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Ed DuPree – Purchasing Leisha Moxness – Controllers.

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1 Ed DuPree – Purchasing Leisha Moxness – Controllers

2 Contact Ed DuPree, Assistant Director of Purchasing (x2795) when someone has been hired who will be relocating. Provide Eds contact information to the employee and their contact information to Ed. Scan a copy of the offer letter to Ed (o.k. to hide salary information.) This will document the arrangement with the employee and what expenses will be covered by the University.

3 Creighton will pay up to a maximum of $5,875.00 as follows: 100% of the first $1,000.00$1,000.00 75% of the next $6,500.00 $4,875.00 Total $5,875.00 * * *VP approval required for payments beyond the standard policy amount

4 Seek professional mover with good industry track record Seek competitive discounts while ensuring quality of service Act as liaison between new employee and moving company

5 The following are deductable moving expenses per the IRS and, therefore, may be covered by an employer with no tax implications: Transportation of household goods Lodging (not meals) en route including last night in old location and first night in new location Actual car expenses, such as the amount paid for gas and oil, or the IRS standard mileage rate for moving purposes, but not both Airline tickets for members of employees household Storage of household goods for up to thirty days

6 The following are not deductable per the IRS and are therefore considered taxable income when covered by an employer: Storage over 30 days More than one day temporary housing either at old or new location Mileage in excess of IRSs standard moving rate House-hunting trip costs For more information on what expenses are deductable and non-deductable, refer to

7 Payment by the University for any non- deductable items will be taxable to the new employee These amounts will be calculated by the Controllers office and sent to the Payroll department The amount will be recorded as income on the employees paycheck and taxed appropriately

8 The processing of move-related invoices and expenses should follow the general guidelines for Purchase-Order-Related payment processing (APPR02) The purchase order must fund the total cost of the move, not just the share covered by the University Use a TER (Travel and Expense Form) to request reimbursement for an employees out-of-pocket moving expenses and classify using account 7835 on the right side in the accounting distribution box

9 Submit TERs to the Controllers Office Controllers Office will review the expenses for tax implications When possible any expenses with tax implications will be counted towards the employee share

10 When all payments relating to the move are complete, the Controllers Office will calculate the employees share of moving costs Controllers Office will bill the new employee Bills are sent via e-mail Employee may choose between paying by check or payroll deduction Payroll deduction can be spread over 6 months

11 The Department may find it helpful to keep a log of employees expenses, so no TERs are submitted beyond what employee is allotted Please indicate House Hunting on the TER if a trip was made for this purpose.

12 Policies are contained in Controllers Manual, GNPL 05, Relocation Policy Contacts: Ed DuPree, Purchasing, x2795 Leisha Moxness, Controllers Office, x3878

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