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Eagles Infotech Consultants Pte Ltd Trainer : Kee Tong.

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1 Eagles Infotech Consultants Pte Ltd Trainer : Kee Tong

2 Communication and Shopping Through The Internet Part 1 : E-Mailing Part 2 : Online Transaction

3 Part 1 : Electronics Mail 1.1 Basic Facts on E-Mail 1.1.1 What is Electronic Mail 1.1.2 What can E-Mail do 1.1.3 How will it benefits me 1.1.4 Advantages & Disadvantages 1.2 E-Mailing 1.2.1 E-Mail Glossary 1.2.2 Parts Of an E-Mail 1.2.3 Understanding E-Mail address

4 Part 1 : Electronics Mail 1.3 Setting Up An E-Mail Account 1.3.1 E-Mail Service Provider 1.3.2 Registration for E-Mail Account 1.4 Working With E-Mail 1.4.1 Composing An E-Mail 1.4.2 Reading An E-Mail 1.4.3 Reply An E-Mail 1.4.4 Forward An E-Mail 1.4.5 Sending Attachment File

5 Part 2 : Online Transaction 2.1 Basic Facts on Online Transaction 2.1.1 What are Online Transaction 2.1.2 Why should I use Online Transaction 2.1.3 Security Guidelines for Online Transaction 2.1.4 Types Of Online Transaction

6 1.1.1 What is Electronics Mail E-Mail is writing a normal letters without pen, paper, stamps and walking to the post box to post it. E-mail works by sending electronic messages over the Internet Network It only takes a few seconds to arrive at the receiver after you send it

7 1.1.2 What can Electronics Mail do Beside sending and receiving mail, you can forward message to others and send attachment file

8 1.1.3 How will it benefit me Speedy transactions of mails. Convenience at one's fingertips. Cheap and saves space because it is paperless. Fast delivery. Result: E-mails are popular today.

9 1.1.4 Advantages and Disadvantages Cheap :- No need to pay postage stamps No more late deliveries No heavy mails, it is paperless and support file attachment Able to reply mail at a short ime Able to send email to one person or many people at one time Advantages

10 Disadvantages Emotions are difficult to express on email Computer viruses can spread through email easily Receiving Spam, the junk e-mail Lack of privacy

11 1.2.1 E-Mails Glossary Address Book BCC and CC E-Mail Emoticons Folders Inbox Outbox / Sent Netiquette Spam

12 1.2.2 Parts Of An E-Mail

13 1.2.3 Understanding E-Mail Address Country.auAustralia.caCanada.deGermany.frFrance.hkHong Kong.jpJapan.myMalaysia.sgSingapore

14 1.3.1 E-Mail Service Provider Others LycosContact

15 1.3.2 Registration For an E-Mail Account

16 Tips On E-Mailing DO NOT TYPE ALL IN CAPITALS Be careful what you write Write briefly Do no attach large file Do not spam Write useful subject line Use emoticons when try to convey a tone of voice

17 2.1.1 What are Online Transaction It is just doing business or work over the Internet. For example, you can shop from your own home and avoid the long queues.


19 2.1.3 Security Guideline for Online Transaction Secuirty. A site is safe when it shows lock symbol at the lower right hander of the webpage. The merchants can be contact in many ways as possible A stated privacy policy that protects your personal information A stated returns policy and satisfaction guaranteed policy State the cost of delivery Take note of the currency.

20 2.1.4 Types Of Online Transaction e-Shopping e-Services e-banking e-auctions e-News e-Filing e-Registration

21 Some Useful Websites DBS Air

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