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Guideline for your exchange at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University May 9, 2012.

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1 Guideline for your exchange at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University May 9, 2012

2 Go Duke! Preparations for Arrival Academics Accommodation Other Requisites Activities 2

3 P reparations for Arrival Complete all paperwork required for US Visa Application - Visa Type: J1 visiting student visa - IMPORTANT: Because of the long process of US visa application (See the next slide), you should - Collect some documents (e.g. proof of financial support, sponsorship letters from your parents) beforehand - Coordinate with the exchange coordinator to get necessary documents (e.g. DS-2019) or get answers to any questions in the timely manner to prevent any delays in the subsequent steps - If you cannot find the empty slots for your visa application, you can send an e-mail to The Consular Section of The US Embassy to request for your slot (case-by-case basis) 3

4 P reparations for Arrival 4

5 Book air tickets as early as possible - The earlier you book, the cheaper the air fare you can get - The destination airport is Raleigh – Durham International Airport (RDU) - You have to arrive at Durham, North Carolina in early January to attend the one-day mandatory orientation session Book apartments & furniture and process required payments prior to arrival 5

6 P reparations for Arrival Complete Immunizations Each student must comply with North Carolina immunization requirements Required Optional / Recommended Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Tetanus – Diphtheria – Pertussis if booster needed, must be given as Tdap Tuberculosis Test* * All International students, except those from Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be required to have a Tuberculosis Test (T-Spot) upon arrival at Duke. Please call (919) 681-9355 to schedule an appointment Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B Meningitis Varicella HPV Rabies Yellow Fever Japanese Encephalitis Typhoid-injection 6

7 Preparations for Arrival Academics Accommodation Other Requisites Activities 7 Go Duke!

8 A cademics Quick Facts Study period: Spring semester (Spring 1 and Spring 2) Students are required to enroll online in a minimum of 5 classes per semester but can enroll up to 6 classes without needing special permission from Fuquas Registrar Office Students can audit any courses but need special permission from professors / instructors and complete paperwork required for registration Although the auditing students do not have to take any exams, some professors require the students to actively participate in case discussion Please discuss directly with the professors to understand their expectations January February MarchApril Spring 1 (6 weeks) Spring Break (2 weeks) Spring 2 (6 weeks) Orientation 8

9 A cademics Quick Facts Quick Facts Normal class session: 1-hour study + 15-minute break + 1-hour study (Meeting twice a week: Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday, No class on Wednesdays but you can attend seminars) Most courses require students to complete pre-assignments before the first class session (i.e. Be ready for discussion and submission of assignments in the first session) You will get an e-mail notifying when pre-assignments are available to be picked up at Building Management Office, The Fuqua School of Business or to be downloaded from* under (The exchange coordinator will give each student a NetID (Username) and a password to access to this internal website) Be noted that no grade or credit is earned when auditing a course also provides links to the following information: My Courses (The courses that you enroll), Course Descriptions, Honor Code, ACES Web, Fuqua Library, Discussion Forums, Fuqua Bulletin, and other announcements (NetID or Username and password are required for accessing this website)

10 A cademics Quick Facts Quick Facts Grade conversion Superior Pass (SP) High Pass (HP) Pass (P) Low Pass (LP) Fail (F) Fuqua Grade Proportion of students who get the grade* Sasin Grade No more than 30% No more than 45% At least 25% A, 4.0 B+, 3.5 B, 3.0 C * The distribution of grades follows Fuquas recommended policy for elective courses ** Very rare chance to get below Pass (P) 10

11 A cademics Quick Facts Quick Facts Students must purchase course packs for all of their enrolled courses Fuqua will charge the course pack price to a students BURSAR* account unless he buys the course pack but Fuqua finds out that he enrolls in that course Fuqua Community strongly upholds The Honor Code ( * The details for BURSAR will be provided in the subsequent slides 11

12 A cademics Course Registration Process ( Course Listings Book Bagging Enrollment See the next two slides for Spring – 2012 course listings (subject to change) Access to Fuquaworld or Fuqua website to view course descriptions 12

13 A cademics Course Listings (Spring 1 – 2) Accounting Decision Science Finance Marketing Managerial Accounting341 342Corporate Financial Reporting 441Financial Statement Analysis 442Valuation and Fundamental Analysis Decision Models312 410Strategic Modeling 483Information Management Investment352 Entrepreneurial Finance356 Fixed Income Securities450 Corporate Restructuring455 Raising Capital458 Real Estate Entrepreneurship459 Marketing Intelligence361 362 Consumer Behavior 460 Product Management 468 Marketing Strategy Operations Operations Strategy471 475Global Operations * Please check the latest course listings at 13

14 A cademics Course Listings (Spring 1 – 2) Management Management Communications Economics Strategy Decision Making420 421Negotiation 426Social Entrepreneurship 491 Effective Advocacy 397 398 Professional Project Communication Sports Business Global Economic Environment of the Firm 301 402Game Theory 431Competitive Analysis 491 Behavioral Economics International Strategy332 333Entrepreneurial Strategy 334Strategic Alliances 336 Emerging Markets Strategy 339 Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy 491Managing Challenged Businesses * Please check the latest course listings at 14

