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Transportation Jennifer Schaeffer Ashley Christian Dr. Helms EDE 417.

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1 Transportation Jennifer Schaeffer Ashley Christian Dr. Helms EDE 417

2 Transportation Unit: Social Studies Grade Level: Kindergarten Lesson: Transportation

3 Objectives The Student will - 1.Be able to identify the three modes of transportation. (land, air, sea) 2. Be able to categorize different types of transportation into the correct mode. 3. Be able to identify at least 5 different types of transportation.

4 Modes of Transportation Land Air Sea

5 Land Car Bus Train Bicycle Animals

6 Air Jet Airplane Helicopter Rocket Hot Air Ballon

7 Sea Ship Submarine Jet ski Canoe

8 Activity 1 Materials: Play luggage, Play clothes, passports, food, tickets, play money. 1.Divide the children into 4 groups. Give each group a type of transportation. (bus, boat, plane, train) 2. Have each group decide what they would need for their type of transportation and have them role play a trip to wherever they want based on their type of transportation.

9 Activity 2 Materials: toy cars, trucks, buses, etc. 1.Give each child one toy type of transportation. Discuss the different ways they can be categorized. 2.Have them get into groups of transportation that travel by air, sea and land. 3.Then have them group themselves into smaller groups such as trucks (semi, pickup, dump), buses (city, school), planes (helicopters, Jets), bicycles (unicycle, tricycle), etc.

10 Activity 3 Materials: Bikes, tricycles, road signs. 1. If it is nice outside, set up a roadway with road signs outside. 2. Have students learn what the different signs mean and role play using the bikes and tricycles.

11 Activity 4 Materials: Chart paper, markers. 1.Poll the students about how they get to school in the morning, and how they leave in the afternoon. 2.Make a bar graph for morning and afternoon. Compare each graph with itself and the other graph.

12 Activity 5 Materials: old magazines, chart paper, scissors, glue, markers. 1.Make 3 posters using chart paper with the headings of land, air, and sea. 2.Have students sort through old magazines and cut out as many types of transportation they can find. 3.Have them glue and label the pictures onto the correct piece of chart paper.

13 Books Are we There yet, Daddy? –Virginia Walters Everything I Know About Cars –Tom Lictenheld Going to School –Joanne Mattern I Drive a Freight Train –Bridges/Muchlenhardt Machines at Work –Kindersley Dorling

14 Books Oh, The Places Youll Go! –Dr. Seuss The Polar Express –Chris Van Allsburg Transportation Theme-A-Saurus –Carol Gnojewski and Gary Mohrman Transportation (Questions and Answers Paperbacks) –Editors of Kingfisher When I Ride the Bus –Jackie Chappell

15 Teacher Resources Resources, lessons and activities:

16 Teacher Resource Books, games, and crafts me/transportation/main.html me/transportation/main.html

17 Teacher Resource Crafts, activities, and recipes

18 Teacher Resource Activities and Lessons

19 Teacher Resource Theme unit books ml/pages/kthemes2.htm ml/pages/kthemes2.htm

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