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Enabling the Broadband Highway

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1 Enabling the Broadband Highway
Teracom Limited Enabling the Broadband Highway Teracom Ltd. 1 1

2 I Contents II III IV V VI Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 2

3 Objective of this Presentation
Teracom intend to showcase it’s capability As a System Integrator using its various Products and services to help Indian Railway to Achieve Operational efficiency Using ADSL Based Broadband technology, Which is a cost Effective and reliable medium for Communication. 3/31/2017 3

4 Company Background Teracom Ltd. is an integrated product and service Company catering to the high growth in Telecom and Power sector in India and emerging overseas market. The Company was incorporated in 2002 with its registered office in Goa. Five Manufacturing facilities are located in Goa and Pantnagar. Teracom operates in following business segments. Optical fiber cable. Telecom Transmission and Broadband Equipments Telecom Turnkey Projects Power cable and conductor Power Turnkey Projects. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd.

5 Historical Performance
3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 5 5

6 Teracom Strong Presence Telecom & Power
Business Model Power Telecom Telecom Cable Equipment Power Cable & Conductor Optical Fiber Cable CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminals Broadband ADSL 2+ Modem GSM Fixed Wireless Phones SDH Radio WIMAX CPE LT Power Cable LT Rubber Cable Control and signalling cables Industrial Flexible Cables ACSR / AAAC/AAA Conductors Aerial Bunched Cable Teracom Strong Presence Telecom & Power Manufacturing Telecom Turnkey Installation Turnkey Rural Electrification Supplies and Erection of Towers (Active & Passive) Supply and installation of Networking/VoIP/NGN based solutions BTS/MSC/BSC Installation and commissioning of GSM/ CDMA Network WIMAX BTS Installations RGGVY Rural Electrification Projects APDRP Projects Substations up to 132 KV Transmission Tower and Line Services 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 6 6

7 II Contents I III IV V VI Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 7

8 OFC Product Family Teracom is one of the top 3 manufacturer and exporter of Fiber Optic Cables in India with capabilities to manufacture and deliver up to 60,000 Km per annum of high fiber count (up to 288 Fiber) OFC. Armoured Cables (Unitube , Multitube – Single Sheath & Double Sheath). Fully Dielectric Self Supporting Cables (ADSS). Duct Cables. High Fiber Count Ribbon Cables. Tactical Cables for application in Defence. Lashed Aerial Cables. Dielectric Lashed Aerial Cables. Micro-duct / Mini-cables / Air Blown Cables. FTTH Cables (Drop wire with 1F and 2F). In Premises Cables (Riser/Plenum Rated Distribution Cables AND Simplex/Duplex Cables) 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 8

9 OFC Manufacturing Facility
The capacity and infrastructure to manufacture more than 60 thousand of multi-tube cable CKm. The capacity and infrastructure to manufacture more than 90 thousand of Unitube cable CKm. The capacity and infrastructure to manufacture more than 17 thousand of Ribbon cable CKm. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 9

10 In House R & D Facilities
Teracom has world class R & D and Testing Facilities to check OFC Quality and Performance. Test Equipment lists contains Splicing Vehicles (Mobile Labs), OTDR, Power Meter, BER Meter, Noise Generator and Counters, Spectrum Analyzer. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 10

11 Widely Approved in All Sectors

12 III Contents I II IV V VI Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 12

13 Telecom Product Portfolio
Teracom Product Range 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 13

14 Telecom Transmission and Broadband Products
Teracom Ltd. is India’s Largest Manufacturer of Wired and Wireless Broadband Access Products with capacity to manufacture 5 Million pieces/annum. Teracom Product Range in Broadband Telecom Offerings are Wire Line Products Wire Less Products Optical Fiber Cable Broadband Modems: ADSL 2+ Modem VDSL Modem GEPON ONT and OLT CDMA Network Interface Card EVDO Routers 3G Data Cards Wi-Max CPEs Microwave Products 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 14

15 ADSL2+ Product Family Salient Features
Teracom’s ADSL2+ Modems uses best in industry standard new generation Chipset solutions for providing high speed broadband and fully complies with ITU-T G (G.DMT) and G (G.LITE) ADSL standard. Many data communication equipments may be simultaneously connected either through WiFi port, Ethernet ports, USB ports or all to share high-speed Internet access. Use Ethernet port to provide connectivity regardless of the operating system or WiFi Port. An integrated firewall provides online security. Built-in connectivity (PPPoE and PPPoA) means that there is no need for PC software to make an Internet connection. ADSL service parameters are auto -detected upon connection to an ADSL line. Salient Features TR-O64 and TR-069 Auto Provisioning Support Built-in PPPoE and PPPoA Support Secured Wi-Fi Support VoIP Support. Firewall Support to protect from malwares and attacks. IPv4 and IPv6 Compliant TR-104 and TR-111 Compliant. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 15