15 A cademics Course Registration Process ( Course Listings Book Bagging Enrollment It is a time saving feature, similar to shopping carts used by online merchants. You can hold as many courses as you want but the system will block the process as soon as it finds out conflicting class schedules Having classes in your Book Bag does not mean that you are registered for them. You must move them from your Book Bag to your registration record when your enrollment window opens Placing a course in your book bag does not give you priority over other students 15

16 A cademics Course Registration Process ( Course Listings Book Bagging Enrollment Check course ratings before any enrollment First come, first served After the enrollment window for the exchange students opens at the specified time and date, you will see that all courses have been filled by MBA full-time students already because the enrollment window for them starts earlier than that for the exchange students Since popular courses, with high ratings, are likely to be fully occupied quickly (given the class-size limit, maximum 70 students / section), it is essential to note the specified time and date in which the enrollment window opens 16

17 A cademics Course Registration Process ( Course Listings Book Bagging Enrollment The first ten waitlisted students (No. 1 – 10) are likely to be successfully enrolled. Other waitlisted students should consider other courses as alternatives Add / Drop Period*: Within three calendar days after Spring 1 or Spring 2 starts * The exchange coordinator or Fuquas Registrar Office will send you the detailed registration, add / drop, and exam schedules 17

18 A cademics Facilities of Fuqua The Ford Library Team Rooms Computer Lab IT Help Desk Fox Center (Canteen) 18

19 Preparations for Arrival Academics Accommodation Other Requisites Activities 19 Go Duke!

20 A ccommodation We stayed at Alexan Place at South Square Address: 100 Alexan Drive, Durham, NC 27707 Website: E-mail: To Duke University (West Campus) To UNC – Chapel Hill (15 – 20 minutes by car from Alexan Place) 20

21 A ccommodation We stayed at Alexan Place at South Square 21 * Once you check in Alexan Place apartment, you will get the checklist form to report any damages you may see in the assigned apartment. Please thoroughly check and report to the leasing office immediately

22 A ccommodation We rented some necessary furniture from Cort ( 22

23 A ccommodation Summary of Accommodation-related Expenses 23 * Excluding other application fees and security deposits ** We left some kitchenware and household appliances with Thai Fuqua students *** Buy your own router (Approximate USD 50) to use wireless internet in your apartment

24 A ccommodation 24 If you prefer….. Recommend….. -Proximity to other Thai students -Proximity to supermarkets - Target - Li Mings Global Mart (Asian style supermarket) - Harris Teeter -Calm residential environment -Proximity to other international (exchange) students - Proximity to Downtown Durham -Urban nightlife and various kinds of entertainment (especially many parties!) - Access to convenient transportation to Fuqua -Proximity to other international students -Proximity to Fuqua (15-minute walk) - Nightlife and various kinds of entertainment - Restaurants

25 Preparations for Arrival Academics Accommodation Other Requisites Activities 25 Go Duke!

26 O ther Requisites 26 Car Leasing Applying for NC Driving License Lessor: First Choice Leasing ( Sales: Jim Lowe ( We got the rate of USD 566.50 per month for 4-month contract Plus Auto insurance premium, USD 400.70 per quarter (Insurance Broker: Sunrise Group) You can use Thai driving license or International Driving Permit for application but NC driving license gains more acceptance Visit Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of North Carolina website to study the application process and regulations Study cheat sheet before taking computer-based examination. It really helps

27 O ther Requisites 27 Mobile Phone Prepaid versus Postpaid plans Individual versus Family (postpaid) plans For postpaid plans, each one has to pay the security deposit, USD 500 It takes around 60 days after terminating services to return the security deposit, after all deductions Bank Accounts Bank of America - Many ATMs and branches in big cities - Electronic banking - Various designs of debit card - The nearest ATM is at the Bryan Center (10-minute walk from Fuqua) Wells Fargo ATM is available at Fuqua

28 O ther Requisites 28 BURSAR Account ( The following expense items are charged to each students account - Course pack fee (Vary across courses) - Transcript fee - Insurance fee (Every student must apply for health insurance) - Health fee (for some medical treatments at Duke Clinic) - Graduate student activity fee - Recreation fee (A student can use any recreational facilities at Duke) - FLEX (A student can add money into his own FLEX account and can pay for food and Starbucks at Fox Center by swiping Duke Card) Method of payment: e-Check (That is, payment from your checking account) Each student must meet payment schedule (monthly basis) and clear all expenses before returning home country

29 O ther Requisites 29 Download DukeMobile application to manage your FLEX account (DukeCard icon) and gain access to other necessary information id306796270?mt=8

30 O ther Requisites 30 Wanna go shopping?..... The Streets at Southpoint (15-minute drive from Alexan Place) Others: Crabtree Valley Mall (40-minute drive) Tanger Outlet (40-minute drive)

31 Preparations for Arrival Academics Accommodation Other Requisites Activities 31 Go Duke!

32 A ctivities 32 Fuqua Friday

33 A ctivities 33 Fuqua Friday

34 A ctivities 34 Fuqua Got Talent

35 A ctivities 35 Watching Basketball Match!

36 A ctivities 36 Thai Cultural Night And many more!.....

37 Should you need more insights, please contact us….. Supridi (Pete) Philippe Suthiphan (Menn) Kullaya (Bovy) Patamaporn (Jane) Quinn Strenn 37

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