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EECP CONOP Briefing MAJ Gregory A. Dunbar.

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1 EECP CONOP Briefing MAJ Gregory A. Dunbar

2 EECP Mission Mission: On order, 377th TSC deploys an Early Entry Command Post (EECP) within ninety-six hours to a designated contingency area within the USSOUTHCOM AOR, in support of CONPLAN 6120 or 6150, to provide Mission Command of assigned joint logistical forces, provide an initial assessment of requirements and an initial operational capability for sustainment in support of (ISO) Unified Land Operations (ULO). EECP Key Tasks: Provide Manning Foundation for JTF Be the Sustainment experts for USARSO: Conduct initial Reception, Staging, and Onward movement (RSO) operations and establish accountability of DoD personnel, equipment and materiel flowing into area of operations Establish the initial theater distribution plan for the contingency operation Establish asset visibility and maintain the Logistical Common Operating Picture (LCOP) Conduct materiel and distribution management operations in support of Unified Land Operations (ULO) Facilitate establishment of initial contracting support Provide Mission Command of subordinate logistics units Conduct operations with our Joint Interagency International Multi-national (JIIM) partners 377th TSC MCP JTF SOUTHCOM (377th TSC + ARSOUTH) “Simultaneous Execution”

3 EECP Task Organization
EECP CDR BG Ives EECP OIC COL Baginski Duty Status EECP NCOIC (x1) SGM Bishop AC/ AGR 24 TPU 21 TBD 6 HHC Mechanic (x2) VACANT-NCO VACANT Total: Linguists SUPPORT OPS OPERATIONS DMC/DIB CHIEF (x1) LTC Hunt SPC Davis CHOPS (x1) LTC Garcia Linguist (x2) OPS NCOIC (x1) VACANT-NCO MAT MGMT OFF/ NCO (S&S) (x2) CPT Weissenfluh SFC Rousell MOB TRANS/AIR OFF (x1) MAJ Cheatham LOGISTICS / CONTRACT OFF (x1) MAJ Dunbar CIVIL AFFAIRS OFF (x1) CPT Kemna BTL CPT (x2) CPT Pacheco G1 PLANS OFF (x1) CPT Stewart G2 (x2) INTEL SFC Sanderford SPC Collins G4 (x2) SSG Lara SSG Walton PAO (x1) LTC Perez MAJ Gill CA AFFAIRS NCO (x1) SGT Fox MOB OFF/TRANS (x1) CW2 Blackman LOGISTICS OPS NCO (x1) SFC Beatty BTL NCO (x2) MSG Ulmer VACANT Surgeon OFF/ NCO (x2) MAJ Whitmore MSG Edwards G6 (x3) CW2 Harris SSG Polehonka SPC Smith SJA (x1) LTC Beaverstock CL III (P) / WATER OFF / NCO (x2) MAJ Martinez VACANT- NCO TRANS SEA/TERM OFF/NCO (x2) VACANT-OFF SASMO/INFO SYS OP (x2) SFC Powell SPC Gore JTF LNO (x1) VACANT CHAPLAIN (x2) LTC Spencer SSG Ruffin CPOF OPERATOR (x1) SPC Benjamin 469 FM (x2) 1LT Ongondi MSG Bowman VACANT- OFF VACANT- OFF MSG Mikell SFC Bogle TRANS LAND OFF/NCO (x2) MSG Denson 310 HRSC (x4) LTC Blankenship SGM Cieutat CPT Wratee SFC Schmidt VACANT- OFF CONTAINER MANAGER (x1) SFC Dukes MOV MNGT

4 EECP/DEPEX Milestones
3 Sep DEPEX ROC DRILL 14 Sep(BA) Load plans Commo Systems Test and updated 21 Oct EECP Set-up 22-24 Oct (BA) DEPEX Rehearsal/SRP EECP CofS IPR 4 Sep 11 Sep Drivers Training Full time Personnel DEPEX 12-17 Nov NAS JRB to Camp Shelby Exercise alert roster Pre stage equipment Conduct rollout IAW N hour sequence Comms layout and check Deployment brief EECP/ DEPEX WG IPR/WG CofS EECP/ DEPEX WG EECP CofS IPR IPR/WG ROC Drill Setup COL Snead ARSOUTH DCO Equipment layout Need dates for training Equipment density listing Finalize load plans 11 Nov EECP/ DEPEX WG DEPEX Final IPR EECP focused training