16 ADSL2+ Product Family (Contd.)
Teracom ADSL End User Devices S.NO Category Product Code Description 1 ADSL Modem TAD101 1 Ethernet + 1 USB 2 ADSL Modem TAD105 4 Ethernet + 1 USB 3 ADSL Modem TAD201 1 Ethernet + Wi-Fi 4 ADSL Modem TAD205 4 Ethernet + Wi-Fi 5 ADSL Modem TIAD401 4 Ethernet + Wi-Fi + USB + 1 FXS Port 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 16

17 VDSL Product Family VDSL2 Modem & Router VDSL2 WiFi Router VDSL2 IAD
1-Port Bridge 1-Port Router 4-Port Router 4-Port 11b/g Router 4-Port 11n Router with USB Host 4-Port 11b/g IAD with USB Host 4-Port 11n IAD with USB Host 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 17

18 VDSL Product Family (Contd.)
Teracom VDSL End User Devices VDSL Bridge Modem Support all VDSL2 profiles: 30a(Optional)/17a/12a/12b/8a/8b/8c/8d High performance: line rate forwarding in 30a profile (downstream 100Mbps/ upstream 100Mbps) VDSL2 Router Support profiles of : 30a(Optional)/17a/12a/12b/8a/8b/8c/8d Support WAN accessing protocols such as PPPoE, Static IP, DHCP Security related features: UPnP, NAT, ALG, Firewall Manageable through web/cli/telnet/snmp/TR-064 Perfect Tr069/Tr098 IOP with all popular ACSs VDSL2 Wi-Fi Router USB Host 2.0 for USB Storage and USB Printer(Optional) Support all features supported by VDSL2 Routers with additional wireless features Support auto channeling Support 64/128-bit WEP, 802.1x, WPA, and WPA2 for wireless security Support MAC Access/Deny List Support MIMO (for VDSL2 11n Router) Support all features supported by VDSL2 Routers or VDSL2 WiFi Router with additional VoIP features like Call features: Call Hold (Waiting), Call Transfer, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Return, Redial Support SIP and MGCP Codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A Other features: G.168 Echo Cancellation, ILBC, BroadVoice, T.38 Fax Relay, DTMF Support, FSK-based Caller ID Tx, FSK-based Caller ID Rx Support TR069 with TR104 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 18

19 Wi-Max CPE Product Family
Teracom WiMAX End User Devices Installed at locations that require broadband wireless access, Teracom’s end user devices provide operators with the ultimate flexibility to serve a diverse range of business and residential customers cost effectively. There are three primary types of end user devices: mobile, self­install indoor, and for longer ranges an outdoor end user device. These three types of end user devices are easy­to­install with self provisioning capabilities, supporting a rich set of features. Teracom offers a complete ecosystem that encompasses network equipment, consumer electronics, service offerings, and even the end­users’ experience. Teracom’s solutions answer to the strong market demand for field­proven Mobile WiMAX end user devices that support a wide range of frequencies and offer indoor/outdoor end user devices, self install capabilities, PC card, USB, and high quality triple play services. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 19

20 Wi-Max CPE Product Family (Contd.)
Teracom WiMAX End User Devices Mobile TeraMAX portable devices include PCMCIA and USB WiMAX adaptors, enabling laptop and desktop users to connect to WiMAX networks. Small factor Portable Devices for mobile applications. Indoor TeraMAX Si is a compact, nomadic and a single­box device mainly for indoor deployment Plug and play operation with easy­to­install capabilities. Suitable for home networking with services and interfaces. Outdoor TeraMAX Pro is an outdoor access unit. Available in multiple network configurations. Optimally serves a wide range of market segments and Applications. Suited for Corporate, Urban and rural installations. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 20

