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About BANK Surety. Competence. Custom-tailored approach.

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1 About BANK Surety. Competence. Custom-tailored approach.

2 2 Today reversal of globalization opposed trend is coming.Customers prefer know your client approach, when buying &being serviced. Convenience and simplicity of service are more and more significant when building winning relationships between Bank and the Client. For Bank to catch the client, to interact with him, to have direct and open dialogue means to build long-term confidential relations. The Bank has to become more friendly, clear and simple to the client. The main advantage of RTB is that we DO have custom-tailored approach. We constantly search for the most effective solutions for Clients requests and are ready to provide adequate and professional support when interacting with other financial institutions. We are ready to hear each Client, to share His purposes and to offer the most beneficial and productive format of communication. The special role in RTB operating goes to shaping of a professional team, when people have long and versatile experience in a complicate financial services segment. RTB staff are sophisticated experts in bank &financial field. Sergey Mikheev, Chairman of Board

3 3 RTB: Key Work Techniques True custom-tailored approach Unlike the bureaucratized state structures and the formalized form of communication with clients within western retail banks, RTB builds the individual relations with each Client. We are constantly searching for the most favorable solutions, trying to offer additional options and bonuses which make cooperation more comfortable and effective. Weve made banking simple and convenient for each Client. Our financial products have unique characteristics To gain your affection on the competitive market, we offer you the best rates, optimum conditions with no hidden charges and "reefs". It s enough to look at competitors offers advertized here or there, compare to ours and become convenienced - all is not gold that glitters. Each Client is supervised by Vice-President We provide supervision on Bank level of your personal interests. You personal account manager is also responsible for accomplishment of your desires. It is important to note that your supervisor is available at any time and request. Long-term and successful operating in bank filed RTB provides banking services over a period of 15 years. For the Russian economy it is the whole era with ups-and-downs of business cycle, significant structural changes and crises. Nevertheless, our policy of healthy conservatism allows us to operate unreceptive to economic shocks consistently developing business. This is proved by financial results of Bank, published in a free access. RTB provides not only ready-made solutions but face your needs thoroughly We aim to help Client to manage His private funds most effectively in order to receive the best result at present and later on. It is important for us to invest in long-term relationships for Clients financial benefit.

4 4 RTB Team Natalia Gorskaya First Deputy Chairman of the Board Alexey Ionkin Client Department Chief Sergey Mikheev Chairman of the Board Milena Sbryikina Chief Development Officer Oksana Malkina Chairman of the Board Adviser Vadim Anufriev Chairman of the Board Adviser

5 5 RTB Team Anna Sukhanova Head of Internal Control Department Nikita Sadov Head of Operating Office Anton Belov Vice-President Ekaterina Chizhova Vice-President Yanina Dmitrieva Vice-President Elena Kovalchuk Head of Customer Support Service

6 6 We Offer Full Service Banking: Core Areas Personal management and remote banking service Settlement and cash services in RUR Deposits Credit granting Bank cards Currency conversion Safe deposit box Settlement and cash services in foreign currency Banking service abroad Volume business

7 7 Personal Management and Remote Service We provide unique service to each Client. It helps to develop the most effective scheme of cooperation. Each RTB Client is personally supervised by one of Vice-presidents of Bank who will be your representative in Bank and who is always available for you. Besides, we provide services of the personal manager who is carrying out function of your PA for tactical tasks (paperwork, etc.). If it is more convenient for you to be served distant, not visiting Bank office, we are ready to provide this service at your request. You can arrange this by phone with the personal manager. Also for your convenience you can issue the relevant power of attorney and delegate to conduct your business to the supervising Vice-president or the personal manager.

8 8 Settlement and Cash Services for Individuals (in RUR) We made every effort to simplify and comfort ordinary manipulations - account opening, money transfer, etc. At that, surety, confidentiality and high quality of Bank services are constant. RTB provides a full service banking for individuals. Key advantages of settlement and cash service in RTB are not only low rates, but also convenient concept, simplicity of service, as well as: free of charge money transfer on RTB deposit from any bank with further compensation for transferring low cash charge (0,5% and less) free remoter service and и economic rates for on-line dealing standard transaction charge is 25-40 RUR for one banker order