5 EECP TY14 Training Road to Readiness FY14 Aug 14 Jun 14 May 14 Apr 14
Jul 13 Jan 14 BA (MUTA 6: Jul) – Focus: SRP EECP Personnel; JHOC - 40 pax; Individual TSIRT Training; Equipment layout BA (MUTA 4: ) Strategic Enablers Briefing: DLA; DST Training and Air Load Training BA (CANCELED) (MUTA 4: Oct) ARSOUTH DCO COL Snead visit; DEPEX rehearsal; APAN and DCO Training; EECP Set-up; Final Load Validation Aug 13 DEPEX - EECP deploys to Camp Shelby; Gunnery 1 - EECP/ MCP COMMEX w/ ARSOUTH (7 days AT Nov) BA (MUTA 6: Nov) LCOP Development w/ SPO Leaders; JHOC 35 pax Feb 14 USSOUTHCOM AOR Hurricane Season Ends BA (MUTA 4: Sep) DEPEX ROC Drill, Loan Plan Development; Palletizing Training Mar 14 Apr 14 May 14 BA (MUTA 4: Dec) ARSOUTH 101; SOUTHCOM J4/DLA LNO Visit; AOR Familiarization Brief; Individual TSIRT training CPX w/ARSOUTH (EECP CTE) USSOUTHCOM AOR Hurricane Season Starts Jun 14 Sep 13 Oct 13 Nov 13 Dec 13 BA (MUTA 4: Jan) Gunnery 2 – Mission Analysis and Brief; BA (MUTA 6: Mar) Gunnery 3 – EECP/MCP STAFFEX Aug 14 PANAMAX 14 BA (MUTA 4: May) Gunnery 5 – TSC Warm Start to CPX-S; SRP EECP Personnel; Individual TCERT Training BA (MUTA 6: Apr) Gunnery 4 – COA and Decision Brief

6 Base Support Installation CP Shelby, MS
EECP Set-up Site CSJFTC Landing Strip

7 EECP TRAINING Contact Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mission. The EECP deploys to Camp Shelby IOT validate load plan, establish communications with MCP, and conduct internal training. Contact Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxx CAMP SHELBY OIC’s Intent. To deploy the EECP IOT validated equipment and load plan. We will utilize this exercise to practice our processes and procedures and identify and procure equipment shortages IOT maintain a deployable EECP. End State: Deployment Plan and Communications Equipment is validated and EECP personnel redeploy to Belle Chasse safely. Supported METL : Conduct Deployment Activities; : Conduct Pre-deployment Activities; : Perform Deployment Alert Activities; : Plan Deployment; : Occupy Area of Operations; : Setup a Unit Command Post; : Provide Communications; : Establish a Local Area Network Key Tasks. T: Deploy Early Entry Command Post (EECP) P: To identify EECP equipment & personnel, prepare load plans, and deploy into Area of Operations T: Setup Early Entry Command Post (EECP) P: To Setup EECP equipment and ensure that all equipment is operating properly under field conditions. T: Establish Communications P: Validate our communications capabilities with MCP and identify the EECP shortfalls. EECP Location ALT. EECP Location Red is required information from section Concept of Operations. This exercise will be divided in four phases; I. Preparations and loading of EECP equipment: DST will have the lead & supported by EECP II. Movement to Camp Shelby: EECP will have the lead and supported by HHC. III. EECP Set-up/Training: EECP will have the lead and supported by HHC IV. Redeployment: EECP will have the lead and supported by HHC.

