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SAVE. Or die. Stefan Dobak, CEO gratex international.

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1 SAVE. Or die. Stefan Dobak, CEO gratex international

2 WHO WE ARE Development of customized software applications and system integration Established in 1991 2011 revenue 35 mil. € 400+ employees Since 1994 in Insurance IBM Premier Business Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, HP Gold Preferred Partner, Symantec, T-com, SAP, Cisco

3 REFERENCES | Allianz Group
Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa (General – Life and Non-life Insurance) Allianz - Slovenská dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť: (Pension Fund Management) Allianz Asset Management (Private Equity Management) Allianz Ţiriac Asigurari (Reinsurance) Allianz Life Korea (Life Insurace – in cooperation with Samsung SDS) Global Transport & Automotive Insurance / Allianz (Underwriting Agency – transport insurance)

4 REFERENCES | Allianz Group
Reinsurance: Allianz Slovenská poisťovňa Slovakia Allianz Ţiriac Asigurari Romania Allianz Life Korea South Korea Global Transport & Automotive Insurance / Allianz Australia How big is the reinsurance team? So we literally in our reinsurance team we have people that understand our business

5 REFERENCES | Insurance
Social Insurance Agency (Slovak Republic) Employer Liability Insurance Uniqua (Slovak Republic) IT infrastructure delivery and administration  Generali (Slovak Republic) IT infrastructure delivery and administration Cardif (Slovak Republic) IT infrastructure delivery and administration Eximbanka (Slovak Republic) Insurance Portal Pet Sure (Australia) Pet health insurance (also reinsurance) Protecsure (Australia) Equipment insurance (also reinsurance)

6 PRODUCTS | Modules & Competences
Life and Non-Life New Business (UW, Policy Issueing) • Premium Collection • Policy Change • Payment • Accounting in Policy Admin (SBA subledger) • Claims • Integrated Customer Management • Product Design (ProductTemplateRegister) • Actuary Variable Insurance • Liability Insurance • Export/Import Insurace • Employee Retirement Insurance Risk Management & Solvency II Fraud detection system Reinsurance Commission DMS (Document Management System) Migration and Integration

7 Reinsurance | Supported types of reinsurance

8 WHERE TO GO Who is happy with the maintenance costs? 20-30%
Recent updates on licensing policies Expensive change requests Limited resources Application market consolidation

9 WHERE TO GO Do you save? The world has changed
Software licensing principles not (40 years?) Pay for what you really get How much is the brand worth? Where is the innovation comming from?

10 WHERE TO GO Do you have Open Source solution (is it an Option)?
All components for enterprise solution are available Resources are there Social aspect of the relation have been changed Quality: Bugfixing roundtrip is shorter Nothing to be afraid of. You have it anyway. From the legacy vendors.

11 WHERE TO GO Is your investment strategy Zero based?
Rethink the maintenance Modularity – case by busniness case Better control – better results – Commission, Collection/Disbursement, processes (DMS), Fraud Detection, Reinsurance Turn challenges in to the opportunity (S2) Think. Or die.

12 Gratex International a.s.
GBC IV, Galvaniho 17/C Bratislava, Slovakia Gratex International AUST PTY Lakes Business Park Unit G1, 2B Lord Street Botany, NSW 2019 Astralia Gratex International Korea Allianz Tower Yoido-Dong Youngdeung po-gu, Seoul Korea Phone:

13 Backup slides

14 Reinsurance | Custom information system for Reinsurance
Originally developed for Allianz Group In accordance with EU Directive Solvency II Transparent and quantifiable goals Improvement and optimization of the data flow within the company Optimization of the reinsurance processes with substantial time reduction Increasing the efficiency of planning, executing and evaluating all reinsurance activities Decreasing the error rate (quality improvement and transparency of data calculation) Elimination of the manual interventions Decreasing the costs related to reinsurance business

15 Reinsurance | System description
Automates administrative functions of all types of reinsurance Technological platform created by Oracle in multi-layer architecture Interface in the web browser Process and reporting criteria of Solvency II regulations

16 Reinsurance | Supported processes of reinsurance

17 Reinsurance | Modules implemented in the system
Modular architecture allows replacement of any internal modules Accounting batches in structure required by a central accounting system based on SAP

18 Reinsurance | System description Further functions of reinsurance
Reinsurers and brokers panels Multicurrency Accounting in written and collected premium Calculation of Commissions and Fees Legal Costs, Sliding Scale Commissions, Profit Commissions, Administration Fees, „Loss Corridor“, Deferred Acquisition Costs, Technical results The Loss processing Risk-attaching Basis (UWY) Loss-occurring Basis (OCY)

19 Reinsurance | Reporting
Standardized reports for reinsurers or reinsurance brokers Excellent tool for monitoring, analyzing and forecasting, opportunities and risks Automatic reports for SAP system Automatic reports within corporate structure (e.g. for parent company) Reports on the Statement of account (SoA Reporting) Support of the Risk and Loss Profiles Statements on the sets of Cat Aggregates by region, product or duration

20 Reinsurance | Benefits of the system Better business performance
Improvement and optimization of the data flow within the company Lower costs related to the insurance business Lower error rate in this process Integration capabilities Expanding of existing modules depending on customer requirements Adjusted terms of service - SLA (Service Level Agreement) on a 24/7 basis

21 REFERENCES | Others Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic Schengen Information System I/II; REGOB (The Register of Citizens, ID's, Driving Licenses, Passports); EVO (The Vehicle Register, Wanted Vehicles); EZP (Firearms Register, Wanted Firearms) Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic Complete IT infrastructure delivery and administration, Implementation of ERP solutions Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic Workflow management Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic IT infrastructure delivery Neografia Complete IT infrastructure delivery and administration, Implementation of ERP solutions T-Com Slovakia gTel Route (Optimization of transit telecommunications business) DANUBE WINGS SR. LRIS - Air tickets booking information system 

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