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Champaign/Urbana, Illinois Willard Airport Community Air Development Task Force Meeting December 2013.

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1 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois Willard Airport Community Air Development Task Force Meeting December 2013

2 AGENDA Call to Order (Carter) Introductions (Carter). Formation of the Task Force and Its Charge (DeLorenzo) University review Community meeting with President and Chancellor Chancellor Leadership Advisory Task Force Task Force Organization (Carter) –Meeting schedule -Responsibilities –Ground rules Airport Basics (Walden) Operations Finance Next Meeting (Carter) Tour 2

3 Background Willard is one of 10 commercial airports in Illinois. The University of Illinois authority to operate a commercial airport was established by the legislature in 1943. Willard Airport is the only commercial airport in the country owned and operated by an educational institution. Willard Airport, often referred to by its FAA designation "CMI," was named for former University of Illinois president Arthur Cutts Willard. Formal dedication of the airport on October 26, 1945 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign established the Institute of Aviation at Willard Airport in 1946 First scheduled airline service in 1954 3

4 Background Willard is comprised of 1700 acres. There are 4 runways including an 8100 foot long runway with a precision approach as well as a practice runway dedicated for flight training. The airspace is controlled by a tower operation funded by the FAA. There are 23 buildings with 250,000 sq. ft. of space Until 2005, Willard and the Institute of Aviation were a combined organization. Willard operates much as a small city with its own Fire Department, Public Works activities (snow removal, road repair), Security operations, Capital Improvement Plan, Comprehensive Land Use Plan, grant activities with State and Federal agencies and economic development functions. 4

5 Economic impact 5

6 6

7 University and Campus Administration Director, Real Estate Planning & Services Airport Manager Fire Chief Asst. Airport Manager Office Support Associate Airport Mechanics Building Service Workers Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters Director, Institute of Aviation Assoc Dir, Finance 50% Asst Dir, HR & Comm 19% Chief Clerk 50% Cashiers Office Administrator 7% Willard Airport Organization Chart

8 Willard Operations Personnel Airport Manager Assistant Manager 7 ( 5 filled) airport mechanics 3 building service workers Airport Fire Marshal 6 crash rescue-security specialist 1.31 personnel shared with Institute of Aviation 1 office support specialist 2.26 cashiers, 0.5 distribution clerk Extra help Total 22.07 filled -- 8 union 8

9 University Role Sponsor Holds FAA operating certificate Grant recipient Federal (AIP) Grant recipient State Provides operating subsidy (Currently $447,000) Compliance with State procurement rules Compliance with grant assurances Provides management oversight Owns propertyincluding farm operations Annual purchaser of $4.5 million in tickets 9

10 Todays Focus Airport Operations Aviation activities Field and facility maintenance FAA Compliance TSA Compliance Airport Finances Operations –Revenue –Expense Capital replacement Tour 10

11 Airport operations Aviation activities American Eagle service –7 Daily flights (ORD & DFW) Charter service –Laughlin, Sun Country Flight Star –12 corporate aircraft Flex-N-Gate, Jimmy Johns, Fox/Atkins –American Eagle maintenance ( 4 overnight) –Fueling /de-icing services –Ground handle flight school Commercial terminal operations –Facilities –Jet bridges –Passenger/tenant services 11

12 Airport Operations Aviation activities –cont. General Aviation –42 T-Hangars –Corporate hangars Flight School –28 Piper aircraft and 2 Cessna –Capacity for 260 students FAA Tower operations and lease Rental car operations Total take offs and landings: 56,000 12

13 Airport operations Airfield Operations and Facility maintenance Maintain grounds, buildings, hangars, facilities Maintain navigational aids, field lighting Snow and ice removal Maintain vehicles and equipment Provide 24-7 aircraft rescue and firefighting Maintain parking lots and roads 13

14 Willard Terminal The present terminal was dedicated 24 years ago and jointly funded with Champaign County. The facility is in reasonably good condition, but does require maintenance and investment. 14

15 Airport Finances Unlike other airports in Illinois, Willards revenues are derived from airport operations and University funding without local support. 15

16 Willard Airport Revenue Averages FY09-FY13 *1 Includes TSA space and FAA tower in addition to rental car and airline terminal space

17 Willard Airport Expenditure Averages FY09-FY13 *1 Includes Campus F&S, insurance, inspections, etc.*4 Includes consultant fees *2 Funding for permanent renewal and replacement of infrastructure*5 Includes travel and leased *3 T-Hangar loan equipment

18 Willard Capital Replacement Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Grant funds from FAA $1.1 million annually 90% Federal / 5% State / 5% Local (airport) Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) $350,000 annually Safety, Security, Capacity Occasional State grant for State/local projects (90/10) Infrastructure in reasonable shape Capital Reserve fund of $1,000,000 Capital asset value $35,000,000 Only debt on t-hangers $200,000 18

19 Willard Airport 19

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