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Unit 1: Canada’s Government - Who is who in government Ms. Pannell

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1 Unit 1: Canada’s Government - Who is who in government Ms. Pannell
CHV20 Unit 1: Canada’s Government - Who is who in government Ms. Pannell

2 Canada Municipal - Ottawa Federal Provincial - Ontario
Municipal Government City Hall Mayor – Jim Watson City Councillors Federal Government Ottawa Parliament Senate House of Commons Prime Minister Stephen Harper MP Members of Parliament Provincial Government Toronto Legislature Premier - Dalton McGuinty MPP Members of Provincial Parliament

3 The Layout of Government
Federal Government EXECUTIVE The Cabinet LEGISLATURE (parliament) JUDICIARY House of Commons (elected) Lower house Senate Appointed Upper house Governor General Or Queen Courts Prime Minister Cabinet Ministers Role: To make laws and regulations in Canada Role: Carry out and enforcing laws Role: Interpreting and deciding what the actual laws and regulations mean

4 Monarch / Queen Head of Canadian Government
In theory holds all the power In reality, has none Rewards Money Travel respect

5 Monarch Continued Two viewpoints:
The queen is a useless relic of the colonial past Doesn’t reflect Canada’s multicultural nature Or Personifies the state and symbolizes the rule of law Humanizes authority, symbol of hope Reflect Which viewpoint do you agree with more? Do you think Canada should continue having a Queen?

6 Governor General Appointed by the Queen Chosen by the Prime Minister
Represents the Queen Signs all bills into law (Royal Assent) David Johnson – 0ct 2010

7 GG continued Ceremonial role Celebrates national identity and unity
Welcomes foreign dignitaries Appoints the prime minister Gives awards (e.g. Order of Canada) Reads the Speech from the Throne at the start of Parliament

8 GG continued Rewards Salary of $119,236
Travel across Canada and the world Free house (Rideau Hall) 5 year term

9 Lieutenant-Governor Provinces
Represents Queen in Provinces Ontario - David C. Onley Appointed by the Governor General on the Chosen by the Prime Minister Does the same as Governor General but for a province

10 Lieutenant-Governor (said left-tenant)
Rewards: Salary of $ and a title – Your Honour 5 year term Reflect Is a Lieutenant-Governor necessary? Why or why not?

11 Prime Minister Appointed by the Governor-General
An MP – voted for in his riding Is the leader of the party with the most seats in the House of Commons Holds real power in Canada

12 Prime Minister continued
Is really the boss Chooses cabinet ministers (MPs with specific jobs) Chooses the Governor General, Lieutenant Governors, Supreme Court Justices…

13 Prime Minister continued
John A. MacDonald confederated Canada Laurier settled the West Mackenzie King introduced social welfare Pierre Trudeau introduced multiculturalism and bilingualism Mulroney introduced the GST

14 Prime Minister continued
Rewards: Travel and expense account Free house - 24 Sussex Dr. Salary of $ per year All the power and responsibility Reflect: Does the Prime Minister have too much power? Explain.

15 Two Chambers - Parliament
Senate – Upper house Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister House of Commons – Lower house Members of Parliament are voted for

16 Senators Appointed by the Governor General
Chosen by the of the Prime Minister Must retire at 75 (used to be appointed for life) Pass bills made in the House of Commons $ annual salary plus 64 first class round trip air tickets for anywhere in Canada

17 Senate continued The Senate was created for three reasons:
To allow the rich and powerful a final say on the laws Must own $4000 worth of land Appointed officials have no conflicts of interest No worry about losing an election by being right but unpopular To represent regional interests better than the House of Commons

18 Senate continued 105 Senators represent Canada’s regions
24 from each of Ontario and Quebec 10 each from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 6 from Newfoundland 4 from PEI 6 each from the Western Provinces 1 from each of the territories

19 Members of Parliament - MPs
308 members elected by the residents of a riding or constituency (area where they live) Ridings are made of approximately residents / people Ontario and Quebec hold 60% of the seats in the House

20 Members of Parliament continued
Represent their party and their constituents Vote with their party on laws Pass laws Can have additional jobs e.g. minister, leader of the opposition, critic, speaker, whip, etc.

21 Members of Parliament continued
Rewards Annual salary of $ plus 64 first class round trip air tickets for anywhere in Canada Personal satisfaction of serving their country Reflect: Do MPs get paid enough or too much? Explain.

22 Premier – head of Provincial Government
Appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of a province MPP The leader of the party with the most seats in the Provincial Parliament (or legislature) Same responsibilities as the Prime Minister, but for the province

23 Members of Provincial Parliament
Represent their party and people at the provincial level of government Our MPP – Yasir Naqvi (Liberal) Salary (2009) $133,217.04

24 Premier continued Rewards Reflect:
$ salary plus expense account Reflect: Why would someone choose to run for provincial politics instead of national politics?

25 Mayor and City Councillors
Municipal Government Mayor elected directly by the people Councillors and mayor do not represent a political party

26 Municipal Government continued
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson 2010 Rewards $ a year for mayor of Ottawa $ for city councillors Direct impact on the lives of your neighbours Katherine Hobbs Ward 15 Kitchissippi Diane Holmes Ward 14 Somerset David Chernushenko Ward 17 Capital

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