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1 Fostering Indian ICT to Global Reach: Role of DIT Dr. B. K. Murthy Head, International Cooperation and Industry Promotion: Software & ITES Divisions.

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1 1 Fostering Indian ICT to Global Reach: Role of DIT Dr. B. K. Murthy Head, International Cooperation and Industry Promotion: Software & ITES Divisions Department of IT Ministry of Communications and IT Government of India

2 2 India: At a Glance 4 th largest Economy in the world with sustained GDP growth of over 8%; Growth rate of exports 32% Fast growing Forex reserves - US$ 151 billion (2006) 20 – 30 million people joining Indias middle class every year IT and Electronics Production US$ 42 billion 5yr.CAGR:22% Share of GDP: ~5%; Share of ICT in Exports: 20% Telephones (Fixed and Mobile)177 million Broadband Connections 0.8 million Internet connections 6.5 million 6 million Mobile connections are being added every month

3 3 India: Strong Purchasing Power Purchases in a day in India Cars: 2,416 Two wheelers: 35,264 PCs:12,643 Laptops: 1,183 Gold:1,918 Kg Washing Machines: 4,274 TVs:33,500 Fridges: 9,589 Air Tickets: 95,890 (Domestic); 24,657(International)

4 4 Demography, Diversity and Democracy – Making Indian economy stronger Ability to adapt to the new economy -Knowledge Economy Traditional system of education with focus on mathematics and reasoning skills -Apt for IT Software and Services Missing the Hardware Bus in 80s created a zeal for some new achievements Reasons for Developing Economy

5 Positive outlook for Indian ICT industry Still a preferred destination for outsourcing New emerging areas: Financial Analysis, HR, Engineering Designs, R&D etc. IT Software & Services would cross US $ 60 billion by 2010 As per NASSCOM-McKenzie Report 2005 the IT Software Services Market is US $ 300 billion and only ~ 10% is being tapped DIT is collaborating with developed Nations: to learn emerging technologies developing countries: to assist them in ICT4D

6 6 Focus Areas Information Security E-Governance HRD, e-learning, ICT Infrastructure Industry Promotion and Policy R&D in key areas of Electronics and ICT Localization and Language Computing Telemedicine International Cooperation …

7 7 International Outreach Achievements of International Cooperation Division

8 8 MOUs Signed by DIT MoUs signed with 30 countries for bilateral cooperation since 2000 Multilateral Cooperation with UNDP, WSIS, ASEAN, EU, World Bank, Commonwealth Connects etc. Participating in JCM, JWG and other committees of DST, DoC and MEA Evolved many projects and setup centers of excellence (over 50 projects in the last 3 yrs.) NIC, STQC, CERT-IN and Societies like CDAC, ERNET, STPI, DOEACC etc. are helping us in the implementation of the specific projects

9 9 IT Training Centre at Lao PDR Establishment of National Data Centre at Vientiane, Lao PDR Release of National e-Governance plan for the Government of Lao PDR Developed National Portal Set up an Advanced Training Lab and Training of Govt. officials Training of 30 MCA students in India to start in 2007 from GGS IP University

10 10 i-Community Research Project in Thailand Being implemented by Operations Management Department of Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. NIC is providing technical expertise in identifying the information needs and other expertise in ICT Software Training Road map for Thailand worked out by DoEACC.

11 11 ICT cooperation with Vietnam Supporting the Human Resource Development for Software Industry in Vietnam –Training in OOD and Database Management (thre batches @ 20 students per batch and 4 th in Feb.07 Advance Resource Centre in ICT in Hanoi, Vietnam to be set up soon Super computing facility for Vietnam

12 12 Cooperation with Nigeria Setting up of e-Governance/e-commerce network in Nigeria and West Africa Training Programmes conducted: –Network Management and Security –Total Quality Management –.NET Framework and Portal Development Services Programmes proposed: –Applications of e-learning technologies in education –Use of ICT for National Assembly of Nigeria

13 13 Cyber City in Mauritius Ebene Cyber City –with an area of 172 acres of land, Office space of 42273.70 Sq M comprises of seven functionally specific zones Cyber Tower, Business Zone, Administrative Zone, Knowledge Zone, Commercial Zone, Hotel Complex and Cyber Village Honble Prime Minister of India inaugurated the Cyber City in April, 2005 100% of the space in the Cyber Tower has already been leased out. Many Indian IT companies have their presence Intelligent Building of the Year Award for 2005

