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Unit 4 Task Writing an e-mail to give information.

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2 Unit 4 Task Writing an e-mail to give information

3 Skills building 1: listening to instructions When you are listening to instructions, you need to listen for key expressions that tell you what to do. Here are some key expressions to listen for:

4 Decide how to… You should phone/e-mail… Have a look at/on… You will need to check… You will have to go…

5 Ask the assistant/teacher… Please send a letter/an e-mail to… Remember to tell him/her/them that… Remind him/her/ them that…

6 If you are going somewhere for holiday, what do you need to plan? where to go when to go there how to go there how much money to spend who to go with what to do there

7 Step 1: taking notes for future action A.Wei Jing lives in Nanjing. Her uncle lives in Beijing. Her family and her uncles family are planning to visit a friend in Dalian during the holiday.

8 Her parents have asked her to decide about transport and to buy the tickets. Listen to the conversation you and complete her notes on her parents instructions.

9 1. Decide _______________. 2. ___________ Mr An and ask him for advice. 3.Search the _______ for information. 4. Speed no more than _____ yuan on transport. how to get there Phone/Call Internet 2,300 Things to do for the holiday trip

10 5. Go to the ___________ and find out about the _________. ticket office schedule 6. Decide on the time to ______. 7. _______________ to uncle with all the information and _______ him not to be late. leave Send an e-mail remind

11 B. Wei Jing is calling Mr An. Listen to the telephone conversation and make some notes about the information Mr An gives.

12 Means of transport DisadvantagesAdvantages Ship Coach Train takes a long time; father does not like ships it takes 16 hours just get to Beijing there are many to choose from, leaving at different times; rather fast; most convenient can be crowded

13 C. Wei Jing has found a website about Dalian. Read the web page below and help complete the next part of her notes.

14 Wont choose ______ because _________________ _______ because ________________ _______________________________ ___________ by air mum hates flying by road the floods washed away soil along the road and it is still under repair

15 _______ because ____________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ by ferry sometimes the slow ferries are not very punctual and there is no guarantee that you can get a ticket during holidays

16 Will choose _______ because __________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ________ by train a new service has just opened between Beijing and Dalian, so we can first take a train to Beijing and then change a train to Dalian.

17 Skill building 2: finding out different information If you are going somewhere, what information should you know before you go on the trip?

18 pay attention to the following matters: different ways to travel the beat way to travel the travel schedule travel time travel cost

19 Step 2: buying tickets Wei Jing has decided to travel by train. She is now at the railway station trying to buy tickets. Pretend that you are Wei Jing. Find a partner to be the ticket seller and ask him/her questions. Then complete your notes below. Switch roles when you have finished.

20 Train No. DepartArriveTravel time Ticket price (yuan) Hard seat Hard sleeper Soft sleeper G 3209.3313.414 hr 8 min 445// K 4615.1805.0713 hr 49 min 150265417 T 6622.3809.3310 hr 55 min 150265417 D35023.1607.147 hr 58 min 274/580 NanjingBeijing

21 Beijing Dalian Train No. DepartArrive T 225 K 681 18.16 20.06 05.42 08.08 11hr 26 min 12 hr 2 min Travel time Hard seat Hard sleeper Soft sleeper / 248 260 390 409 Cost ( yuan ) 140

22 From Nanjing to Beijing Train No.: From Beijing to Dalian Train No.: __________________________________ Total travel time: Total cost for six people: T 225 T 66 22 hr 2 min 2,283 yuan

23 Skills building 3 giving reasons for choices Sometimes when we inform others of our decisions, we need to give reasons for our choices. In this task, Wei Jing had to:

24 1 find out about transport from Nanjing to Dalian and choose the best way to travel. The reasons for Wei Jings choice were: speed of travel problems with roads and boats fact that Wei Jings mother does not like flying

25 2 decide on time of departure. The reasons for Wei Jings choice depend on: the travel time the budget level of comfort

26 Wei Jing is writing an e-mail to her uncle. She needs to say that she has decided that they families should travel by train and explain why. She also needs to tell him the time when they will be leaving and remind him not to be late. Help her with her e-mail. Step 3: writing an e-mail about a travel plan

27 Dear uncle, Weve decided to go to Dalian by train after comparing different means of transport. Dalian is a port city and it is convenient to get there by ship, but we will have to go to Shanghai first while you will have to go to Qinhuangdao. One possible version

28 The problem is, during holidays the ferries are usually full of passengers, and there is no guarantee that we can get the particular ferry we want. Besides, we cant go there by air because Mum is afraid of flying and the air tickets would be very expensive. The travel allowance for this trip is no more than 2,300 yuan.

29 Concerning the above matters, we decided to take trains and meet you in Beijing. First, my parents and I will take Train T66 that leaves for Beijing at 23.51 on the 30th, and we will arrive at 10.27 on May 1st. Then well meet you and take T225 to Dalian. The departure time is 18.16. Well get to Dalian at 05.42 on May 2nd. The ticket for T66 is 265 yuan

30 and for T225 248 yuan for one person. So we will spend 2,283 yuan on the train tickets altogether. Well meet at the Beijing Train Station. Remember the departure time and dont be late for the train. Best wishes Wei Jing

31 Homework 1. Finish the exercises on Page 133. 2. Finish the writing exercise in Part B. 3. Preview Project.


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