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India Online Landscape 2013 Profiling online Indians as internet users and consumers.

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1 India Online Landscape 2013 Profiling online Indians as internet users and consumers

2 What can you get out of this study? 2

3 3 Create an effective and efficient digital marketing strategy by understanding the profile of Indian Internet users (and your target group) better Understand how Indian consumer access Internet (time, place, device, time spent, frequency) to plan the media mix and messaging better Get insights about digital and social media usage and behaviour to create winning digital/social media strategies Understand product and services ownership, buying intention, intended buying channels of consumers to target them better from both marketing and channel perspectives First time: Understand online shopping behaviour of your target group (what factors influence their buying behavior online, which websites do they prefer to shop in, what brands do they buy online, how do they decide on products/brand, what payment methods they prefer etc) to create winning e-commerce strategies and let your digital marketing and e-commerce leverage each other

4 What all information can you get? 4

5 Size Estimates of Internet Users in India Households Socio-Economic Profile Geography of Internet Users Personal Demographics of Internet Users Personal Psychographics of Internet Users Lifestyle Orientation Personal Consumption (With product categories and brands used) Mobile Usage and Other Personal Consumption Habits & Lifestyle Net usage status and dynamics Online activities under taken and most used websites Personal Media Usage Size Estimates of Intenders (likely to buy in 3-6 months – category and brand intention) Social Media Usage Behaviour Online Shopping Behaviour Information Coverage - Snapshot 5 New!

6 Size Estimates of Internet Users in India (All India, Urban/Rural, By States, By City Class/Village Class, Top 25 urban districts) Total internet using households, No. of internet users per household, Total Internet using individuals Regular internet users (at least once a month) versus occasional internet users Geographics of Internet Users Region, State, Urban/Rural area, City Type/Village Type, Top individual urban districts Personal Demographics of Internet Users Gender, Age, Marital Status, Generational classification by age, Status in the household (CWE or other earning member or dependent member of the household) Occupation, Industry, Individual Income classification (if earning), Education, Medium of education, Preferred language of reading Information Coverage Details 6

7 Households Socio-Economic Profile Family classification by lifecycle stage, Family size Highest occupation and education level in the household, Neo-SEC Classification, CWE Occupation, CWE Education, Conventional SEC classification Monthly Household Income (MHI), No. of earning members in the family, Average per capita household income, Durables and Kitchen wear owned in the household - House, Car, Motorcycle, Scooter, Bicycle, B/W TV, Color TV, Home theater, TV Connection, Fridge, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Microwave, Music system, Portable music player, VCD/DVD player, Regular Camera, Digital Camera, Video Camera, PC/Laptop, Video Game Player, Inverter/UPS, Electric iron, Geyser, Water purifier, Food processor, Toaster, Sandwich maker, Electric chimney Banking & financial services - saving bank account, life insurance, medical insurance, owns a credit card with card type owned, whether owns a Demat account and invests in financial instruments like mutual funds, and other investments (FD, pension, bonds etc) Information Coverage Details 7

8 Personal Psychographics of Internet Users Current Priorities & Aspirations: Most important priorities in life currently, Parameter that defines status in the society for them Current & Pastimes: Current hobbies and interests, Favorite indoor and outdoor activities/pastimes, Other entertainment/outing activities undertaken regularly, Current living celebrity look up to Personal likes & preferences: kind of music listen to, kind of movies like to watch, favorite sports, food and clothing Personal Consumption Lifestyle Orientation Enthusiasm towards shopping Factors give preference to when deciding place of buying Attributes give importance to most when buying products and services Information Coverage Details 8

9 Mobile Usage and Other Personal Consumption Habits & Lifestyle Mobile - whether uses a mobile phone, No. of connections/SIMs used, Whether has landline phone at home For most used connection – type of connection technology, plan type (pre-paid/post-paid), Service provider name, Services subscribed to Whether use/avail of the following products and services, along with brand used: Processed foods - Milk additives, Namkeens, Potato chips, Jam, Noodles, Pasta, Corn Flakes/Oats, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Meat Products, Ketchup/Sauce, Packaged Cakes, Biscuits Beverages - Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, Energy drinks, Fruit drinks, Fruit Juice, Bottled water, Squashes/Concentrate Chocolates & Confectionary – Chocolates, Toffees/Candies, Mouth Fresheners, Chewing gums Alcohol & Cigarette – Different types of alcohols and cigarettes Personal care – Shower gel/Body wash, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, Hair oil, Hair gel, Hair color, Face cream, Fairness cream, Moisturizer/Body lotion, Talcum powder, Deodorant, Perfume, Face wash, Face cleansers Information Coverage Details 9