8 EECP MOVEMENT EECP Equipment -Vehicle Dispatch
EQUIPMENT DENSITY Driver: SPC Smith TC: LTC Garcia Passenger: SGM Bishop LOAD: COL Hunt Driver: SSG Fox TC: CPT Kemna Passenger: LOAD: Driver: SPC Collins TC: SFC Sanderford LOAD: HQ 31-2/ SN-AT015752BFJK HQ 83/ SN575297 HVAC HQ 81/ SN675587 15KW GEN Driver: SPC Gore TC: SFC Powell LOAD: HQ 82/ SN575609 HVAC ELAM 5 HQ 31-5/SN-BT107739BGLS Driver: MSG Ulmer TC: CPT Pacheco LOAD: Driver: SSG Ruffin TC: COL Baginski Passenger: MAJ Dunbar Passenger: LTC B-Jones LOAD: HQ 31-7/ SN-AT020722BFF Start Point: NAS JRB New Orleans End Point: Camp Shelby, MS Distance: 124 Miles EECP Equipment EECP Requirements 1 X MTV 3 X HMMWV’S 1 X 15K GENERATOR 2 X HVAC 1 X ELAM w/ VSAT & SNAP Tents: 1 x 600 Series w/floor (Dome) 1 x 200 Series w/floor (Conf Room) 2 x 100 Series w/floor (Entrance & EECP OIC) 4 x 300 Series w/floor (Sleeping Tents) -Vehicle Dispatch -x2 Barb Wire on each HUMMV -Radios Additional Sections Requirements G1 = 1 x tuff box G2 = 2 x tuff boxes G3 = No additional equipment G4 = No additional equipment G6 = 4 x cases + 2 x tuff boxes SPO = pallet w/office supplies (chem. lights, engineer tape, batteries, markers, paper, etc) Surgeon = 1 x tuff box SJA = No additional equipment Chaplain = No additional equipment 469th Finance = Safe HRSC = No additional equipment Driver: SPC Davis TC: MSG Mikell CONVOY TIMELINE 4-8 Mar 13 – Driver’s Training 8 Mar 13 – Load Equipment on Vehicles/ELAM 18 Mar 13 – ELAM deploy to Camp Shelby 201400Mar 13 – Stage Vehicles/Load A Bags 210600Mar 13 – Formation/PCC/PCIs 210630Mar 13 – Weapon Draw M4/M9 210800Mar 13 – SP Belle Chasse

Aircraft and Trans Company Thursday/ NOV 2013 Line Haul Friday/ NOV 2013 Air Movement Friday/ NOV 2013 Saturday/16 NOV 2013 Sunday/17 NOV 2013 Aircraft and Trucks Arrive hrs Formation hrs Formation 0530hrs Setup  0530 Accountability Formation Load Aircraft or Trucks hrs Weapons Draw hrs POV/Weapons Draw hrs  Setup Breakfast Clear Barracks Aircraft or Trucks Staged hrs Personnel Staged hrs Breakfast All Equipment and Personnel Prepared to depart AO NLT 0745hrs Wheels Up 0900hrs Final Formation 0700 NLT 1200hrs All Rolling Stock Uploaded, Hitched and Staged EECP Equipment & Personnel Depart CP Shelby, MS 0800hrs EECP Arrival 1230hrs Load Buses 0715 Desired Endstate for DEPEX reached between 1200hrs-1500hrs EECP Equipment & Personnel Arrive at BC 1100hrs Setup Begins 1300hrs Arrive Airfield 0730 TOC and Sleep Tent Teardown begins NLT 1200hrs 0930hrs All Vehicles and Equipment Loaded and prepared to Redeploy to BC 1700hrs 1st Chalk Arrives hrs Clear Airfield/CP Shelby, MS Setup Begins 1200hrs Move to Barracks 1730hrs Aircraft Departs CP Shelby hrs 1800hrs Chow in the DFAC Arrives at BC 1300hrs 2nd Chalk Departs BC hrs Arrives at CP Shelby hrs H Hour Seq. Begins upon arrival of 1st Chalk Red is required information from section

