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NCI/DCTD/ARC Travel SOP – GovTrip

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1 NCI/DCTD/ARC Travel SOP – GovTrip
New Implementations, Rules and Regulations March 4, 2010 Bldg 6116/405 9 am – 11am

2 DCTD SOP - Travel Completed Travel Packages submitted to the ARC for AO’s approval should contain: DCTD Travel Authorization Route Slip DCTD Travel Authorization Checklist Completed Travel Authorization Form Signatures Traveler Traveler’s Supervisor DEAS Team Lead (if applicable) Digital Signature Page This is created after the Pre-Audits are done Advanced Ticketing Date should be dated 4 day prior to trip start date Snap Shot of Flight Options Traveler’s Initials next to their selections Scanned and attached to the electronic Travel Authorization in GovTrip

3 DCTD Travel Authorization Route Slip

4 DCTD Domestic Travel Authorization Checklist

5 DCTD Foreign Travel Authorization Checklist

6 DCTD Travel - GovTrip Digital Signature Page

7 DCTD Travel - GovTrip Snap Shot Flight Options

8 DCTD SOP - Travel Additional Standard Travel Guidance
Order of Help Resources DEAS Task Leader Administrative Officer (AO) HPOC – Dana Heckman, Nina Holden, Amber Lowery GovTrip HELPDESK Outside Offices – Will be contacted by AOs ONLY NO Planner should contact any offices outside of the ARC unless otherwise instructed Contact AO before calling OMEGA EVERY individual call to Omega incurs a TMC fee. EXCEPTIONS: Travel that is being requested within one week of travel start date – Planner should contact OMEGA to make reservations Must be justified as an extenuating circumstance and approved by the Program AO. Sponsored Travel Due to glitch with GovTrip System Will last until further notice All travel is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be completed using On-line Booking

9 DCTD SOP - Travel Hard Copy of approved Travel Authorization (POSACK Approved) will be returned to planners Tax Exempt Forms Scanned and attached to electronic Travel Authorization in GovTrip Cancellation and Deletion forms Sent to HPOC via cc: AO Non-NIH Travelers Non-NIH Travelers form is still required Submit to Dana Heckman for processing Issue - Current Non-NIH Travelers are not visible to the planner Travelers need to be listed under the correct HNC Code – Contact Dana Heckman ACH Form Required Forms forward to OFM for processing Contacts Cynthia Fortis or Ratna Bhadra Addresses on the Non-NIH Travelers form and the travelers ACH form need to match. If not they will not be processed. Local Vouchers Recommended to hold until travel expense total $25 or Completed no more than once a month (infrequent Travelers) All local Vouchers due by 9/1/10.

10 DCTD SOP - Travel Travel Vouchers Accuracy for Travel Auth or Vouchers
Require Traveler’s signature Require Travelers to E-Certify (exception—Non-Affiliated Travelers) Will not be approved by AO until e-certification is complete Receipts are still required to be attached to hard copy voucher Hard copy receipts will be scanned and attached to electronic voucher in GovTrip All Expenses will be listed on the Travel Voucher Form and Traveler’s Signature is required on this form Package Contains: Voucher Route Slip Travel Voucher Checklist Voucher Receipts (Air, train, lodging, rental car, etc.) Other required documentations Travel Voucher Form Accuracy for Travel Auth or Vouchers AO will not be making corrections Travel Auth/Vouchers will be stamped RETURNED and forwarded back to planners Follow-up listing error will be sent to planner and cc: to DEAS Team Lead Sponsored Travel entered into GovTrip MUST be in submitted to the ARC 6 weeks prior to trip start date – accurate and error NO Annual Leave allowed

11 DCTD Travel Voucher Route Slip

12 Travel Voucher Checklist

13 Travel Voucher Form NOTE:
Despite the note at the bottom of the form – DCTD/ARC REQUIRES the Traveler’s Signature – This form is located on NBS Portal Page under Travel Forms section.

14 DCTD SOP - Travel Conference Lodging Allowance allowed ONLY if these OC codes are listed on Travel Authorization and the meeting is on the LAE list: 2151 – Domestic conference 2152 – Foreign conference Traveler should receive a Travel Package complete with: Travel Summary Page Travel Order (Approved) Tickets & Itinerary Hotel Information Meeting Agenda Meeting Correspondence Tax Exempt Form Travel Expense Report Form Travel Packages completed and in the traveler possession 3 business days prior to the trip start date. Spot checks with the travelers will be conducted to ensure packages are being done

15 Travel Summary Sheet Form Created by: LaRhonda Robinson IDB DEAS Staff

16 DCTD TRAVEL FORMS Samples of Required Forms & Regulations
All forms located on DCTD Website:

17 AEA Memo

18 AEA Memo Signature Routing
To be completed on DHHS Letter head. Example below Signature Routing To Associate Director Through Branch Chief Uploaded in GovTrip by AOs

19 Non-Contract Carrier Justification
Use of Approved Non-Contract Carrier Requires: "Non-Contract Airfare" MUST be selected on the GovTrip Other Authorizations Section Specific justification MUST reflect one of the following statements in the Remarks Section of Travel Authorization: Space/Time. Seating space or the scheduled flight is not available in time to accomplish the purpose of travel, or use of contract service would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs which would increase the total cost of the trip. Hours. The contract's flight schedule is inconsistent with specific policies of the NIH with regard to scheduled travel during normal working hours. Fare-Non-Contracted fare is “more advantageous to government” as it is saving the government 40% or more (Provide comparison, for example: Contract ticket would be $800 whereas Non-Contract would be $480). Rail-is more advantageous to the government (Provide details). Group Travel-Group of 10 or more passengers traveling together on the same day, on the same flight, for the same mission, requiring group integrity and identified as a group by the travel management system upon booking, is not mandated to use the Government's contract city-pair airfares. Reference: Policy: NIH Manual Chapter ( G)- Exceptions to the Use of Govt Contract Carriers

20 Rental Car Request Form

21 Rental Car Request Form
Standardized Rental Car Request Form User friendly – Fillable Form Contains all important information Brief summary is required in the Justification section – NOT just “SEE BELOW” Approved Form will be scanned and attached to travel authorization by AOs.

22 Premium- Class Accommodations
Non Medical Delegation of Authority IC Executive Officer Non-Medical Authorization for Use of First class or Premium Other Than First-class Travel Accommodations: Medical Delegation of Authority Deputy Director NIH Deputy Director for Management NIH Medical Conditions Authorization for Premium Class Common Carrier Travel Accommodations for Employees NOTE: Coach Class ticket cost comparisons MUST be obtained in “any and all” instances (medical and non-medical) of authorized use of either First-Class or Business Class accommodations paid for by the Government. You DO NOT need to report or obtain coach class ticket cost data in cases of HHS-348 sponsored travel. Manual Chapter 22

23 Foreign Flag Carrier Foreign Flag Form Manual Chapter 1500-03
Manual Chapter Mandatory Use of United States Flag Air Carriers Delegations of Authority Requires ARC Manager Approval Approved Form will be scanned and attached to travel authorization.

24 Special Thanks for their hard work and dedication:
DCTD Travel Team Special Thanks for their hard work and dedication: Amber Lowery Danielle Fenwick Monika Sarna Becky Wilkins Shari Diggs Jennifer Pirrone Kristen Hawes

25 DCTD Travel This Concludes Our Presentation: Q & A Session
Thank You for your time and attention, DCTD/ARC Please visit our website for additional resources

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