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Kimman Lui, PhD (雷剑文) cskmlui @

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1 Kimman Lui, PhD (雷剑文)

2 About this course Do you know what this course is about?
What would you expect from this course? How much do you know about Web Database? AND OR

3 Assessment Individual Assignment 1– 10 %
Learning outcome: Students can apply the basic Xquery language. Individual Assignment 2– 10 % Learning outcome: Students can understand the difference between XML and graph database and most importantly they know when and where XML/graph database should be adopted. Group Project – 25 % Learning outcome: Students can provide practical advices on the enhancements for many existing B2B and B2C web database applications Exam – 55 %

4 Teaching Plan 1 Introduction to WD: RDBMS, OODB, XML, NoSQL 2014-01-16
Data with Schema: DTD , Schema, W3C 3 Graph Database (Neo4j) and Group Project with Lab 4 W3C, Xpath and XQuery 5 Lab I: Schema and SQL_SPY 6 XML Storage 7 XML Indexing and Memcached + Guest Talk 8 Ajax , JSON, REST and CouchDB 9 Lab II: IBM DB2 and XQuery 10 NoSQL Cassandra 11 Presentation 12 NoSQL and MapReduce 13 Web Services 14 Review Lecture

5 What we want to cover this term?
Semi-structural data - XML – Ongoing developments and industrial applications Assumptions RDBMS Web programming is preferable SAX, DOM, Ajax, JSON, Neo4j, CouchDB, REST, NoSQL There is some system work with IBM DB2 More focus on analytical and conceptual skills Discussion and presentations are important

6 Class Organization Lecture Workshop/Tutorial

7 Course Website

8 Reference Book

9 Class Organization Lecture Workshop/Tutorial

10 Individual Assignment and Group Project
Two Individual Assignments One Group Project

11 Report: File Format .doc (NOT .docx nor .pdf)

12 Open-Notes Exam 2 Hours Short Questions (Word-limited Answers)
Case Studies (and/or Long Questions)

13 Late Submission To be fair for students who hand in their assignments on time 5 marks deduced for one day 6 for two 7 for tree 8 for four 9 for five 10 for more than five Applications for exemption from penalty must be made in writing (e.g. ) with a proof (e.g. a copy of air tickets)

14 Plagiarism Plagiarism is not acceptable as part of University policy.
Plagiarism includes: 1) submitting work that was performed by another individual, and; 2) improperly referencing material from published resources. Talk to me if you are unsure about how to reference material.

15 Other Requests Please demonstrate your professionalism by respecting the comments and questions of your classmates, and by silencing all cellular phones and pagers. Please bring all relevant material to each class. Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding course material. Please allow me to make minor adjustments to the syllabus, as circumstances require.

16 Exam Tips Does a trading company need a computer system? Answer
I think a trading company needs a good computer system to support their business so that people in the company can work closely together and access their information any time. To integrate different functions of business processes, ERP is indispensable to share information with co-workers, control collaborative workflow, assess real-time information  Answer the questions using technical vocabulary

17 to me Please write down your course code and student number so that I can response to you earlier.

18 Acknowledgement The PPT is based on the excellent lecture notes last year. I thank Prof Vincent Ng. Note that any mistake on PPT is mine!

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