9 9 Deposits The combination of RTB deposits allows to get the maximum income preserving the convenience of use of monetary assets. All deposit percentage are paid on monthly basis and at the request of the Client can be transferred into deposit, capitalizing it, transferred to a plastic card, accumulated on the account with further draw, etc. At any time the Client can transfer the money to an account in other currency with preservation of the saved-up interest income. DEPOSIT «BASIC» - GOLD STANDART OF MONEY- MAKING DEPOSIT! market rates and cash interest capitalization unique criteria for early withdrawal of deposit, with no analogue on Russian market lack of restrictions for addition to deposit DEPOSIT «FRANK» - FLEXIBLE CONDITIONS FOR PRESERVING AND RAISNG PRIVATE ASSETS! high deposit rates with no limits for assts withdrawal free withdrawal of assets lack of restrictions for addition to deposit

10 10 Credit Granting In a standard service mode all classic credit products (an overdraft on the cash card, the directed loan, the consumer loan, etc.) are available for RTB clients. In order You can get credit homely and handier, we offer a special service - Unified Credit Limit (UCL), which suppose easy way of credit for privileged RTB clients. We revise documents requested once only and define the sum of the Unified Credit Limit, which you can use at any time, without extra time expenditure on negotiations, collecting and analyzing bulk of documents. Moreover, within the sum of the UCL, at your wish and at your guarantee, without providing additional documents, your relatives, friends or partners (individuals) also can use money assets. UCL up to до 1 000 000 RUR grants without providing additional documents. For UCL exceeding 1 000 000 RUR min package of documents is to be provided. After defining the sum of the UCL you can freely dispose of money in any handy form. ULC service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

11 11 Bank Cards RTB issues Master Card Int. system bank cards. Categories Maestro, Standard, Gold and Platinum are available. We offer not only convenient and actual payment tool, but also unique package of extra facilities. Free first year card supporting for Gold and Platinum clients. Interest calculation for the private rest (up to 7,5% per annum). Favorable terms overdraft releasing and 35 days grace-period. On-line banking «RTB CONNECT» gives ability to pay services and purchases, favourable rates and no charge for most popular payments. RTB privilage program: travel insurance, concierge-service, Priority Pass Club membership, extra discounts and bonuses. Free for Gold and Platinum clients. Card confidence insurance. Free for Gold and Platinum clients. Extremely favourable Bonus loyalty program! Paying by card you can accumulate bonus points (miles) and spend them on air ticket to the country at your choice. You can track charging and writing off bonus points easily. You can chose from 800 air companies. You can add money to account through payment terminal points (QIWI, CyberPlat, Eleksnet, PlatForma). Free SMS notification on your card manipulation. Key advantages of RTB card:

12 12 Currency Conversion: the Best Rates for RTB Clients If currency conversion is needed, our Clients can use special service "The Best Course of Converting" which is provided according to the following scheme: Service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

13 13 Safe Deposit Box The individual safe deposit box allows you to protect valuable property or papers, when transferring them to Bank secure storage. Reliability of storage of valuable property in Bank is provided by legislatively prescribed requirements for the equipment and reliability of bank deposit boxes and vaults departments. In particular, the Bank has the certified equipment, 24-hour internal security team, special devices of protection against unauthorized access. Only the keeper has access to the individual deposit box. Besides, we recommend to use deposit boxes for storage of values during your holiday or business trip.

14 14 To simplify procedures connected to carrying out cross-border payments, RTB clients have opportunity to use specialized service to open the currency account Business class with following options: Tax office notification about setting up an account abroad Possibility to effect "thematic" payments on simplified scheme (no confirming documents for subjective payments defined in advance) Multi-currency account Pay free consultation under the currency and tax legislation of Russia and the country you request. Non-standard task solutions Settlement and cash services in foreign currency Service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

15 15 Simplified Border-crossing Investment for RTB Clients In the period of unstable trends in world economy the markets offer investors a significant opportunities invest in real assets. Naturally, accurate choice and successful realization are possible here only at professional approach and knowledge of features of the local markets. To help our clients use these opportunities we opened chain of offices in Europe, aimed to help select and analyze all options of investment carefully. Representations function on the basis of the RTB Capital company registered in the European Union. We concentrate in those areas where the market situation and available options correspond to investment needs of our clients mostly. Among them: Investments in Spain. One of the most advanced European economy, having hard times. The unique combination of market conditions creates good opportunities for investment. Survey and contacts are concentrated in RTB Capital branch in Barcelona. Hotel sector in the Alps (including German, Austrian and Italian places). Predictability of the income, high quality of assets in combination with year-round high occupancy. The economic situation leads to mitigation of traditionally rigid requirements, presented to potential investors. In this business experience and professionalism is especially important. That's why our stuff is highly experienced in hotel chains sphere. Options come from an extensive constituencies and are processed at head office. Without being limited to these business fields, we are ready to work in those directions which are of interest of our clients. The extensive constituencies and great experience in transactions allow to solve problems of any complexity in the interest of a Client. Service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

