

34 Questions b 1.Who bought a new computer? b 2.Why did the CAAC spend so much money on the computer? b 3.Whats the computer used for by the CAAC? b 4.How many offices have been joined by the CAAC? b 5.Who have been greatly helped by the computer? b 6.In the past there were long queues outside the offices of the CAAC. Why?

35 Questions b 7.Now it is easier and faster for passengers to buy their air tickets. Why? b 8.What is the result of using the computer in the CAAC? b 9.What can we learn from the report?

36 SEFCB1A Unit 9 Lesson 34 ?

37 Which title is the best? Which title is the best? b 1. New computer joins CAAC for the first time b 2. Computer for CAAC b 3. New computer brings in more passengers

38 Lets discuss the following topics. Lets discuss the following topics. b 1. If you want to fly to Shanghai, can you buy your air tickets in Chuxiong? Why? b 2.The computer has been widely used. Where can you see computers? b 3.The computer can help us do a lot of things. Who is more clever, the computer or people? b 4. If you want to be a scientist, a teacher or a doctor in the future, what should you do now?

39 Lets talk... a lot of things for people b...can buy air tickets in Chuxiong b...can not do anything without mans help b …are more clever than computer a scientist, a teacher,a doctor… hard b...make good friends with computer our jobs better in the 21st century

40 Do you know who they are?

41 Homework Homework b Read the text carefully and try to understand each word and each sentence. b Please do Ex 3 on page 98. b Go and find where computers have been used in Chuxiong.

42 Lets fly to the 21st century!

43 Good luck to you all in the new century!

44 1969 8 1990 10 1998 1999 E-mail:

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