21 Teracom 3G End User Devices
3G CPE Product Family Teracom 3G End User Devices HSDPA Modem HSUPA Modem Salient Features Salient Features HSDPA/UMTS 2100/1900/850 MHz EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz No CD + Auto Installation SMS + Phonebook Data Down Link -7.2Mbps Throughput Up Link –384 Kbps Dimension: 92.1 x 34.9 x 9.0(mm) Weight: 25 (g) HSUPA/UMTS -850(900)/1900/2100 MHz EDGE/GPRS -850/900/1800/1900MHz Zero CD installation SMS & Phone Book (Optional) Support Micro SD Card Data Down Link -7.2Mbps Throughput Up Link –2 Mbps(5.76Mbps Upgradable ) 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 21

22 IV Contents I II III V VI Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 22

23 Teracom – Organizational Capabilities
IT & Telecom Expertise Supply & Integration of Multi technology solutions ( Data, Voice& Video) Strong Partner Eco system Flexible business model (Infrastructures, IT, Telecom) Trained & Experienced resources Single window - Project & Operation management Experience in handling large projects End to End service fulfillment & assurance 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 23

24 Teracom Telecom Turnkey
Teracom End to End Services Network Infrastructure Applications WIMAX GSM CDMA Broadband Indoor Out door BTS/BSC CPE Telecom / IT/ITES Towers Shelters DG, A/C Power DC,DR IT I&C O&M BSS OSS CRM SDP VAS CONTENT IPTV Teracom End to end services (I&C, AT, O&M) Teracom - Experience of running large Service organization 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 24

25 Expertise in Network Planning, I & C
OFC Laying Team: 50 engineers dedicated for OFC Laying planning & site surveys 120 multi-skilled manpower at all POPs and Support Centers Strong, technical Support team at Head Office in Noida Engineers are trained to handle Telecom & Networking products Strong experience in Wireless BTS & CPE installation & integration with main network OFC Teams are equipped with necessary tools and safety devices like Splicing Vehicles (Mobile Labs), OTDR, Power Meter, BER Meter, Noise Generator and Counters, Spectrum Analyzer. RF Teams are equipped with necessary tools and safety devices like binoculars, GPS, Magnetic Compass, planet V software for RF planning 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 25

Full Maintenance NOC, 24/7 Help desk Monitoring Corrective Maintenance Repair Center Training Spare parts Management Site Audits Breakdown Maintenance Preventive Maintenance O & M activities Engineering Planning & Purchasing Installation & Integration Commissioning Full Maintenance AC Management Programs (Energy Saving) 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 26

27 After Sales Support Teracom has 3 L4 Level and 120 L2 (L1 & L2) repair centers in India managed by 500+ multi technology trained Engineers. Our all service centers are equipped with all functional , application services through software for repair up to L2 Level and L4 centers are capable to cater the chip level repair of PCBs. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 27

28 After Sales Support Network

29 V Contents I II III IV VI Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 29

30 Proposed Solution Nationwide High Capacity Broadband Network for Indian Railway Employees 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 30

31 Background – Indian Railway Figures
Indian Railway is certainly the 'Lifeline of the Nation' with its commendable performance since the last 150 years. Indian Railways is known to be the largest railway network in Asia and world's largest railway system under a single management. Indian Railways employs about 1.6 million people, making itself the second largest commercial or utility employer in the world. IR boasts of more than 7,500 railway stations in its periphery. It has a fleet of not less than 7800 locomotives, 40,000 coaches & 3,26,000 wagons. 9 pairs of Rajdhani and 13 pairs of Shatabdi Express Trains run on the rail tracks of India. Indian Railways Daily Runs About 14,000 trains Indian Railways Daily Carries More than 11 million passengers & 1 million tonnes of freight. Total Route Kilometers of Track is more than 62,000 kms. Sources : 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 31

32 Background – Indian Railway Zones
Indian Railways has 1 Railway HQ and it is divided in 16 Zones Each Zone is further divided in Railway Divisions Sources : 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 32

3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 33

34 Scope of Work Indian Railways has more than 100 exchanges across India catering to the communication requirements of Railway officials. These exchanges provide voice communication to the Railway officials at their residences in Railway colonies as well as offices. Railways have also implemented The Indian Railways Enterprise Wide Area Network called Railnet as an MPLS based VPN on RailTel's core MPLS network. The reach of Railnet is up to the offices and at many smaller locations. Now, it is proposed vide this tender to enable the reach of Railnet to the residential colonies of Indian Railways by using the copper cable already laid for voice communication by leveraging the DSLAM technology. It is envisaged that the DSLAM will use the existing copper infrastructure and provide seamless data and voice connectivity to the residential colonies and Offices of Indian Railways. Total 108 DSLAM will be used for this project, out of which 18 DSLAM will be of 640 Port and remaining 90 will be of 256 Port DSLAM. Teracom Scope of work includes providing complete telecom turnkey solution using ADSL2+ Technology, i.e., supply of all equipments and their installation as well O & M activities. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 34

