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Lesson 79 1.,. My friends all went to _____ ______ ______,but I didnt_______ them. 2.,. My baby is too young. I cant ____ ____ ___ _____ 3.,,. When I.

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2 Lesson 79

3 1.,. My friends all went to _____ ______ ______,but I didnt_______ them. 2.,. My baby is too young. I cant ____ ____ ___ _____ 3.,,. When I _____ ___ ____ _____,she stopped ______ and _________ ____ the music. 4.,,. I _______ ___ the radio and _____ _____, the baby didnt _____ ____ _____. the Summer Palace join leave her by herself turned on the radio crying listened to turned off made faces cry any more

4 5.,. The ______ afternoon,I did ____ ____ ____ ____ things. The baby laughed _________. 6.,. _____ ____ _____,it rained ______ ______ ______ 7.,. Aunt Li ______ _______,she ____ ____ take grandma to the hospital_____ ______. 8. ! Lets _____ _____ _____ _____Li Leis _____. whole all kinds of funny happily After a whileharder and harder looked worriedhad to at once read a page fromdiary

5 Talk What are you going to do during the May 1st holiday?

6 Listen and answer 1.When will the summer holidays begin? 2.What will Hu Xin do in the holiday? 3.What about Emma? 4.What cities are they going to visit? Next month. His dad will take him to his hometown in Jiangxi. Theyre going to visit their grandparents there. Her parents will take her and her brother to a few cities in the South (in South China.) Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi and Hangzhou.

7 Fill in the blanks: The_______ holidays will_____ next month. Hu Xins father will_____ him to their hometown in Jiangxi. They are going to_____ his_____________ there. They will be very happy to see_____ _____ again. What about Emma? ______ her parents will take Victor and her to ___ ____cities in the South. Perhaps Shanghai,Nanjing, Wuxi and Hangzhou. They are all very_________ ______. We hope she will_____ ______. summerbegin take visit grandparents eachother Maybe afew interestingplacesenjoy herself

8 Exercises: 1.He___________ those apples.( 2.________-___ a message? ( 3.I____________ when I was four.( 4.____________ here? ( 5._____ we finish the work now? No, you________. ( You_____( ) finish it tomorrow. 6.We missed the last bus this morning. We _______ walk there. ( cant reach May I leave couldnt swim May I smoke Must neednt had to may

9 Puzzle dialogues 1.Those plates arent clean. 2.She left her pen at home 3.This road is very dangerous. 4.That dress is too expensive. 5.Were late for the train. 6.My bike is broken. 7.Where did she put her coat? 8.They cant find their way to the station. A.Youll have to mend it. B. Shell have to buy a cheaper one. C.We may catch it if we run. D.We must cross it very carefully. E.She can use a pencil instead. F.Nobody knows. She couldnt find it. G.They need to look at a map. H.Well have to clean them before mother comes home. H E D B C A F G

10 Look at the list and say what you can or cant do now. drive a car fly to the moon stand on you head draw a picture with your left hand use a computer make a kite make music sell vegetables ski speak French climb a tree make a robot swim in winter

11 Make up dialogues with the words in the box. A:What are you going to do this summer holiday? B:Nothing much. I may go to help some farmers with their work. A:Do you have to? B:Yes, I do./ No, I dont. my home town visit a few cities take care of Grandpa work on the Peoples farm

12 1.After we get the basket back, well go. We ____ _____ _____ we get the basket back. 2.My parents bought me a computer. My parents bought a computer _____ ______. 3.I learned skating all by myself. I ______ _______ to skate. wont go until for me taught myself

13 4.Youd better look after yourself. ______ _____ for you to _____ _____ _____ yourself. 5.When I think of my grandpas death, Im very sad. It _____ _____ _____ when I think of my grandpas death. Its besttake careof makes me sad

14 L77, Ex. 2 I have to borrow one from the library. I have to wait till tomorrow morning. She had to take a taxi. You have to take an umbrella.

15 Fill in the blanks with useful expressions in Units 19 and 20 1.Dont make so much noise. The baby ______ ______. 2.Please _____ ___ the light before you go to sleep. 3.My grandmother is ill. I cant ____ ___ ___ ______. I must go back and _____ good _____ ____ her. 4.____ _____ the child cried and cried, but half an hour later He did not cry _____ _____. 5.Its dark here. _____ _____ the light, please. I want to write something. is asleep turn off leave her by herself take care of Atfirst anymore Turnon

16 6.Ann was hungry. She ____ _____ the whole cake. 7.The boy ____ ____ after he broke the window. 8.You dont listen to your parents. ____ _____ _____ you will regret it. 9.He rushed into his room. ____ _____ ____, he came out with lots of toys. 10. The big boy took away our football. We decided to ___ it _____. ate up ran away Sooner or later After a while get back

17 Practise using have to and may. Jim: What are you going to do for the May 1st holiday? Jack:I _________ go to Kunming by plane with my parents. Jim: The air line is very busy. All the air tickets are sold out, I heard. Jack:Bad luck! We _________change our plan then. Jim: You ________visit some cities in the west. Jack:Good idea!Do I ________buy the air tickets now? Jim: No, you dont________.My father will drive us there.You ______ ask your father to drive there. Jack: Yes, I will.We can see lots of interesting places along the silk road. Jim: Sure. Its going to be a fun trip. may have to may have to may

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