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American Sign Language Club

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1 American Sign Language Club
Welcome back! Monday, January 28, 2013

2 Meet Our Officers/Advisers
President: Jacob Salem Vice President: Lauren Harris Treasurer: Katie Scarlett Secretary: Kathy Jacob Internal Public Affairs: Kristy Griesemer External Public Affairs: Angela Blount Historian: Emily Achong Tutoring Coordinator: Jay Barreto Adviser: Jason Hurdich Adviser: Elena Moore

3 Mission Statement/Goals
The ASL Club mission is to create a place for all students and those who seek knowledge and want to raise awareness of American Sign Language, the Deaf Community, and Deaf Culture. As the American Sign Language Club, our goals are to increase the opportunities for students to practice American Sign Language in settings outside of the classroom, host events and trips relevant to students wishing to learn about American Sign Language and the culture that surrounds it, and encourage fellowship among the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing.

4 Semester Plan General Meetings February Events Deaf Awareness Month
Social Committee Activity Tutoring Services Chat Time February Events View our Calendar Deaf Awareness Month Gallaudet Trip Guest Speakers Events Organizations Knight-Thon Relay 4 Life Orlando Magic ASL Team

5 General Meeting Officers Report: 15-20 minutes
Social Committee Activity: minutes New Signers: Learn New Signs Experienced Signers: Chat Time Tutoring Services Announcements

6 FREE for paid asl members! If you need a tutor, fill out the form
Tutoring Services FREE for paid asl members! one-on-one tutor Group study If you need a tutor, fill out the form If interested in becoming a tutor, please meet the tutoring coordinator before the meeting ends

7 February 2013

8 Deaf Awareness Month Events
- Gallaudet Trip - Guest Speakers - Entertainment Week - Athletes Week - Deaf Cultural Week - Deaf Weekend

9 Gallaudet University Explore the school One-on-one with the adviser
Experience the Deaf Culture Visit NAD Museums and Monuments in Washington DC Night scene SO MUCH MORE!

10 Gallaudet Trip: Applicant Process
Register Online: January 28, 2013 – February 4, 2013 Sign the following forms: Deposit Form Emergency Contact/Medical Concern Liability Release Form $100 non-refundable deposit Meet the Qualifications

11 Gallaudet Trip: Qualifications
Must be a UCF Student At least a 2.5 GPA Paid member Attendance to at least two general meetings Attendance to at least two events MUST AGREE TO TURN VOICE OFF FOR 4 DAYS! Failure to pay the non-refundable deposit of $100 may result in the applicant's placement on the waiting list.

12 Gallaudet Trip: Financial Breakdown
Gallaudet Dorm: $40 per room (up to two people) Linen (one-time fee): $10 Air flight Ticket: $130 - $190 Fixed Cost + Variable Cost = Total Cost SGA Contribution: $2700 Therefore, $40 per room x 9 rooms x 3 nights = $1080. (FIXED) $10 one-time fee for linen x 18 people = $180 (FIXED) $150 air flight ticket (est.) x 18 = $2700 (VARIABLE) $3960 – $2700 = $1260/18 people = $70 per person THE AMOUNT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

13 Guest Speakers Dack Virnig Peter cook Heather artinian Daniel michel
Ashley fiolek Joshua prado Dwight collins Sean berdy

14 Comedy/Drama Dack Virnig Peter Cook

15 Heather Artinian Controversial Issue Main Actress of Sound and Furry
Academy Award Nominated Reflection Heather Artinian

16 Athletes Daniel Michel: MMA Fighter Joshua Prado: Judo World Champion
Ashley Fiolek: Motorcyclist Dwight Collins: Former UCF Football Player

17 Current and Former College Students
Jacob salem Joshua prado Robert purdy Ashley loomis Megan helock Erika tice Michael veley Monica Mishrigi Hellen garcia

18 Sean Berdy Currently in process of finalizing and securing dates.
More information coming soon!

19 Orlando Magic ASL Team! Sign the national anthem at Orlando Magic Arena! FREE tickets to the game! If interested, contact Lauren Harris at

20 FSDB TRIP Experience the live instructional classroom
Explore the school and its classroom setting Visit their dorms

21 Knight- Thon April 13, 2013

22 What is Knight- Thon? Knight- Thon is an 18 hour dance marathon to raise awareness and money for the Children’s Miracle Network!

23 The Cause The purpose of Knight-Thon is to raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network. The Children’s Miracle Network funds medical care, research and education which saves and improves the lives of 17 million children each year. They contribute to over 170 children’s hospitals!

24 Our Team! You can join our team for free at For more info, we also have a Facebook group titled: ASL Knights Knight-Thon Team

25 ALSO! Relay for Life March 16, 2013 Starting at 1pm at Memory Mall
“This is your opportunity to honor cancer survivors, remember those we have lost to this disease, and raise funds and awareness to help end cancer forever.” March 16, 2013 Starting at 1pm at Memory Mall More info coming soon!

26 Join ORLANDO Magic ASL Team See Katie after meeting
Dues ONLY $20 Benefits? Tutoring FUN Trips Discounted t-shirts Join ORLANDO Magic ASL Team Multiple events! See Katie after meeting

27 SIGN OF THE WEEK! Sit vs. chair Eat vs. food Open book vs. book To call vs. telephone vs. cellphone Fly-to vs. airplane  To-put backpack on vs. backpack

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