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The Market for UK Boarding Schools in Russia Inessa Khvostova Education Abroad Director.

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1 The Market for UK Boarding Schools in Russia Inessa Khvostova Education Abroad Director

2 Economic Factors 1 Language: Russian Religion: Orthodox (around 10% of people go to church) Population: 147 million Only 2% of population travel abroad for holiday purposes (300.000) c.30,000 students go to the UK annually (including short-term students) Countrys wealth built on oil, gas and wood export Minimum living costs level is around 100 a month Our clients living costs make up to £ 2000 – 10.000 and more a month 60% of our boarding school students come from Moscow. Was 70% in 2008 so the number of students from other regions is growing. Other 40% come from different parts of Russia (mostly oil and gas regions).

3 Modern History 2 YearsMarket | ClienteleAge of studentsNumber of agentsGeography 1990The BeginningMostly 16+Around 5Moscow and St.Petersburg 1990-2000 Upper-Class14+ 16+ 5 50Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg (Ural), Novosibirsk (Siberia), 2000 - 2008Upper Class + Middle Class Steady growth of students numbers ~ 30% a year 11+ 13+ 14+ 15+ 16+ More than 100Moscow, St.Petersburg, North-West (Murmansk), Central Siberia, Far East, Middle East, South 2009Upper Upper. The market dropped by almost 50% because of the financial crisis. Customers postponed their decisions until they felt more secure 2010The market it recovering. 30% growth in student numbers for 2010 start. Very positive enrolments for 2011 start. As there are more and more agents placing students in UK boarding, the market is very fragmented with lots of agents placing only a few students. The biggest agents send around 100 students to boarding schools a year

4 Educational Association Membership (ARKO) Experience License (Bank Guarantee) Partnerships with schools Number of students sent to schools Other statistics Reliable Partner Agencies in Russia The Issues to be aware of: 3

5 Successful entry into top UK universities Motivation Discipline Diverse range of activities for students personality to grow and develop English language Future contacts Independent life More stable and better atmosphere Our Clientele and What They are Looking for The reasons for sending a child for studies abroad: 3

6 4 Important factors when choosing a school: Rankings (academic excellence) Comfort Attention Safety Diverse range of activities for students personality to grow and develop Mostly co-ed Direct flights from Russia Our Clientele and What They are Looking for

7 5 Our Clientele and what they are looking for Why the UK? 80% choose the UK schools because: World famous for high standards of education, history, traditions and innovations Schools provide good ratio of local/international students Easy to travel to UK Safe country with strict law regarding child care

8 5 Our Clientele and what they are looking for Why Clients Choose Other Countries? Visas Climate and comfort in Switzerland Perspectives in the USA

9 6 Our Clientele and What They are Looking for Age of students varies: Earliest is 3 years old (very rare) Most common age is 13, 14 and 16 IGCSE very popular at 15 Tendency to send children as early as 10-12 years old Level of English: Only 15% go to study centres before joining the school Male – Female Ratio: In 1997 – no females In 2000 – 1% females In 2008 – 30% females In 2010 – 50% females WHAT NEXT???

10 7 Our Clientele and What They are Looking for Programme preferences: A level vs IB: A level is still more popular then IB (only 10% choose IB) Reasons: A level is more focused A level has longer history and reputation IB known as very difficult course University requirements are more favourable for A level students, i.e. you can get into LSE with AAA or IB 37, but AAA IB 37 Popular Subjects: Maths History Business Art Physics French Biology

11 8 The Education System in Russia Junior SchoolSenior SchoolHigher Education Age of students:7-10 years old10-17 years old17+ CurriculumRussian, Reading, Maths, Nature Study, PE, Music, Art, English (in some schools Russian, Literature, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Physics (at 13+), Chemistry (at 14+), ICT, Foreign Language, History, Music, Art, PE. CertificatesYear 9 (14+) Certificate of Secondary Comprehensive Education Year 11 (16+) Certificate of Secondary (Complete) Education Private sector makes up less then 1% of the state sector State schools have longer history and traditions and usually give better preparation and more solid knowledge then private schools

12 9 Cultural Difference: Russian education system is very authoritarian. Students do not understand they have done something wrong until that is clearly explained to them. Students not used to taking an active part in class discussions and they need encouragement. Marks are more important than attitude. Hence many Russian students lack diligence and organization upon arrival in the UK. Not very common to ask anyone for help in Russian schools. Not very common to smile without a particular reason in Russia. Please do not think our students are unhappy if they do not smile all the time! The Education System in Russia

13 9 Recent Developments: Government announced Education as one of the priority projects for development The Government sponsors teachers professional development in country and abroad Academic exchange programmes for school principals Knowledge of English becomes essential in this context The Education System in Russia

14 10 1997 -2007 student visa application process was the most straightforward. In 2007 - situation changed dramatically and changing for the worse. The main difficulties: UKBA rules regularly change. A lot of refusals because of different interpretation of UKBA rules. Sometimes the readings are controversial. Reason for most refusals was that the bank certificate - did not meet the requirements of the particular visa even those who paid for the whole year. The visa processing can take up to 28 working days. Visa Issues

15 1 How We Promote Our Partner Schools Events Since 2001 - organizing our own exhibition of British boarding schools in Moscow. The only event in Moscow which brings together schools and clients willing to send their children for studies in the UK. Internet Electronic newspaper ITEC-Digest published monthly with interactive sections (eg. Parents meeting). Discuss hot issues about choice of school, puberty age, choice of subjects, dyslexia, future professions, university choice etc. Website features schools profiles and articles on boarding, curriculum etc. Catalogues Annual catalogue of our partner secondary schools. Includes the following sections: International Study Centres, Prep Schools, Senior Schools, International Colleges. Includes information about guardianship, students testimonials, students destinations.

16 1212 In Russia, ITEC is one of the leading companies in education abroad. The particular strength of the company is the number of students placed into secondary schools and universities abroad. We have the biggest number of contracts with universities in the UK that attracts more and more students to apply for long-term academic programmes through ITEC. About ITEC

17 1313 Facts and figures: Year of Foundation1996 The main business directionEducation Abroad (70 % of company business) Other fields of businessTourism, Air-tickets, Language School Offices locationMoscow, Irkutsk (Central Siberia) and Kazan (Tatarstan) Number of employees30 (Moscow), 4 (Irkutsk), 3 (Kazan) Number of study abroad advisors9 (Moscow), 4 (Irkutsk), 3 (Kazan) Number of students sent for studies abroad in 2009 752 (Short-term language and academic courses: 535 Universities: 115 Secondary schools: 102) Annual Brochures Higher Education Worldwide Secondary schools of the Worldwide Foreign Languages Worldwide Junior Holiday Courses Worldwide Executive Courses Worldwide

18 Thank you Tel: (495) 708 42 00 Fax: (495) 708 42 02 e-mail: 14

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