10 NOVEMBER CALENDAR Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Veterans Day EECP/MCP/DST Alert - 100% Acct. - TPU/AC/AGR Rep. - Stage Equip/SRP - Begin POV Storage - Equip. WT/Staged - Manditory Trng - Crosslevels - ISOPREP - TRK & Aircraft Arrives - EECP Equip. Loaded - Personal Affairs - Vehicles Staged - MCP Reports - MCP Ops Up - EECP SP - EECP Est. - EECP Est. - EECP Commo - Equip Teardown - Equiip. Staged - EECP Redeploy - EECP Conduct SRP - Recovery - 100% SI Inventory

11 TASKS Red is required information from section Task Lead Suspense Task
MHE Request EECP/DST Lodging Request EECP Drivers Lic. Publish Packing List Develop a Training Plan Prepare Convoy Plan/Briefing/Risk Assessment Load Vehicles Conduct EECP Risk Assessment Coordinate Motor Pool Keys with HHC Coordinate Toll Tickets Coordinate weapons draw with Supply Sergeant Prepare ELAM for movement Prepare Convoy Briefing Load CPOF Computer Prepare and bring 310 HRSC briefing slides Task Lead Suspense Conduct PMCS (dispatch vehicles and install radios on ( HQ 20 & EECP/DST Prepare and bring EECP Info Flow Review Briefing Prepare and bring Battle Drills Briefing Prepare and bring Concept of Support Briefing Load Concertina wire on HMMWVs Prepare TPU Orders Stage Vehicle Bring Maps/Boards Upload tuff boxes EECP Set-up Conduct Internal Training Red is required information from section

12 SET-UP TEAMS Red is required information from section
Security Team CW3 Blackman, Alvin Team OIC SFC Schmidt, Jennifer Team NCOIC SSG Ruffin, Simone SPC Collins, Brian SPC Benjamin, Lance SPC Davis, Elizabeth MSG Edwards, Johnny Medic NOT GOING ON DEPEX MAJ Whitmore Medical Officer SSG Fox TOC Team CPT Kemna, Robert Team OIC MSG Denson, Darrell Team NCOIC LTC Garcia, Jose LTC Hunt, Gary MAJ Dunbar, Gregory SFC Sanderford, Christopher MAJ Gill, Myles SFC Rousell, Thomas MSG Ullmer, Boyce MSG Mikell, Eric CPT Stewart, Susan CPT Ongondi, Henry SFC Beatty, Michael CPT Pacheco, Alberto SFC Bogle, Robert Sleeping Tents CPT Martinez, Raymond Team OIC MSG Bowman, Tyrone Team NCOIC MAJ Cheatham, Marcus CPT Weissenfluh, Ingrid LTC Beaverstock, Jeff LTC Perez, Michael LTC Spencer, James SSG Lara, Ricardo CPT Wratee, William SSG Walton, Stanley SSG Corbitt, Samantha ELAM CW2 Harris, Timothy Team OIC SFC Powell, Terry Team NCOIC CW2 Fisher, Paul SSG Polehonka, Aaron SPC Gore, Donald SPC Smith, Lester Red is required information from section BG Ives, Jonathan COL Baginski, Theresa SGM Bishop, Jefferey L.

13 Soldiers in Red denotes not attending DEPEX
EECP Personnel SPO COL Baginski SGM Bishop LTC Hunt MAJ Cheatham MAJ Dunbar MAJ Martinez CPT Kemna CPT Pacheco CPT Weissenfluh CW3 Blackman MSG Denson MSG Mikell SFC Beatty SFC Bogle SFC Dukes SFC Powell SFC Rousell SSG Fox SPC Benjamin SPC Gore VACANT EECP CDR BG Ives G3 LTC Garcia MAJ Gill MSG Ullmer VACANT G4 SSG Lara SSG Walton G6 CW2 Harris CW2 Fisher SGT Polehonka SPC Smith G2 SFC Sanderford SPC Collins G1 CPT Stewart 310 HRSC LTC Blankenship-Jones SGM Cieutat CPT Wratee SFC Schmidt SGT Corbitt 469 FM CPT Ongondi MSG Bowman Chaplain LTC Spencer SSG Ruffin Surgeon MAJ Whitmore MSG Edwards HHC SPC Davis VACANT SJA MAJ Beaverstock PAO LTC Perez Red is required information from section Soldiers in Red denotes not attending DEPEX




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