14 14 Proposed IT Parks and Centers of Excellence Near Mandlay, Myanmar Ivory Coast Fiji Sri Lanka Knowledge Park and Center for Excellence in Bolivia Center for Excellence in Tanzania Center for Excellence in Seashells Center for Excellence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 15 Centres of Excellence Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence for Communications and IT at Accra, Ghana inaugurated by Honble PM of India in December 2003 Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre of Excellence in Mongolia In July 2003 Jawaharlal Nehru India-Uzbekistan Centre for Information Technology at Tashkent in Apr. 2006 Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil IT Centre at Dushanbe, Tajikistan in July 2006

16 16 ICT Cooperation with Europe France : –C-DOT-Alcatel Research Centre was set up in Chennai in September 2005 to work in WiMax –NIC developed Open Source Colab-CAD Germany: A project on e-governance Business Development was considered for funding Setting up of IT Institute at Bosnia and Herzegovina in under active consideration Connecting ERNET India with European Research Network GEANT Two projects of ERNET India have been approved : –Bridging Europes Electronics Infrastructure to Expanding Frontiers (BELIEF) –EU-India Grid-Joining European and Indian Grids for eScience Network Community

17 17 Cooperation with others India-Brazil-South Africa forum for cooperation in ICT (IBSA) has been set up CMU, USA has undertaken training programme for master trainers in information Security National Giba Bit Backbone over NIC Net is under active consideration for grant from Japan under JBIC ODA Package Mutual Recognition of DOEACC Courses and CITPM of Singapore. Conducting DOEACC Courses in Nepal and Sri Lanka Pan African Network for telemedicine, and tele- education applications

18 18 Cooperation with other Countries Mutual Recognition of DOEACC Courses with Japans JETRO Conducted 3 seminars for ASEAN: –Information Security for System Administrators –E-learning and e-learning technologies –Shruti-Dhrishti (Web browsing through listening) for the blind ICT Capacity Building for Democratic Republic of Timor Leste Development Gateway Foundation: –Research and Training Center at Bangalore

19 19 Research and Training Center at Bangalore - Development Gateway Foundation A tool in each Enabling Technologies Internet technologies Language technologies Speech technologies An Application in each sector: Healthcare; Agriculture; Education R&T Centre ICT Portal End-to-end Solutions (C-DAC) 1.Localized Knowledge Management solution for the Healthcare sector (e-Kamps) 2.Small and Medium Applications for Rural Technicalization (SMART) 3.Multilingual Communication System with Virtual Classroom Facility (Vartalaap)

20 20 Projects Enabling technologies (C-DAC) 1.Community-based Content Delivery Network (CCDN) 2.Office applications suite in Indian Languages (BharateeyaOO) 3.Cross Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR) 4.Text-to-Speech(TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) in Indian Languages Enabling technologies (IITB) Intelligent crawling, searching, browsing, indexing of multilingual data on the Internet Data Exploration on Heterogeneous Data Sources Improving the Performance of Information Dissemination Algorithms for Resource Constrained Environments Support for DBMS on low cost Hand-helds

21 21 Conclusion MCIT has been collaborating with various Developed and Developing countries in ICT sector DIT is open to share the success stories of ICT and provide expertise to the developing countries DIT has been helping the ICT industry to foster its business avenues and trade through International Cooperation Institutions like CDAC, NIC, STPI, DOEACC, ERNET, CERT-In, ESC, TCIL, MTNL, BSNL, ML Asia helping MCIT to implement specific projects under international cooperation

22 22 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) 2. Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics 1. Network and service infrastructures 3. Components, systems, engineering 4. Digital libraries and content 5. ICT for health 6. ICT for mobility & sustainable growth 7. ICT for independent living and inclusion Socio-economic goals Technology roadblocks EU Framework Programme 2007 Challenges

23 23 Call Dates & Indicative Budget ICT Call 1 Call identifier: FP7-2007-ICT-1 Date of publication: Jan/Feb 2007 Closure date: April 24, 2007 Indicative budget: 1195 M ICT Call 2 Call identifier: FP7-2007-ICT-2 Date of publication: May/June 2007 Closure date: Sep./Oct. 2007 Indicative budget: 497 M ICT Call 3 Call identifier: FP7-2007-ICT-3 Date of publication: Dec. 2007 Closure date: March 2008 Indicative budget: 263 M

24 24 For Further details and Interaction: Dr. B. K. Murthy

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