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Joint Ethics. JER Background and Purpose JER General Policy and Duties Key Rules Joint Ethics Regulation Overview.

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1 Joint Ethics

2 JER Background and Purpose JER General Policy and Duties Key Rules Joint Ethics Regulation Overview

3 Replaced AFR 30-30 DOD Directive 5500.7-R (30 Aug.. 93) No Service Supplementing Regulations Applies to all DOD employees, regardless of civilian or military grade 12 Chapters, Punitive Provisions JER Background

4 To understand the origins and scope of the ethic requirements To understand your duties as a DOD employee To become familiar with the gift, travel, and use of government resources rulesPurpose

5 Set a personal example for fellow DOD employees Perform all official duties to facilitate Fed Government efficiency and economy Report suspected violations of ethics regulations Ethical Duties

6 Loyalty to Constitution, laws and ethical principles above private gain No conflicts of financial interests No improper use of information to further private interests Honest effort in performance of duties No unauthorized commitments or promises Principles of Ethical Conduct

7 No use of public office for private gain Impartial, no preferential treatment Conserve Federal property No outside employment/conflicts with official duties Disclose waste, fraud, and abuse Ethical Conduct

8 Do not use rank or position to further private interest Prohibited from commercial solicitation and sale to Junior ranking personnel (exception one-time basis for house, vehicle, etc.) Solicitation for contribution for gifts must be voluntary Must pay all personal financial obligations in timely manner Must be careful of accepting gifts from organizations seeking to do business with the Department of Defense MORE Ethical Conduct!!!

9 Cant conduct any gambling activities on government property. The use of government facilities, property, or manpower for other than official use is prohibited. You may not use Inside information for personal gain. Avoid activities of organizations that are incompatible with your government position. Cant use your position or rank to endorse a commercial product. Outside employment, which is incompatible with your government duties is prohibited. EVEN MORE Ethical Conduct!!!

10 Become familiar with all Ethical Provisions Comply with all provisions Become familiar with scope and authority for official activities for which YOU are responsible Employees (civilian and military) Shall: General Policy DOD

11 Arms Length Attorney Meet Your Ethics Counselor

12 Ethics counselor -AN ATTORNEY No attorney-client privilege –Must so advise before any communications –Must report suspected JER violations Written guidance will help keep you out trouble Ethics Counselors Role

13 Gift Travel Use of Government Property Commercial Activities Fundraising Joint Ethics Regulation Key Rules

14 None from prohibited sources or given because of official position Prohibited Source: –Does business with the DoD –Seeks to do business with the DoD The General Rule Gifts From Outside Sources...

15 Is Item Actually a Gift? If exception applies, would acceptance undermine Government Integrity? –Illegal if in exchange for an official action –Other statutes may prohibit –Appearance influence is being bought Gifts - The Practical Approach

16 No gifts to official superiors –official superior means someone who directs or evaluates an employee May not accept gift from lesser-paid employee –Unless personal relationship justifies gift and no superior subordinate relationship exists General Rule Gifts Between Employees

17 Occasional Basis (Christmas, birthday) –Non-cash gifts of $10 or less –Food in office; hospitality at residence Special, Infrequent Occasion (marriage, retirement) –$10 limit per person; $300 per organization Exceptions Gifts Between Employees

18 Regardless of exceptions, may NEVER accept a gift in return for influence or solicit a gift from an outside source Gifts within exceptions must be truly VOLUNTARY Bottom Line on Gifts

19 Required to Fly Coach Unless –No other reasonably available accommodations exist –Disabled employees condition necessitates first-class travel –Exceptional security circumstances All first class travel must be reported to the GSA Official Travel - Air Travel

20 Only seats provided on required route No Space available, required route Disabled Security purposes or exceptional circumstances Cheaper for Government Costs paid by a Non-Federal Source Use of Premium Class Official Travel

21 Anything received as a result of Official travel belongs to U.S. Government Frequent Flyer Benefits –Individual may keep credits from official travel such as frequent flyer miles, points, etc. –Can be used for free tickets –Upgrade to BUSINESS class NOT First Class Incidental Travel Benefits

22 On the Spot Upgrades –May accept if available to public –Dont accept if offered because of rank or official position Getting Bumped –Voluntarily-Keep benefit –Involuntarily-Benefit belongs to Fed Government Incidental Travel Benefits (cont.)

23 Agency designee MAY authorize if: No adverse affect on duty performance, duration/frequency=reasonable Pub interest keeping employee at work station No adverse reflection on US (e.g. porn reading, chain letter, etc…) No overburdening/no significant additional cost Use of Government Resources

24 No conflicts of interest, or even appearance No solicitation of junior members Key exception to Junior member prohibition: –One-time sale of non-commercial property Commercial Activities

25 Only Combined Federal Campaign and Air Force Assistance Fund are officially sanctioned Purely personal, unofficial fundraising may be done subject to limitations Fundraising Fundraising

26 JER Background JER General Policy and Duties –Do Your Job –Follow the Rules Key Rules –Gift, Travel, Resource and Fundraising Joint Ethics Regulation Summary

27 Take JER DEADLY serious! Remember it is a PUNITIVE regulation!! When In Doubt -- See Your Ethics CounselorConclusion

28 The servants of the Nation are to render their services without any taking of presents… The servants of the Nation are to render their services without any taking of presents… --Plato --Plato

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