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English at Leisure(6) By Zhai shaojun Telephone: 58924238.

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1 English at Leisure(6) By Zhai shaojun Email: Telephone: 58924238

2 Unit 6 Travel At the end of this unit you should able to: Talk about traveling and holidays Get specific information from timetable Book air tickets,hotels and rooms Describe a place Write postcards Vocabulary Patterns

3 Speaking skill Warm up :Why so many people like travelling? What s the purpose for travelling? What kinds of preparation you have to do for travelling? Pair work:Student A: a staff of travel service,Student B: a customer. B asks some information about travelling from A. Make a dialogue.

4 Listening skill(1) 1. How to indicate the time? (P260) 2. Catch the information in the dialogue? A) the destination of the flight B) day and date of travel C) departure time D) duration of flight E) arrival time F) price of the ticket G) time and place for ticket collection

5 Listening skill (2) How to reserve/ book the hotel? Catch the details of the dialogue. A) name of hotel B) duration of stay C) type of room D) price E) facilities

6 Reading skill 1. Reading Flight Timetable (P246) 2. Interpreting abbreviations (p250) 3. Reading a Contents page (P263) 4. Skimming two texts (p273) How to describe a sight-seeing?

7 Writing skill Discovering Postcard Writing Rules(p288) Study the samples on the book Homework: Describing Your hometown: Requirements: Location, attractions and activities of your hometown.

8 Vocabulary(1) Terms of luggage(245) Terms of Hotel(264) Types of holiday(264) useful words and expressions in this unit:get creased--- the clothes get creased;exclusively,the rich and privileged, departure, stopover,confirmed --- the ticket is booked and confirmed;fascinating to fish in, super to sail over, wonderful to windsurf on, perfect place,pleasing place,pleasing place,exostic, fantastic,

9 Vocabulary(2) marvelous,superb,luxurious, keep one s finger crossed--- most of us keep our fingers crossed that we don,t experience problems. Dying to do something, contact phone number, do s and don ts, pros and cons,carry sb. Away- He tents to get away while watching boxing.

10 Patterns (1) making bookings I.d like to book/reserve a single or double room from … to … I want to have a single or double room … Can I have … Do you have … Accepting a booking We do have … There are two seats available on a flight departing Shanghai at 4:00 arriving at New York 12:50 local time. Yes we only have two single rooms.

11 Patterns(2) Asking about the cost How much do you ask for a single per night? How much is one way ticket for economy? What is the price for a return tickets from … to … ? Asking for personal information politely Would/ Could/you tell/ give me your name,sir/madam/miss? May/Could I have your name/ address/ telephone number? Do/ Would you mind telling me/ giving me … ?

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