35 Indian Railway Existing Architecture
LE Delhi Rly Exchange Official/Residential Phone Railway Telephone Backbone LE Official/Residential Phone Mumbai Rly Exchange LE Official/Residential Phone Chennai Rly Exchange 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 35

36 Railtel Existing Architecture
MPLS Based IP Network Internet 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 36

37 Proposed Network Architecture
IP DSLAM Caching Gateway System DSL Modem DSL L2 Switch Railtel MPLS IP Router Railway Employee Residence LE IP Backbone Local Exchange E1 Railtel MPLS IP Router PSTN L2 Switch EMS for IP DSLAM RAILTEL CNOC 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 37

38 Proposed Services Residential Services Enterprise Services
Internet Access Residential Voice Managed Services (e.g. Hosted Application, Managed Voice, Security, LAN, etc) L2 VPN L3 VPN (MPLS) Internet access and presence Backhaul of Hotspots Outsourced Services Value Added Services Internet Access Residential Voice VoIP and later on VoIP to PSTN Termination Video on Demand 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 38

39 VI Contents I II III IV V Introduction Optical Fiber Cable
Telecom Products III Telecom Turnkey IV Proposed Solution V Benefits to Railways VI 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 39

40 Benefits to Indian Railway
How would you book RAIL/Air tickets ? THIS WAY OR THIS WAY Convenience is the priority……needs broadband Online travel bookings comprised 76% of E Commerce and is driving its growth. E - commerce is increasing broadband internet usage 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 40

41 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Broadband offers the following significant improvements over dial-up Internet access: Allows instantaneous Internet access due to broadband’s "always-on nature". There are no delays due to dialing up and logging in or from having to redial due to busy signals. There are also no dropped connections which can frequently happen with dial-up access. Higher data transfer speeds (five times that of dial-up or higher) transform the experience of using the Internet from a frustrating one to an enjoyable one. Web pages load quickly and file transfers are speeded up considerably. Also, higher data transfer speeds make feasible the delivery of high quality audio and video over the Internet in real time as compared to dial- up Internet access which is limited to conveying text, graphics (slowly) and sub-standard audio and video. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 41

42 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Broadband is an accelerator of economic and social development. : Enhances business competitiveness by Increasing worker productivity Conducting research and reading news online Providing online customer service and support Sending/receiving with large attachments, Purchasing goods and services Facilitates E-Government by Speeding up the provision of government services and information over the Internet, Placing Railway procurement online Improving the overall speed and efficiency of the Indian Railways. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 42

43 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Encourages teleworking by Allowing individuals to work from home yet remaining connected to the office Saving commuting time and expense Improving overall efficiency Enriches teaching and learning Changes in educational practice towards being student focused rather than teacher focused Easier and faster access to information Increased opportunities for communicating and sharing Support life long learning, allowing differentiation for specific individual needs Providing a platform to showcase creativity and problem solving capabilities. Access to media rich content can provide additional motivation to learners of all ages. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 43

44 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Promotes tourism To business and Holiday visitors since broadband connectivity is increasingly a significant factor in hotel choice and holiday location choice Indirect increase in number of passengers on board Help Indian Railways in increasing their revenue Allows Video Conferencing For Business and personal meetings Inexpensive and safe medium for Video Conferencing Save lot of time, energy and money 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 44

45 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Permits telemedicine To extend the reach of vital medical services in diagnosing and treating ill and injured patients in rural areas with a shortage of skilled medical personnel. To allow doctors to quickly and inexpensively consult specialists in distant locations for their opinions on medical cases requiring outside expertise. Stimulates E-Commerce by Allowing faster online shopping and purchasing Enhanced display of product and service information using rich media. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 45

46 Benefits to Indian Railway (Contd.)
Allows entertainment and other creative content Which include books, songs, music, plays, movies, videos, live performances to be delivered over the Internet Makes more accessible the vast amount of information and media content on the Internet Which people can avail themselves of to inform, educate and entertain themselves Speeding up the dissemination and evolution of human knowledge. 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 46

47 Thank you 3/31/2017 Teracom Ltd. 47

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