10 Toiletries – Soap bars,Toothpaste/powder, Tooth brush, Mouthwash, Hand-wash liquid soap, Hand sanitizer gel, Toilet paper Wearables - Jewelry, Watch, Readymade Shirts, T-shirts, Readymade Trousers, Jeans, Readymade suit, Tie, Sports Shoes, Formal Shoes, Sandals/Chappals, Innerwear/Lingerie, Belt, Saree/Salwar suit, Dress/Skirts Travel services - whether availed of any in last 3 months – air travel, train travel, bus travel, hotel stay, holiday package Personal Media Usage Whether use TV (including genre of channels watched), Whether use Radio, Newspaper (type of news content preferred the most) and Magazines (type of magazines preferred) Daily duration of usage for each of the media used Information Coverage Details 10

11 Net usage status and dynamics Years of experience in using the net, Place of access (home, place of work, cyber café, anywhere using mobile or anywhere using datacard/dongle), reasons for using cyber cafe Net usage details by the most preferred place of access – frequency of usage, duration of usage on weekday/weekend, speed of connection Net usage details by device used for access, time spent on each device Types of internet Connection at home Information Coverage Details 11

12 Professional Activities Job Search Professional Networking Check business/Financial news Downloading Activities Download music Mobile contents (Ring tones / games etc.) Download movies Screensavers/wallpapers Personal Activities Emailing Instant messaging/chatting Dating/Friendship Matrimonial search Buy/Rent Movies CD/DVD Check general news Online games Astrology Check sports (Other than cricket) Listen/stream music online Check health & lifestyle info Check cricket content/score Online education/learning Watch videos Social Media Activities Joined online community Social networking Share/upload pictures Follow other's Tweets Post your own Tweet Read /check blogs Comment on blog post Share/upload videos Have a blog site of my own Read product rating/reviews Post product rating/reviews Participate in online forums/polls Information Coverage Details 12 Popular online activities undertaken and most used websites for those activities

13 Other Activities E-greetings PC to PC Net telephony PC to telephone Net telephony PC to mobile SMS Check financial info (Stocks, NAV, Rates) Check real estate info Send/receive email using mobile handset Web info search(text,images) Indian language search engine Searching locations/maps Search info for higher education Online tutorials Share/upload music Subscribe to RSS feed Contribute in Wikipedia Online Travel Activities Air Ticketing Train Ticketing Bus Ticketing Hotel/Holiday Package Check restaurant reviews Use home delivery Activities undertaken in last one month and websites used for them Bought Travel Products online Bought Non Travel Products online Traded Share online Used Internet Banking Paid Bills online Booked Cinema/Event Ticket online Bought Mobile Recharge Usage of Net Banking for which purpose Information Coverage Details 13

14 Size Estimates of Intenders (likely to buy in 3-6 months) (All India, Urban/Rural, By States, By City Class/Village Class, Top 25 urban districts) Consumer Durables – Type and Brand for TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, VCD/DVD Player, Music System, Ipod/MP3 player, Camera, Video camera, Inverter/UPS, Electric Iron, Geyser, AC, PC/Laptop, Tablet, Vacuum cleaner, Video Game Player, Home Theater, Clothes Dryer Kitchenware – Type and Brand for Microwave, Dishwasher, Water purifier, Regular Oven, Cooker, Food Processor, Toaster, Sandwich maker, Electric chimney, Gas stove Automobiles – Type, Amount intending to spend and Brand for Car, Motor cycle, Scooter and Bicycle Telecom – Mobile, Fixed line telephone, Wireless broadband, Fixed line internet service (cable internet), Datacard Financial products - Saving bank account, Credit/Debit/Cash card, Investments (FD, Pension schemes, bonds), Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Medical insurance, General insurance (accident, auto, travel, house), Loans Factors influencing purchase decisions for each category Channels referred to pre-purchase, Channels used to share post-purchase experience, Type of experience shared Time of year in which plan to make a purchase Consumer Durables and Automobiles Information Coverage Details 14

15 Social Media Usage Behaviour Common motivations for your TG to follow/subscribe/become a fan/search for your brand on social media Type of recent communication done about a brand on internet, top communications, top brands being talked about, top brands with positive and negative sentiments Extent of Trust on different types of advertisements/promotions (Natural and sponsored search engine results, family friend recommendations, online consumer reviews, online professional reviews, posts by companies/brands on social media, Posts and interaction by other people on company/brand pages on social media, website ads, company website information) Social Media & Blogging - proportion of internet users reading, commenting and owning blogs, review products, use twitter, upload content online, etc. Information Coverage Details 15

