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Global Travel Services Concur Enhancements October 9, 2013 Company confidential.

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1 Global Travel Services Concur Enhancements October 9, 2013 Company confidential

2 Content Company confidential 2 | Americas Operations Policy Overview 1.0 Post Ticket Change Feature 2.0 PNR Acquisition (ability to see offline reservations in Concur) 3.0 Schedule change email messages 4.0 Concur Travel Profile 5.0 Enhancement Tips and FAQ

3 1.0 Post Ticket Change Company confidential 3 | Americas Operations Policy Overview Concur Travels Post Ticket Change feature offers travelers the ability to change a live ticketed future date reservation online. This feature gives travelers greater control over their travel plans by allowing them to change certain reservations themselves, without needing to speak with a travel counselor. Travelers are presented with all relevant cost information about their new itinerary, taking into account any fees charged by the carrier, before they have to commit to the change. Post Ticket Change is applicable to: Live future ticketed reservations. All segments must be live and for future travel Single carrier reservations, same carrier for the entire trip Electronic Tickets Specific Airlines Post Ticket Change is not applicable to: Reservations with multiple tickets Reservations with multiple carriers Paper Tickets Reservations already exchanged

4 2.0 PNR Acquisition (Concur Reporting) Company confidential 4 | Americas Operations Policy Overview Concur Reporting is the ability to capture off-line booked PNRs in Concur. The functionality is commonly known as PNR Acquisition. Features: View off-line PNRs. Email off-line PNRs Cancel pre-ticket off-line PNRs Add/modify/cancel car rental to off-line PNRs Add/modify/cancel hotel rooms to off-line PNRs Limitations: Offline Amtrak bookings will not appear in Concur Unable to add/modify airline segments to off-line PNRs SegmentPre-TicketPost Ticket Air AddNo ModifyNo CancelYes Car AddYes ModifyYes CancelYes Hotel AddYes ModifyYes CancelYes

5 3.0 Schedule Change Email Notifications: A new routine was enabled that will generate email messages when there are major changes to your flight schedule. American Express receives these notifications throughout the day from all airlines. The schedule change emails will come from a different source then what you received as your itinerary/invoice. It is your responsibility to review the email to ensure the schedule change will not impact your travel schedule. 5 | Barclays presentation title | 30 January 2012

6 4.0 Concur Profile Company confidential 6 | Americas Operations Policy Overview Name Field: The first, middle and last name needs to match exactly what is on your IDs If you participate in TSA pre-check, the name you registered with TSA pre-check must also match the name in your profile. Birthday/Gender: Ensure the Date of Birth is correct in the profile. If you have changed the date format setting in Concur, be sure that the birthday matches that setting. TSA Pre-Check: If you have a known traveller number, please be sure to enter it into your profile

7 4.0 Concur Profile: Travel Arrangers Company confidential 7 | Americas Operations Policy Overview There can only be one Primary Travel arranger in a users profile The arranger denoted as the Primary arranger is the one that will be added to the users offline profile If there is not a primary arranger denoted in the profile, then the last person to make a change to the profile is the one that will sync to the offline profile. List of travellers is maintained by the arranger Each time you assign yourself as a travel arranger, the traveller will receive an email notification

8 4. Travel Arranger Instructions Company confidential 8 | Americas Operations Policy Overview 1. Click You are administering travel for: 2. Click on Search 3. In the Make Me an Assistant For box, enter the name or email of the traveler you would like to assign yourself as an arranger for. Highlight your travelers name from the list that displays. Note: The traveler must have an existing profile in order for his/her name to display on the list. 4. Click on OK 5. An email will be sent to the traveler advising him/her of your action. 6. You will now be able to arrange travel and edit the travelers profile. 7. Repeat the process for additional travelers

9 5.0 Enhancement Tips and FAQs Company confidential 9 | Americas Operations Policy Overview Post Ticket Change Tutorial: A Web-based tutorial can be accessed here: Instructions and FAQs can be found in the imbedded word doc.

10 Disclaimer This report is based on agency booked data and is not to be used for any P&L reconciliation. © Copyright Barclays Bank PLC (2012). All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the prior written permission of Barclays. Barclays Bank PLC is registered in England No. 1026167. Registered office 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP. Additional information regarding this publication will be furnished upon request. Company confidential 10 | Americas Operations Policy Overview

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