16 16 RTB Capital Branch Is Your «Standing Point» in Europe RTB is where business and personal interests of our clients are concentrated. RTB Capital branch allow to feel confident in any country from the first day. Our representatives are people living in this very country for a long time and possessing wide commercial experience. Our representatives can become your consultants for investments as well as carry out the following tasks: selection of options and implementation of the transaction on real estate contracting providing contacts with banks lawyer and auditor advice Offices are located in the following cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Riga. Chain of representatives constantly develops. Existing contacts allows us, at your request, to provide necessary service in any European city even there is no RTB office there. Service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

17 17 RTB experts possess considerable experience and knowledge in the field of investments and are ready to provide you the following services in maintenance of investments and private banking within Russia as well abroad: 1. Deal structuring Optimum financial flow development Risk policy (financial, legal, operational) Due Diligence Drawing up legal documents and deep analysis of the legislation of the country chosen Providing necessary arrangements with banks of the chosen country 2. Trust & funds structuring Assets safety and confidentiality guarantee Blue chip jurisdiction 3. Opening of the account in Singapore and Swiss The most reliable and respectable jurisdiction Maximum protection from global economy depression Business Support & Private Banking Service is available for Gold and Platinum clients.

18 18 For regional clients we offer special service package in Moscow city with qualify assistance and consulting in regions at your interest. Service assistance RTB stuff is supposed to be your PA and consultant. Information support, consulting, hotel booking, air tickets, restaurant reservation, leisure manage, order a taxi, interpreter service, paper loss assistance, courier delivery, etc. Real estate investment in Moscow Choosing objects for investment in real estate in Moscow and abroad with prior market analysis. Representative office in the historical city center RTB staff allows to run business successfully, handy office for negotiation. Negotiation assistance. Handy network of partners At your service there is a network of our business partners, trusted and reliable representatives from variable business sphere. When address to them you can be sure of professionalism and high quality of services provided. Regional Clients Banking

19 19 Volume business We provide a full range of services for your business on the best conditions: Overdraft, medium- and long-term lending Guarantees and documentary operations TAX consulting Short-term (up to 1 month), medium-term time free asset investment Settlement and cash service and running passports of transactions Remote access banking for corporate clients …etc. If due to specifics we can't proceed with your request, we appeal to our partners - financial institutions specializing in particular sphere. We provide privileged bank services for private business of individuals. Our Client are free to indicate necessary service which is out the list, in our turn we are ready to work out the mechanism of rendering this service on mutually advantageous conditions.

20 20 Payment Security Nowadays technologies stimulating growth of payments develop furiously, especially those held with remote banking (RB) and cash cards. Here payment security issues and protection of operations against different fraud arise. We consider primarily to reveal the outlined tendency of growth of roguish operations and can offer the Clients reliable ways of protection. Security payments is one of priority activities of Bank. So that you can monitor your bank card expenditures, we provide SMS info for free. This will protect you from illegal money write-off. You can buy insurance policy guarantee you compensation of money stolen. Charge for insurance policy is of about 60 RUR monthly and varies out of sum of coverage. Service is available for free for Gold and Platinum clients. We offer corporate clients a number of security options, allowing to avoid unauthorized money write-off. Thus, the company can independently choose one or few options, depending on a business aspect.

21 21 RTB Licenses Banking license for legal entities both in rubles and foreign currency 1139 March,13 th, 2012 Banking license for individuals both in rubles and foreign currency 1139 from March,13 th, 2012 Certificate of Deposit Insurance System participate 70 from October,14 th, 2004

22 22 Licenses and Certified Membership License for broker activity 077-11279-100000 from 20.05.2008 License for dealer activity 077-11284-0100000 from 20.05.2008 License for depositary activity 077-11295-0001000 from 20.05.2008 CJSB «Russian Trust Bank» (CJSC) is a Member of MICEX Stock Exchange. CJSB «Russian Trust Bank» (CJSC) is an affiliate member of MasterCard International payment system. CJSB «Russian Trust Bank» (CJSC) is a member of Association of Russian banks.

23 23 Contact us Office «Cvetnoy Bulvar» 127473, Moscow, 1-st Volkonskiy Lane, 15 Head Office 125009, Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya st.,16 Tel.: +7 (495) 780-62-55 Fax: +7 (495) 780-62-49

24 Thank you for your time!

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