16 Online shopping behavior (Only in Online Travel and Online Shopping Dataset) Penetration of online shoppers (only search) and buyers (search and buy), Reasons for not buying online where applicable Travel products bought and/or searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios Non-travel products bought and/or searched in last 1 year and last 1 month, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying Preferred Online payment modes Motivations of buying online and problems faced while buying online Websites searched/bought from for individual product categories – Fashion & Apparel, Consumer electronics IT & Mobile, Innerwear/Lingerie, Baby & Children Products, Home Furnishing, Arts & Collectibles, Grocery, Sports goods, Books, Jewellery, Insurance Products regularly searched and bought online Information Coverage Details 16

17 What datasets can you ask for? 17

18 18 Overall Internet User Level Dataset All Internet Users – Demographics, Psychographics, Internet Usage, Media Usage India Online Universe Car & 2-wheeler owning net users Auto Owners Online Social media users on the net Online Lingua Investors Online Consumer Segment Datasets Youth Online 13-24 year old internet users Women Online Women internet users Urbanites Online Net users by their SEC profile Online Socialites Students on the net Rendezvous Online Net users by place of access Speed Online Net users by type and speed of connection Online City Line Net users by town classes CC Online Credit card owners as net users Techie Online IT Professionals on the net Students Online Net users as financial investors Vernacular language net users Corporate employees on the net Corporate Online Online Searchers & Buyers Net users who search and/or buy specific product categories (travel/non-travel e-commerce) online Juxt Online Syndicated Datasets Mobile & Online Net users using internet on mobile phones Product Owners Online Net users by product category and/or brands Intenders Online Net users by their intention to buy, by product category and/or brands New! You can also create your own customized Consumer Segment Dataset!*

19 Juxt Online Syndicated Datasets 19 Online Verticals Datasets Generic Portals Online Shopping Job Search Matrimony Social Networking/ Social Media activities Emailing Online News Online Sports Content Financial Info Search Non-travel products Online Share Trading Net Telephony Online Games Online Music Online Real Estate Mobile Content Download Professional Networking Cricket, Other Sports Picture Sharing Download Videos Download Movies Search Engine - English Search Location/Maps Book Movie Tickets Astrology Online Travel Read/Check Product ratings You can also create your own customized Online Vertical Datasets!* Check out the Information Covered section to know all the data available.

20 Pricing 20

21 A. Each Dataset (In MS Excel format) : Rs. 1,50,000 B. Analyzed Topline Report (in MS Power Point format) : Rs. 2,00,000 C. Online Reporting Engine Access (Access to dataset data on Tableau Reporting Software) : Rs. 1,75,000 per log-in D. Custom queries (48hrs turn around time from receiving payment) - 1 custom query (restricted to 5 data cuts/banners/top-breaks and 15 cross tabulated/side break tables within the available variables of the dataset): Rs. 50,000 - Annual upfront subscription of 12 queries in a calendar year (restricted to 5 data cuts/banners/top-breaks and 15 cross tabulated/side break tables within the available variables of the dataset): Rs. 2,50,000 Pricing* 21 * Excluding Taxes

22 Combo Offers: If you want to order more than one format then, the pricing is as, A+B+C+D = Rs. 5,00,000 A+B+C = Rs. 3,50,000 B+C+D = Rs. 4,00,000 A+B = Rs. 2,50,000 A+C = Rs. 2,50,000 B+C = Rs. 2,50,000 B+D = Rs. 3,00,000 *A = Each Dataset (In MS Excel format) B = Analyzed Topline Report (in MS Power Point format) C = Online Reporting Engine Access (Access to dataset data on Tableau Reporting Software) D = Custom queries (as previous slide) Trade Discounts: 1. If ordering up to 4 reports/datasets etc. - Flat 15% 2. 5 to 9 segment/vertical reports/datasets etc. - Flat 20% 3. Above 10 segment/vertical reports/datasets etc. - Flat 25% 4. For existing clients of Juxt, Smartmandate, TelecomWatch & Drizzlin there is +10% discount Pricing* 22 * Excluding Taxes

23 Payment Terms:100% against order confirmation Delivery Timeline: Syndicated Dataset Excels Within 12 - 24 hours of payment confirmation : Customized Dataset Excels* Within 24-48 hours of payment confirmation : Online Reporting tool - Tableau Login Within 12-24 hours of payment confirmation : Analyzed Topline Report (Powerpoint presentation) Within 5-7 working days of payment confirmation Payment Terms & Delivery 23

24 Mrutyunjay Mishra Address : 23 (4 th Floor), Hauz Khas Village New Delhi - 110016 Telephone: +91-11-29535098, +91-9717133445 Website: Contact Us 24

25 Thank You 25

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